DirecTV Wireless Genie Review – Wired Vs Cabled?

Even though phones and tablets have expanded their reach into daily life, a larger TV screen still reigns supreme, especially when it comes to news and sports. According to Nielsen data, the average American family spends more than 8 hours per day watching television. You may be wondering how people manage to work, sleep, and do everything else while watching TV for up to 8 hours a day.

DirecTV Wireless Genie Review
DirecTV Wireless Genie Review

DirecTV Wireless Genie Review, one way people manage to watch TV for that long is by using a DVR, which allows households to watch or record up to five programs at the same time. The DirecTV Genie HD DVR is a powerful and versatile DVR that eliminates scheduling conflicts in households with multiple viewers.

The device supports up to 500 hours of HD storage and add-ons to enhance your viewing experience. The DirecTV package includes the DirecTV Genie DVR. Continue reading to gain a better understanding of the DirecTV Genie DVR.

Video: DIRECTV Genie DVR Review 

DIRECTV Genie DVR Review 


DirecTV hd Genie is a home HD-DVR that DirecTV offers to enable simultaneous viewing and recording in our homes. In 2018, the device was ranked among the top five DVRs in the industry.

This is due to the fact that the device is free and has a higher capability. With DirecTV Genie, the entire family can watch up to five different programs at the same time. Unfortunately, the device only has 1TB of storage. This is actually more than enough for the average household. If you require more space, an external hard drive can be installed.

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The Genie device can record up to 800 hours of standard-definition content and about 200 hours of high-definition content. You can also watch the recordings at any time of the day. The only disadvantage is that it lacks built-in Wi-Fi.

DirecTV Wireless Genie Review

Regardless, users who consider purchasing the Genie Minis will be able to stream in additional rooms. The Genie Minis receives DVR signals and can record shows from anywhere in the house.

Just how reliable is DIRECTV’s wireless genie?

If you need to make TV viewing portable, or if you want to give TV viewing in a room without a standard coax-cable, the investment in a wireless Genie system is well worth it. I enjoy being able to watch the game while getting things done in the garage.

With Parental Control settings, parents have equal control over what their children watch. Users can record a single episode or an entire TV show to watch later. The DVR has essential features such as HDMI, USB ports, and Ethernet. There are some standard ports on the device, such as composite video and component video. The DVR is compatible with the equipment, regardless of whether you purchased a new 4K TV.

If you’ve been considering purchasing this device, keep reading for more information that will help you make a more informed decision. This brief will break down each device category and assist you in making an informed decision.


It has an HD receiver, which allows it to support up to eight rooms with the same unit. However, the Genie can only send a signal to four live TV at once. So, even though the system can accommodate up to eight TVs, you must limit yourself to four at a time.


The Genie is available in both HR44 and HR54 models. The only distinction between them is the power of the satellite dish. The HR54 includes a SWiM power inserter, whereas the other model requires an external SWiM inserter to power the satellite dish.


  • Connect up to 8 Genie Minis
  • Records 5 Shows at a go
  • Can record up to 200 hours
  • Watch recorded shows on your phone, laptop, and tablet.
  • Full HD DVR functionality on every multiple TV in the Home
  • Picture in Picture to watch two shows at once


  • No warranty


The price of the Genie varies depending on location and the package you select from the company. However, it is reasonably priced, and most people can afford it.


To connect the Genie, simply follow the steps below. Connect the DirecTV Genie HD DVR to the TV using the steps below.

Connect the DirecTV Genie to the primary television. Then, using the remote control, turn on the TV and connect the HDMI cable to the Genie HD DVR and the main TV. Finally, set the TV to the input that is being used.

Connect the DVR to other televisions.

You can add more TV to the Genie HD DVR system if you have a DirecTV-ready TV, also known as a receiver-less TV. Call the DirecTV customer service line at the official phone number to activate the DVR. Using Ethernet, connect the DirecTV-ready TV and Genie HD DVR. Examine the location of the DirecTV-ready TV and press the home button on the supplied TV remote control. Click Apps on the Home screen and then DirecTV ready. Navigate to the Genie HD DVR and select Add a Client. Return to the room with the DirecTV-ready TV and enter Pin into the Pin Screen.


  • 200 hours of 1080p HD programming
  • Record 5 shows at the same time 8 channels on one screen
  • View live and recorded programming

Ports for DirecTV Genie

  • Infrared direct receiver with Ethernet in satellite
  • Component USB video output in HDMI digital RJ11 phone out Coax out Composite video out AC power in


When comparing the DirecTV Genie to the competition, it’s easy to see that this device is one of a kind. It supports up to five simultaneous recordings and has a storage capacity of 200 hours. Its competitors, such as the Dish Hopper 3 and the Cox Record 6, provide more simultaneous recording and more storage space.


The DirecTV genie fee, on the other hand, is included in the AT&T service. The Dish Hopper 3 is $10 per month, while the Cox Record 6 is $19.99 per month. The Xfinity X1 device is the closest competitor to DirecTV Genie genie remote. Remember that the Xfinity X1 device only has 500GB of storage and 100 hours of HD storage. Though the Xfinity device costs $5 per month, which is exactly what budgeters are looking for.

In terms of storage capacity, this DVR falls behind its competitors. The storage capacity of the two models is only about 1TB. The HR44 and HR54 can only record 200 hours of high-definition video.

This means you’ll have to delete older recordings more frequently. When you compare the HR44 and HR54 to the DISH Hopper 3 2TB of storage, you’ll notice that the Hopper 3 has twice the capacity of the Genie. If DirecTV can get the models off the ground, it will be able to match the capacity of the Hopper 3.

User Experience with DirecTV Genie

This device is more than just ordinary hardware, but its recording and storage capabilities are average. You can either accept these average features or choose one of its competitors, as described above. The DirecTV app works flawlessly with the Genie. You can use the app to start recordings in your Home or check custom settings.




Connect the Whole House to a Single DVR

You can turn any TV in your home into an HD DVR hub using Genie’s new RVU-Enabled technology. Programs can be played, recorded, paused, and deleted. It is, in fact, Genie’s main feature. The device direct stream also makes setup and use extremely simple, especially if your home has a complicated setup. Having said that, Hopper 3 has more advanced features.

Record any five shows at the same time.

Genie’s RVU syncing allows you to record up to five shows at the same time. All of the content can be recorded in high definition. This means you can record content for each television. However, keep in mind that only the main TV has the main Genie Box, and the rest of the devices will be controlled by a remote.

The device also includes a 1TB hard drive for storing your series and single shows. The Hopper 3 is far superior for those who want to record a large number of movies and direct TV shows. In comparison to the Genie, the maximum number of concurrent recordings with Hopper is 16. The Hopper 3 also includes a 2TB hard drive.

Record shows automatically

When it comes to personally recording shows and movies, Genie provides more options. The device suggests new and upcoming shows based on your viewing habits.

It also pre-records the shows in case you want to watch them later. Users can also instruct the Genie to record the entire series if they want more content. Genie was the first to implement the pre-recording feature. Unfortunately, this feature is only available on the top four networks (CBS, ABC, NBC, and Fox).

Start Over

This is yet another potentially useful feature provided by this device dish network. If you arrive late for your show and forget to record it ahead of time, the device gives you the last option to restart the program. In comparison to the Hopper 3, this feature is exclusive to the Genie series, and no other DVR allows you to record in this manner.

Skip the commercials. thirty seconds at a time

Most DVRs include paid advertisements. The truth is that many users dislike commercials because they interfere with their viewing experience. The Genie model allows you to skip commercials with a single click of the remote. However, you will only advance the commercial by 30 seconds.

Hopper 3 Device, on the other hand, has an auto hop feature. When you enable this icon, the device will skip all commercials for you. This is a significant victory for Hopper 3 over Genie DVR. In fact, some marketers have filed a lawsuit against DISH for skipping their commercials.


With each Genie upgrade, the program guide has improved. The pre-Genie menu was good, but it has improved over time. It has a 1-touch recording feature and an easy-to-use menu system.

Dish has also made significant progress in this area. A recent update included full Netflix integration into Hopper’s menu. Having said that, Genie takes the prize in this category for providing a very interactive program guide.


Select shows and sports are available in 4K Ultra HD on DirecTV. This is currently the highest quality available. When it comes to video quality, DirecTV is unrivaled. Dish and Xfinity, on the other hand, offer 4K compatibility features but rarely have dedicated 4K channels. The DirecTV app works flawlessly, providing users with the best viewing experience possible.


The DirecTV Genie DVR performs admirably and efficiently. The main advantage is that you will not have to pay for the service. It can record up to 5 channels at the same time and users can watch for over 200 hours.

However, for serious streamers and TV viewers, the Dish TV Hopper 3 proves to be a better-priced alternative. The Hopper 3 can stream up to 16 items at once and has a storage capacity of up to 2TB. Overall, you are free to choose what works best for you.



How does the DirecTV wireless genie function?

What is the operation of the DirecTV wireless genie? The DirecTV wireless Genie operates on radio signals, much like a cellphone transmission. The only difference is that instead of voice data, as with cellphone transmission, the signals carry digital TV data.

Is internet required for the DirecTV wireless genie?

The first receiver is installed in room one, and each subsequent room is linked by small (about the size of an oversized wallet) Genie boxes known as Clients. The Clients use RVU software technology to access the receiver in room one, so no Internet connection is required.

What is the distinction between the DirecTV Genie and the Genie 2?

A Genie 2 is a simpler system that provides DIRECTV for up to seven TV rooms. (This is three more rooms than the HR54 offers.) The Genie 2 has two 4K streams, whereas the HR54 only has one. It enables wireless clients to operate without the need for an external wireless adapter.

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