Orbi Blue Light On Satellite Stays On? How to Fix

How to fix Orbi Blue Light On Satellite Stays On? I recently replaced my outdated Wi-Fi network with a mesh Netgear Orbis system, and I couldn’t wait to set up my smart gadgets on the new, improved network and watch as my house took care of many things for me.

Troubleshoot Orbi Satellite Blue Light That Stays On
Troubleshoot Orbi Satellite Blue Light That Stays On

As I finished configuring the system, I started adding the smart devices one at a time. Then, finally, I walked over to look since I couldn’t install my smart sprinkler since it couldn’t locate the Orbi satellite nearest to it.

I moved over to the other satellites, which I knew were functioning, to see if the situation was the same because an Orbi blue light on the satellite Orbi had turned on and was remaining solid.

Troubleshoot Orbi Satellite Blue Light That Stays On I knew the node with the Orbi blue light issue on had encountered a problem because the blue lights on those nodes were off.

We made this tutorial using this information to provide you with a complete resource you can utilize while your satellite Orbi’s blue light remains on.

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Video: Netgear Orbi Firmware Update: Error and Solution

Firmware Update


Because the network is still functioning generally during that period, when the Orbi satellite is stuck on blue light, it usually doesn’t mean that there is a significant issue.

On the other hand, the Orbi blue light issue from the Orbi Satellite is something we are accustomed to seeing, although for a brief moment before it vanishes.

When we notice this blue light, the satellite and Orbi router are correctly connected. It typically lasts for up to 3 minutes before going away. However, we might assume our network is broken if it is constantly on purple light.

The good news is that some simple tweaks enable our Orbi router’s blue light to operate as intended. So, let’s investigate our options.

What to do about the blue light that won’t blink

1. Get a good spot for your Orbi.

2. Verify the wires.

3. The Netgear Orbi satellite needs a power cycle.

4. Your Orbi network may need to be restarted.

5. Make sure the router and satellite are in sync.

6. Verify the Orbi’s firmware to ensure proper operation.



Here are some suggested fixes that will undoubtedly assist you in getting rid of the Orbi satellite’s blue light that never turns off. As you complete each step, remember to be patient because it often takes 1 to 3 minutes for the blue satellite light to turn off.

Troubleshoot Orbi Satellite Blue Light That Stays On

  1. Upgrade Orbis

You can blame software defects, which a firmware upgrade can remedy, for connection problems between your Orbi satellite color and main Orbis.

Even though updating the firmware on your Orbi purple light might not appear like updating your phone, if you follow the instructions below, you can complete the update quickly.

To upgrade the Orbi’s firmware:

  1. From the Netgear Download Center, download the Orbi update to your computer.
  2. Open a new tab in your browser, enter https://orbilogin.com/ into the address box, and then click OK.
  3. A username and password must be entered. The password you created during the initial installation process is admin.
  4. Access Firmware Update under Advanced > Administration.
  5. Opt for Manual Update.
  6. Verify the satellite model you want to upgrade in white light.
  7. Choose Update.
  8. Retype your password, then click Browse.
  9. Choose the update file you just downloaded; it should have a filename that ends in. chk or. In.
  10. Choose Upload.
  11. The satellite giving you trouble will now have the update loaded on it. Watch for it to restart.

Check to see if the blue light remains on after the satellite goes on.

  1. Reattach the satellite
Reattach the satellite
Reattach the satellite

Another option to attempt if the blue light problem persists is to sync the satellite with your primary router. How to do it:

  1. Ensure that the satellite is sufficiently close to the main router.
  2. Obtain power for the satellite.
  3. Press the Sync button on the rear of the satellite once the light has turned entirely white.
  4. Within two minutes, press the Sync button on the back of the main Orbi router.
  5. The connection has been successfully made after the light goes solid blue.

Wait to check if the blue light goes away after resyncing the satellite to the main router at Orbi Pro.

  1. Restart The Satellite

You can try power cycling the satellite Orbi if the blue light continues to illuminate after resyncing. How to do it:

  1. Switch off the satellite.
  2. Remove the device’s power cord from the outlet.
  3. Before plugging the power back in, give yourself at least 30 to 60 seconds.
  4. Restart the satellite.

The main router should instantly connect with the satellite, and the LED should change to blue. Suppose the pairing procedure described in the previous section is not followed. See if the satellite’s blue light is on for an excessive amount of time.

  1. Restart The Main Orbi
Restart The Main Orbi
Restart The Main Orbi

In addition to the satellite, you can also restart the primary Orbi to which your satellites are connected.

Before restarting, the primary router, remember that turning this off will deactivate the mesh network and permanently disconnect your devices from the internet. To relaunch the primary Orbi device:

  1. Switch off the primary router.
  2. Remove the device’s power cord from the outlet.
  3. Before plugging the power back in, give yourself at least 30 to 60 seconds.
  4. Restart the primary router.

Go back and check the satellite that had its blue light remain on after restarting the main Orbi.

  1. Reset The Satellite

You can select to reset simply the satellite device to factory defaults if a restart doesn’t work. However, the satellite will lose all your customized settings, including your Wi-Fi name, passwords, and other recovery options, if reset.

Following the instructions I provided in the section above will allow you to pair the satellite with the primary router. For your satellite to be reset:

  1. Ensure that the satellite is activated.
  2. Press and hold the reset button, which is the size of a pinhole, on the rear of the satellite unit until the light goes amber, using a paperclip or another pointed, non-metallic object.
  3. Hold off till the satellite restarts.
  4. Reconnect the satellite to the primary router.
  5. Verify that the blue light remains on while the satellite and main router are synced.
  6. Reset The Main Orbi login

You could try a reset on the main Orbi if the satellite reset didn’t work.

Regardless of whether you’ve reset any of them, if you reset the main Orbi, you’ll need to resync them all to the main Orbi. To reset your primary Orbi, follow these steps:

  1. Ensure that the primary troubleshooting Orbi is activated.
  2. Use a paperclip or another pointed, non-metallic object to press and hold the main Orbi’s reset button until the light goes amber.
  3. Hold off till the main Orbi restarts.
  4. Connect the primary router to all of your satellites.

Check the satellite where you noticed the blue light being on to see if it eventually goes out.

  1. Resynchronize the router and satellite.
Resynchronize the router and satellite.
Resynchronize the router and satellite.

Make careful you turn on the satellite after connecting it to a power supply.

  1. The satellite ring should change to magenta or white.
  2. Locate and push the SYNC button on your router. Within the next 120 seconds, hit the SYNC button on the satellite.
  3. Watch for the sync to finish. The satellite ring will flicker white during this procedure before turning solid blue (if the connection is strong) or amber (if the connection is fair).

Up to three minutes should pass before the light turns off. If the sync is unsuccessful, the color will change to magenta Netgear orbi router.

  1. Talk to Orbi

Contact Orbi support if none of these troubleshooting techniques resolve the issue. To obtain assistance with any step you’re having problems with while reading this tutorial, you may also get in touch with them at any time.

Occasionally, like in the case of Verizon, your ISP will have a dedicated support team for Orbi, so get in touch with them for the most incredible experience.

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CONCLUSION: Orbi Blue Light On Satellite Stays On

Run a speed test while connected to the satellite after your Orbi satellite’s blue light has disappeared to ensure you are receiving the full speeds you should be. To accomplish this, join the mesh network and get as near the satellite as possible.

Open speedtest.net in a new browser tab and test to determine whether the results are consistent with the paid-for plan. Restart the modem that the main Orbi is plugged into if the speeds on your Netgear router are slower than the usual orbi wifi system.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does solid blue light on the Orbi satellite mean?

Blue. Your Orbi router and satellite are correctly connected if the Orbi satellite ring is solid blue for 90 to 180 seconds. Clear amber The router and satellite are connected relatively well if your Orbi satellite ring remains solid amber for 90 to 180 seconds.

How do I turn off the blue light on Orbi?

Click the LED On/Off slider in the section for LED lights to turn off. The Light LEDs at the top and bottom go out. Then, on the Apply button, click.

Why is my Orbi router light blue?

The satellite is prepared to sync with the router (press the sync button)-three minutes of blue. The satellite and router have a strong connection. For three minutes, amber.

How do I restart the Orbi satellite?

Turn “ON” your Orbi router. Hold the reset for 30 seconds with the power turned on (using a paper clip or toothpick described above). Don’t let go of the reset button after you’re done. Switch the power to “OFF” after that, then hold the reset button for 30 seconds.



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