What Channel is Court TV on Spectrum TV? (Answered!)

The topic of this article is What Channel is Court TV on Spectrum TV. Court TV began full operation as an American cable TV channel in 1991, with a sole focus on crime-themed programming. This lasted until 2008, when it was renamed TruTv.

The channel primarily aired comedy and reality television shows, as well as commercials. It was later relaunched as CourtTV – this time as a digital broadcasting service. This means you can now get it through any satellite TV provider, cable provider, or streaming service.

The original programming has been modified slightly to include more than just legal TV shows and documentaries. You can now watch crime films, crime shows, and crime re-enactment television shows. The combination of these has resulted in Court Tv being a full-service mystery and crime digital channel.

What Channel is Court TV on Spectrum?
What Channel is Court TV on Spectrum?


Court TV debuted in 1991 as an American cable television channel specializing in crime-related programming. The channel remained that way until 2008, when it was rebranded as TruTV. Unlike Court TV, TruTV specialized in reality television shows, comedy, and some live sports.

Court TV was relaunched as a digital broadcast service last year, and you can subscribe to it through a cable or satellite TV provider or a streaming service. You can also listen to it on the radio. So, after all, the channel was not obliterated!

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The channel’s original programming primarily consisted of crime documentaries, legal TV shows, news shows, and coverage of sensationalized criminal cases. However, Court TV’s original programming has undergone some changes.

The channel primarily broadcasts on-demand trials, with a host assigned to each time slot. Court TV Mystery, formerly known as ESCAPE, is a spin-off channel of Court TV. The free-to-air channel debuted in 2014 and was rebranded in 2019.

The programming on Court TV Mystery is not as limited as that on Court TV. You can watch crime shows, crime movies, and crime re-enactment television shows. As a result, Court TV Mystery is a complete package of digital crime and mystery media.


You may literally be drooling over the tantalizing trials that this network will introduce you to. Court TV debuted in 1991 with the intention of broadcasting crime-related programming. True-crime docuseries, legal dramas, and famous criminal trials are all part of the genre.

This channel was renamed TruTv in 2008, and the concept of court TV simply vanished. However, crime fans’ wish was granted in 2019 when this channel relaunched as a digital broadcast TV network.

Despite being a digital channel, the Court TV channel can still be found on Spectrum and used to watch exciting trials. Originally, the broadcast included live courtroom trials interspersed with reporters and anchors. It also aired a live broadcast of the well-known O.J Simpson murder trial.

Later on, the network acquired several prime time programs, including Forensic Files and Cops. The channel decided to split its programming into two parts in 2005. Daytime coverage included trials, whereas primetime was dominated by crime-focused reality TV shows.

Watch Court TV On Spectrum TV
Watch Court TV On Spectrum TV


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Court TV is now known in the United States as a network that broadcasts high-profile courtroom dramas into people’s living rooms. The network focuses on trial coverage from start to finish, as well as in-depth reporting and expert analysis.

If you have a Spectrum TV subscription, you can also watch Court TV live on your Spectrum TV app. The network also creates crime podcasts and reports on crime in the news.

If you don’t know what to watch, it will be difficult to keep up with Court TV’s programming schedule. To make things easier, here are some popular Court TV mystery shows to watch.


The introduction of streaming services has broadened the scope of digital entertainment. However, TV networks dedicated to a specific genre or type of entertainment will always have a special place for those looking for televisual entertainment.

Reality TV shows are a welcome distraction after a long and exhausting day at work. You’d want to watch a comedy series or a reality show and immerse yourself in the scripted world of reality-TV content.

Court TV, on the other hand, is a little different. With an array of Live courtroom trials, the channel literally immerses you in the world of reality. If that piques your interest, Court TV is available on all three Spectrum TV channel lineups.

As previously stated, Charter SpectrumTM Cable TV service is available in three distinct plans: basic, standard, and lavish. Spectrum SELECT provides excellent value for money, is reasonably priced, and provides a good 125 channels.

However, if you want to treat yourself to all of America’s favorite premium networks, go for the 200 channel lineup and subscribe to Spectrum GOLD; if you have a more modest TV watching regimen, Spectrum SILVER provides 175 channels.


Are you trying to figure out what station is Court TV on Spectrum? Here are the channel numbers:

LocationChannel Number
Spectrum Georgia700
Spectrum Missouri187 & 201
Spectrum New York1261
Spectrum North Carolina196
Spectrum Florida607


Court TV is gradually making its way back to American television after a long absence – more than a decade, in fact.

The channel will be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and as previously stated, you can access it through your cable or satellite TV service, catch it on the air, or watch it through a subscription to a streaming service.

Court TV intends to reach 50 percent of the US through agreements with local TV station groups, while cable service will reach 25 percent of US households.

Cox Communications and Charter Spectrum are the two well-known cable providers that currently carry the channel in their lineup. However, it should be noted that availability is still rather limited at this time.

How To Watch Court TV On DirecTV?
How To Watch Court TV On DirecTV?


1. OJ25

It’s been 25 years since the OJ Simpson trial, and America still hasn’t moved on. Whether you agree with the verdict or not, this case can teach you a lot. As a result, Court TV created the OJ25 series to take you through the events of the court case.

Yes, you will investigate the case from beginning to end. Everything happens in chronological order. Of course, everyone knows how the story ends, but we don’t know everything that was said in court, do we? It is still unknown why the jury acquitted him.

The OJ25 series contains the answers to all of your questions. These series are already popular in the United States. If you enjoy crime shows, you won’t want to miss out on the dramatic moments highlighted by these shows. To catch up, turn on Court TV on Spectrum.

2. Corrupt Practices

It’s a documentary series that delves deeply into a recent crime story. It begins with dramatic storytelling, and then moves on to expert analysis, which takes you deeper into the story. Are you curious about the types of crimes that are covered? Doping in sports, treason, government corruption, crimes of passion, espionage, murder, and conspiracies are among the cases.

3. Scandal

It’s a political thriller television series starring Kerry Washington. The show is produced by ABC and directed by Shonda Rhimes, but it is also available on Court TV. It is currently in its first season. Anyone who hasn’t seen Scandal yet has the opportunity to do so on Court TV on Spectrum.

The show centers on a crisis management firm and its employees, as well as the White House and its employees. The scandal features a high-profile celebrity cast, and the show will keep you engrossed.

4. Murder and the Menendez Brother

This isn’t technically a show, but it’s a podcast worth mentioning. It’s a popular podcast on the network. The series revolves around the murders of Jose and Kitty Menendez by their Erik and Lyle (their sons). The podcast delves deep into the story that has enthralled audiences for three decades. Each episode contains a surprising twist and turn.

The series is hosted by Vinnie Politian. Menendez’s trial was one of the most watched on television. That is why they are also doing a podcast series on this case. If you’re going to listen to these series, make sure you’re not distracted by anything. It’s best to put the kids in a separate room to watch Disney Plus while you listen to the podcast.

5. Evening Court

Harold T. Stone, a peculiar and fun-loving judge, presides over an urban night court that focuses on petty crimes in this show. You’ll get to see some of the society’s silliness here.

Court TV Channel On Spectrum
Court TV Channel On Spectrum


On Court TV, you can watch live trials as well as other entertaining shows about crime and law to round out your daily entertainment. Despite the fact that you’ve seen a lot of shows, you’ll find one that piques your interest. That is the distinguishing feature of Court TV on Spectrum.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is court a spectrum TV?

Court TV is a notable Spectrum TVTM channel that is available on all three Spectrum TV packages. Continue reading to learn why Court TV is a must-see on the Spectrum channel lineup.

What became of grit TV on the spectrum?

Grit TV is a new network for home cable TV that features brave, bold, and amazing action heroes. If you have a spectrum, you can find grid TV E1 channel 996.

How can I view all of the channels on my Spectrum Guide?

Press the OPTIONS or “A” button on the remote while the full-screen Guide is displayed, then select Guide Settings > Show Channels. Toggle between ALL CHANNELS and SUBSCRIBED by pressing OK.

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