How To Troubleshoot Dish Network Signal Code 11-11-11? (7 Easy Ways)

I discovered that purchasing a Dish Network DTH connection was less expensive over time than adding a line to my existing Comcast TV connection, so I acquired one for the TV I had upstairs. I purchased a sports package for this TV because I had previously just used it to watch the NFL.

Dish Network Signal Code 11-11-11
Dish Network Signal Code 11-11-11

Dish Network Signal Code 11-11-11, the connection failed when I sat down and attempted to turn on the game on TV on a Sunday; it displayed an error code called 11-11-11. It completely ruined my typically thrilling gaming nights, so I wanted to figure out how to fix it immediately.

I visited the support pages for Dish and a few user forums where I knew individuals who used Dish frequently to find out what this issue indicated. 

You may use this tutorial to quickly fix the signal code issue and reconnect to the network thanks to the wealth of information I compiled about this mistake and how to fix it even without a power button.

On the Dish Network, the signal code 11-11-11 indicates that there is now a partial signal loss in your receiver. By changing your antenna or restarting your receiver, you can resolve the issue. Continue reading to learn how to restart and reset your receiver as well as how to reorient the dish to the satellite overhead properly.

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Troubleshooting: Issues on Dish Network Signal Code

Signal CodeIssueSolution
015No signalCheck the connections between your receiver and your satellite dish. Make sure that all of the cables are properly connected and that there are no breaks or damage to the cables.
111Weak signalRealign your satellite dish. You can do this yourself or call Dish Network for assistance.
112Signal lossCheck for obstructions that may be blocking the signal from the satellite. If you can identify the obstruction, try to move it or reposition the dish.
113Signal fluctuationThis can be caused by a number of factors, such as weather, trees, and buildings. If you are experiencing signal fluctuation, you may need to realign the dish or upgrade your receiver.
114Signal too highThis can be caused by a number of factors, such as a damaged receiver or a problem with the satellite signal. If you are experiencing signal too high, you may need to contact Dish Network for assistance.


A signal code of 11-11-11 indicates a partial signal loss on your Dish TV receiver. The majority of channels won’t be accessible for viewing as a result, however, some might still be functional.


If you encounter this issue, you can also view content that was recorded on your DVR. There are many potential causes of partial signal loss, including inclement weather, problems with the dish antenna, receiver troubles, and more.

Dish Network Signal Code 11-11-11

The problem can be resolved very easily, and even someone with basic DIY abilities can do the task.

What does the dish signal 11 11 11 mean?

It’s been three days since we first received the 11 11 11 signal. An Update After Seven Years. DISH. Excuse me, Jessica. Whenever a cable is disconnected or a piece of hardware is relocated, it’s often the message that will appear.

1. Unfavourable Weather Conditions

The dish is impacted by the weather that the signal must go through because it relies on transmissions from satellites orbiting the Earth. The signal you receive may be partially lost if there is bad weather in your region obstruction.

Unfortunately, your only option is to wait till the weather becomes better. Even while circumstances like this are mostly beyond your control, you can still watch anything that has been recorded on your DVR.

2. Get Rid of Any Signal Blockages

You may suffer some signal loss if the antenna is blocked from receiving the signal by something. Anywhere between tree branches, possibly accumulated snow, or even heavy metal objects could be the impediment issues.

Get Rid of Any Signal Blockages
Get Rid of Any Signal Blockages

If at all possible, only remove the obstruction yourself. If it appears too unsafe to remove it yourself, seek professional assistance and get in touch with Dish customer support.

Ensure that the obstruction doesn’t reappear. Start your TV receiver again, then check to see whether the signal has returned.

3. Examine Your Cables

If your dish antenna appears to be in good condition, your wires may be the cause of the problem. Inspect the cables that connect your TV to the receiver for damage, and replace them if necessary for better signal quality.

Check the connections that connect the receiver to the dish antenna as well. Contact Dish support to arrange for a technician to replace these cables if necessary.

4. Examine the antenna alignment.

To receive the proper signal, the antenna must be aimed in the general direction of the orbiting satellite; otherwise, the partial signal loss may occur another thing.

You can reposition the antenna manually if you have easy access to it. Enter your ZIP code and the model of your satellite dish on the Pointing Angle Guide page for Dish.

To set azimuth, you’ll need a compass, so get it ready before you begin. Once you have the necessary angles, you may start moving the dish by using the screws on the dish’s back for programming.

When the diagnostic indicates sufficient signal strength, try switching between all the channels to determine if the problem has been fixed.

5. Launch Your Receiver Again

Sometimes a partial signal loss can also be brought on by receiver problems. Restarting the receiver is the simplest way to resolve these types of problems because they can be brought on by arbitrary software or hardware bugs.

Launch Your Receiver Again
Launch Your Receiver Again

Reset your receiver as follows:

  • Switch off the receiver.
  • Shut off the wall outlet.
  • Reconnect the receiver once at least 10 seconds have passed.
  • Restart the receiver.
  • The receiver will begin a reset, which will take five to six minutes to complete.
  • Check to see if the problem remains after a reset using the power button.

6. Reset Your Receiver

If restarting didn’t solve the problem, your receiver could need to be reset if the problem is serious enough. Keep in mind that a receiver reset can remove all of the data from it, including any custom settings you may have and all DVR recordings.

  • Resetting your Dish receiver is easy.
  • Depending on your remote, press the Home button three times or the Menu button twice.
  • Pick Tools > Receiver.
  • Verify the prompt that pops up.
  • Await the receiver to complete its restart.
  • The receiver has completed its reset process after restarting.
  • When it does, verify that you can access all of the channels you have purchased and that the signal code issue has been fixed.

7. Message Support

The best course of action would be to get in touch with Dish support if a reset doesn’t work. They can offer more specialized troubleshooting techniques that are more suited to your ideas and equipment.

If they think a technician should come to have a look at your TV youtube equipment, they can also set up appointments with them.

How To Get Free Satellite TV With A Dish? (Answered!)


Check to see if the channels you wish to view are unlocked if you’re still having trouble receiving them. On a Dish receiver, pick “All” from the Program Guide to unlock all the channels.

Another form of mistake that you could experience is no signal, which differs from the 11-11-11 code because it involves complete signal loss. Check the wires you use with the receiver and make sure the receiver lights are green to fix a Dish TV that is not receiving any signal.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I restore my DISH signal?

Your DISH receiver’s power cord should have a red tag; unplug it from the socket for 10 seconds, then plug it back in. Unplug the Hopper’s power cord if you have a Hopper and Joey setup (the main, large receiver). It could take up to five minutes to finish the reset procedure.

How do I test the signal from my Dish Network?

Press the MENU button on the DISH remote control to access the main menu, then select the Menu tab. On the remote, find SETTINGS and push the SELECT button. On the remote, select the DIAGNOSTICS option, then hit SELECT. Scroll down to DISH or hit the number 3 on the remote once you’re in the DIAGNOSTICS menu.

What does DISH reception error mean?

The “Signal Loss” notice that appears on the Dish Network is brought on by a cable connection problem or perhaps by water damage to the wires. It might also be brought on by a problem with the service provider, which would make it impossible to determine the signal strength. Loss of all signals.

Without a meter, how do I align my DISH satellite?

You must spin your dish for horizontal adjustment and then adjust it vertically for elevation to locate the satellite signal without a meter. Work with a companion who can keep an eye on variations in the television’s signal strength.




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