How Can I Disable My Xfinity WiFi At Night? (Guide)

Three of my uncle’s children are all of school age. It can be challenging to control them, and he frequently laments how challenging it is to get them off the internet before night. I recollect him telling me he had Xfinity, at which point I offered to assist him in gaining some digital management over his home.

How Can I Disable My Xfinity WiFi
How Can I Disable My Xfinity WiFi

How Can I Disable My Xfinity WiFi, I was aware of a number of options I might explore, and I also discovered further information to fix Xfinity hotspot support materials. In order to assist you in turning down your Xfinity wifi hotspot internet at night, I combined all the information I could find and created this guide.

Before you go to sleep, unplug the wi fi router and modem to turn off your Xfinity Wi EFI for the evening. Setting up parental controls and limiting access at night is an alternative.

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How to Turn Off or Disable Xfinity WiFi


You can turn off your wi fi router to avoid any unexpected charges on your internet bill in addition to the obvious parental control functions. The majority of software schedules updates for when you are not using the device, typically late at night, and significant changes may exceed your internet bandwidth constraints.

How To Turn Xfinity WiFi Home Hotspot On or Off?

1. Check out

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2. Utilize your Xfinity ID and password to log in.

3. To turn off your public hotspot or activate it, select the corresponding button.

4. Rectify the option you’ve chosen.

5. A notification of approval will appear on your screen.

If you are concerned about conserving energy, you might feel compelled to switch off any electronics you don’t use at night. Everyone will undoubtedly have their own motivations, but this article will help you, no matter what they are, turn off your Xfinity internet at night.

Unplug the Router and Modem

Unplugging the modem and router before going to bed would be the most obvious way to switch off your Xfinity WiFi at night. In the morning, you can then switch it back on. This has the advantage of being as simple as possible and without requiring you to purchase anything or install any software.

How Can I Disable My Xfinity WiFi

But not everyone might find it effective. For instance, my brother’s children are intelligent enough to reconnect the modem and router when he disconnects them, and for some individuals, it’s just one more thing to do before bed.

Home automation can help you if you’re forgetful. Connect your router and modem to a smart plug that you can program from your phone to turn on and off automatically at night and in the morning. Just set it and forget it, really.

Setup Parental Controls

Setup Parental Controls
Setup Parental Controls

Setting up the parental control features on your router and modem is the next best thing you can do. Parental control tools from Xfinity are comprehensive and simple to use. In order to restrict access to specific devices at night, take the following actions:

  • In the address bar, type “” without the quotations to access the router’s administrative page. It is simple to reset the default username and password if you have forgotten them.
  • Go to Managed Services > Parental Control.
  • Add your personal devices to the list of Trusted Computers after choosing Enable. The gadgets on this list are exempt from all parental control constraints.
  • By inputting their URLs, add websites to the restricted list. Set a timetable in place for it.
  • Add a timetable and any keywords you need to restrict.

You can control which devices are utilizing the services and programs on the router.

  • Go to
  • Use your Xfinity ID and password to sign in.
  • Navigate to Managed Services > Parental Control.
  • Choose Enable, then add the devices you want to be exempt from parental controls to the Trusted Computers area.
  • The services and ports that need to be blocked can be added by clicking Add in the Blocked Services section.

By selecting Parental Control > Managed Devices from the router’s menu, you may control which devices can access the internet connection.

  • Set Managed Devices to “On.”
  • Then include the hardware that is permitted to access the internet connection. Any restrictions on parental control do not apply to these devices.
  • You can view reports of your attempted breaches of the parental control settings under the Rules section of Xfinity wifi home hotspot.

Set a Schedule for Downtime

If you have Xfinity xFi, you can arrange times during the day when the internet shouldn’t be accessible using the xFi app. To create a schedule for downtime for Comcast customers.

  1. To create a schedule, click Create Schedule under Downtime on the Profile Settings page.
  2. Choose the kind of schedule. For us, it will be time for bed.
  3. Select the days this timetable is in effect by tapping Next.
  4. Pick the schedule’s beginning and ending times. Keep in mind that schedules must be separated by one minute and cannot overlap.

This schedule has been put on a profile that has an impact on all of the devices on it. On any apps or services that connect to the internet during the designated time, a generic “Cannot Reach Website” notice will appear or call Comcast customers.

Setup Internet Access Time Limits From Your Router

Setup Internet Access Time Limits
Setup Internet Access Time Limits

You can block internet access for devices during certain hours other than bedtime. Follow these steps to accomplish this:

  • Like before, log in to the administrator page.
  • Select A Computer/Device by clicking.
  • For the device, you want to restrict, click Add. Connect the device to the Xfinity Wi-Fi network and click Refresh if you can’t see it.
  • Check the day or days you wish to prohibit access to in the Day(s) To Block section. Make a start time and an end time selection in the Time of Day to Block area. For the days you select for that particular device, this time frame is applicable.
  • Press “Apply”

Utilize the Xfinity Bedtime Mode

If you have xFi wi-fi hotspot, this is a great choice because it is simpler to use than logging in to an admin page and is only available to xFi subscribers. Additionally, the xFi app lets you manage everything.

Activating bedtime mode

  • Navigate to the xFi app’s Downtime Schedule section.
  • You can add the bedtime icon and customize the days and times of the day.

On the specified days and times of the day, the mode is automatically activated.

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If you only need to restrict access briefly, you don’t need to set up complex parental controls. For instance, from the profile page on xFi, you can halt connections to all devices. Additionally, you may control when it is pausing or turning off on your own.

Everyone on that profile will experience the connection’s pause, including you. Therefore, create distinct profiles for the devices you wish to ban, and only pause those profiles as necessary.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I turn off the WiFi on my Xfinity modem?

On one of your computers, launch a web browser, type the IP address ( is Comcast Xfinity’s default address) in the address box, and then enter your login information. 2. After you have established a connection, go to Gateway > WiFi and click on Edit to turn off the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz WiFi.

How do I activate the WiFi router for Xfinity?

On the computer or the WiFi device, press the WiFi Products with WPS button, or. Within two minutes, press the WPS button on your gateway. The images below show where the WPS button is on various gateways. When your computer or WiFi device successfully connects to your home network, a success message will be shown.

How can I use my phone to manage my Xfinity WiFi?

Wait a moment while your Android phone finds the WiFi networks in range after turning on WiFi. From the list of available networks, select Xfinity wifi and hit it. As your phone receives an IP address from the Xfinity wifi network, wait a short period. Once connected, the word “connected” will appear next to the SSID name “xfinity wifi”.

How do I off the Wi-Fi on my router?

The admin credentials, which are often printed on the router’s box or on the information sticker on the underside of the router, may be required once you’ve reached the setup page. The WiFi must only be turned off on the wireless network settings page!

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