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The days of sharing a phone line with an internet line are long gone. Wireless connections are so simple to use nowadays.

We can connect smartphones, televisions, and gaming consoles to the same network without disrupting phone calls. There is also a feature known as WPS button on spectrum router. The ultimate in router connection simplicity.

Most modern routers include a WPS feature as standard. Most users prefer to use the WPS feature because it makes connecting to the internet easier, smoother, and more secure.

If you’ve just received your router and are ready to go, but don’t know where to start, we’re here to help with simple instructions. Here are some answers to some of your questions.

How to Enable WPS Button on Spectrum WiFi Router?
How to Enable WPS Button on Spectrum WiFi Router?


The Wi-Fi Protected Setup feature is found in the majority of routers released since 2007. You might see it as a WPS button on your router or gateway.

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Toll-Free Number 1-855-202-7237
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This feature was designed to make it easier for users to connect their wireless devices. WPS has the following advantages:

  • We avoid simple errors such as typos, and there is no need to memorize the password.
  • Because it’s a button, you can click it and it should work. This will be covered in more detail later in the text.
  • Automatic: Security features such as the SSID (Service Set Identifier), encryption, and key are automatically configured.

There are some drawbacks, such as security and the requirement that all devices on which you want to use it support the feature. Many newer smartphones and routers do not include this feature.


The Spectrum routers are the primary focus of this article. The Spectrum router has an extremely effective WPS system. If you want to use the WPS feature, you must first enable it on the router. WPS is not enabled by default on the Spectrum router.

Spectrum routers are advanced and have a contemporary design. They are primarily intended for use at home. You definitely do not want your neighbor or a random person parked on the street to log onto your internet and use your data.

Because WPS is only for wireless networks, you will not be able to use it with Ethernet cable connections. You must first determine whether your router has a WPS button.

If it does not, follow the steps above to see if it has a virtual button. You do not have the WPS feature if your router does not have a physical or virtual button.

So, let’s take a look at the steps you’ll need to take to activate this feature if you have it. It is a straightforward procedure that you should be able to complete in a matter of minutes:

  • The WPS button is most commonly found at the back of the router. There should be a clearly marked button. Some of the buttons are illuminated, while others are solid.
  • Do not be discouraged if you cannot locate the WPS button. Your software may include a ‘virtual’ WPS button. If you suspect that you have a virtual button, you can enable it in the router settings or read the manual to see what the manufacturer says.

Alternative Video: What Is WPS Button on Router?

What Is WPS Button on Router?



Even if we’re perplexed about how to enable WPS on Spectrum routers and get nothing by pressing the button on the back of the router, that doesn’t mean we can’t do anything.

We can still attempt to set up WPS with the Spectrum router login. Remember that Spectrum uses various router brands, so we must choose based on brand.


You’ve found the button on the back of the router and are ready to activate this feature. Let’s go over the quick steps to get you all set up.

  • Hold down the WPS button on the router’s back for three seconds.
  • Release the button after three seconds.
  • If your WPS button has a light, it will now be flashing. Until the connection is established, the light will flash.
  • You should be able to locate the network by going to the device’s Wi-Fi settings. A connection should be established if you select the network and both devices are WPS enabled.
  • You can now use the internet on your device without entering any passwords or pins.

Following these simple steps, you should be all set up and ready to go.

How To Enable WPS Button On Spectrum Router
How To Enable WPS Button On Spectrum Router?


Even if you have enabled the WPS button, it does not always work. Nothing is more aggravating than enabling a very useful feature only to discover that it isn’t working.

Here are some troubleshooting recommendations to help you get the most out of your router:

  • Turn off your router for thirty seconds, then turn it back on, then repeat the preceding steps. If this still does not work, try the steps listed below.
  • Log in with your default network username and password. Your username and password are most likely located on the back of your router.
  • Often, a generic password, such as Admin, will be used for the password.
  • Search for the wireless settings option after connecting to the default network.
  • Using your arrow keys, navigate to the network settings option and click on it.
  • Select the network configuration option.
  • You should have two options: simple or advanced.
  • To finish the setup, choose the simple option and follow the instructions.
  • You should be able to connect your device to the network now, and the light should stop flashing once the connection is established.

After completing the simple steps outlined above, you should be connected to your WPS network. You will have secure and simple wireless connections to all of your devices.


The first thing that can make it insecure is the PIN (Personal Identification Number). You can assign an 8-digit PIN, and most hackers will be able to enter your network in a short period of time as a result.

It’s all about guessing the correct combination of digits, and there’s software that does it for us now, so all an attacker has to do is wait until all the digits are correct.


Another factor that makes the WPS feature insecure is the ability to connect with the press of a button. Connecting by pressing a router button with no additional security checks, such as a PIN or password, leaves you extremely vulnerable to attacks.

How to Enable WPS Button on Spectrum Routers
How to Enable WPS Button on Spectrum Routers



  • WPS unquestionably makes life easier. It is simple and efficient to connect your smart devices to your network. The need for complicated passwords and notebooks full of usernames is no longer necessary. This is especially useful if you have a family living in the house, all of whom are attempting to connect to the same network.
  • WPS-enabled devices, such as phones and modern printers, can connect even if you don’t know the SSID. Your network name and password would be the SSID details.
  • Because they are generated at random, your security and passcode are safe from unwanted piggybackers.
  • You will not make any mistakes when entering the passcode or security key because you do not need to.
  • Extensible Authentication Protocol, or EAP, is used to securely communicate your credentials to enabled devices.
  • Windows Vista supports WPS.


  • You can only use this networking system with WPS-enabled devices.
  • The WPS button has some security issues, but if you’re using it for a home network, you shouldn’t be too concerned.
  • Having said that, you should always make sure that your financial information, such as banking details and pin numbers, is not saved on a computer.
  • Hackers can gain access to your router and steal data from your PC or any other connected device.


The procedure for enabling the WPS button is fairly simple. It only takes a few minutes to set up a fast, secure connection to the internet. The instructions are straightforward, so you should have no trouble enabling the WPS button.

If you still find yourself fumbling through, unsure of what you should be doing or why things aren’t going as planned, Spectrum customer service is only a phone call away. Any issue you may have will be resolved quickly with the assistance of trained representatives. That being said, enjoy the secure connection that WPS provides!

How to Enable WPS Button on Spectrum Routers [Guide]
How to Enable WPS Button on Spectrum Routers [Guide]

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when I press the WPS button on my router?

Without entering the network password, the device automatically connects to the wireless network. Connect them to your wireless network by pressing the WPS button on the router, followed by the WPS button on those devices.

Should I press the WPS button on my router?

To establish a connection, press the WPS button on the router. It may take a few minutes to connect depending on the router and the home configuration. NOTES: While the connection is established, most routers have a light that flashes. When a successful connection is established, click OK.

Did the WPS process time out?

The WPS light will continue to flash for up to 2 minutes while the router searches for devices. If it doesn’t connect successfully within that time, it will usually reset and you will have to press it again to try again.

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