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The first time you switch on your Apple TV, you’ll need to sign into the app from your smart TV in order to start viewing TV on the device. How can you fix the problem if you can’t log in or if your Apple TV constantly requests your ID, login information, or password?

Apple TV Can’t Log In Keeps Asking For Password
Apple TV Can’t Log In Keeps Asking For Password

Try restarting your Apple TV, redoing or removing two-factor authentication, deleting or updating Apple ID settings from your Apple TV, or any other possible fixes if your Apple TV won’t log in and keeps requesting your Apple ID, your login, a different password, a verification, or a code.

Apple TV Cant Log In Keeps Asking For Password, When it comes to security, passwords and logins can be a blessing, but they can also be a curse when input issues arise.

It is quite difficult to use the Apple TV if you are unable to log into the application with your current information because a login is necessary to use the Apple TV application on your smart TV. You can locate the precise Apple TV login issue you’re having as well as fix it by continuing to read.

Video: Apple TV Password Settings 

Video: Apple TV Password Settings 


You must go to the Apple TV program to start utilizing it when you switch on your smart TV and wish to start watching from your Apple TV.

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But, you will need to input your login credentials and password the first time you use the app; however, as the information can be kept, you shouldn’t need to do this again. What should you do if you are unable to access your Apple TV using your credentials?

Apple TV Keeps Asking for a Password

Select Password and Security by clicking iCloud in the menu bar. Next, choose Get Verification Code to get the 6-digit code you need. The last step is to return to your Apple TV and add the 6-digit code to the end of your password. Please submit your information by selecting the button.

It’s possible that restarting your Apple TV will solve any minor problems preventing you from logging in if you’re having trouble.

Apple TV Cant Log In Keeps Asking For Password

Open the Settings App on your Apple TV, then select System > Restart to restart your device. Allow this process to finish entirely before attempting to log back into Apple TV again because it can take a while.


You must enter your Apple ID in order to access your Apple TV. When your TV repeatedly requests the touch ID even after you have logged in, it can be really annoying. 

This feature is ideal for those of you who want all of your Apple information tied together. Why is your Apple TV requesting your Apple ID, and how can you stop this obnoxious request in its tracks?


Try re-authenticating using two factors if your Apple TV continues requesting your Apple ID. To accomplish this, enter your Apple ID and password on the verification page that appears on your Apple TV but does not press the Submit button. Then, access Settings > iCloud > Password and Security > Get Verification Code on your second Apple device.

After receiving the verification code, simply return to your Apple TV and enter the six-digit code there. After entering this information, click the submit button to properly enable two-factor authentication on your TV and prevent it from requesting your Apple ID.


It is annoying when your Apple TV setting repeatedly requests your Apple ID, but it is as annoying when you are prompted for all of your login details.


Once you sign in to reset Apple TV, the data should save so you just need to sign out once to continue using it to watch TV as you wish. What should you do if your Apple TV won’t stop requesting your login information?

Login details You can either disable this function or reset the two-factor authentication process (see “Apple TV Keeps Asking for Apple ID”). Log into your Apple account on your TV using a browser, then select Security > Edit > Turn Off Two-Step Authentication from the menu. Continue doing so to end the repeated requests for your login to unlock your iphone.


You must provide a password setting each time you log in to your account using an Apple device, and your Apple TV is no exception. Your devices, content, and private information may all be secured with passwords.

But occasionally, no matter how many times a person enters their password into the system, their Apple TV device will still prompt them for it for free download.

You might need to log out and remove any references to your account on your Apple TV if the Apple TV keeps requesting your password. Go to Settings > iTunes Store > Apple IDs > Sign Out to accomplish this. then select Trash after clicking the unlock Apple ID you are currently using in Settings > iTunes Store > Apple IDs.

It should no longer ask for a password after you return to your Apple TV and log in as though it were the first time after it has been removed.


It can be annoying and confusing when your Apple TV continuously requests confirmation, just like when prompts frequently ask you for your login, password, and Apple ID.

Verification uses a code delivered to another Apple device to make sure the right user is logged into their own unique ID. What should you do if you enter the provided verification code but are still asked for more verification?


If your Apple TV keeps requesting verification, go to Settings > Apple ID sign, iCloud, iTunes, and App Store > require Password & Security on your iPhone or iPad. Verification Code – Obtain.

Go to the iTunes login page in your Apple TV settings and begin to log in, but DO NOT submit until you have entered your password together with the verification code provided at the end of the password on your ios device.

After that, return to your iPad or apple iPhone and select OK to delete the verification code from your device. Once it has vanished, return to your Apple TV and enter your password and login details. This should stop Apple TV from requesting additional verification.


Many distinct logins and passwords are used by the vast majority of individuals on Earth for a range of different platforms.

Many people use different passwords for these logins, making it challenging to remember which password matches with which login if you don’t write it down or save it to the platform you are using. Do you make a mistake when your Apple TV won’t accept your password or is the device at fault?

If your Apple TV won’t accept your password, check to make sure you’re using the right one for your Apple ID user login and that you’re entering it correctly with the right letter and character sequences.

To persuade your TV to accept the password prompt if you are certain that it is right, try the methods described in the preceding section, “Apple TV Keeps Asking for Verification.”


Upon successfully logging in to your Apple TV, you could believe that all potential issues have been long solved.

Although this is frequently the case, some Apple TV users have reported problems with their devices locking them out after they have signed in and started using the device. If your Apple TV keeps logging you out, what should you do?

Restarting your TV can be helpful if your Apple TV continually logs you out. You can find the precise procedures to take for a restart in the preceding section, “Apple TV Cannot Log In,” if necessary.

You can power reset your Apple TV by unplugging it from the power source and waiting six seconds if this method does not successfully restart your TV. After that, plug it back in and check to see whether the logouts still happen.


When you log in to the Apple TV for the first time, that’s when you’ll most likely be prompted for a code. You will be asked to provide a verification code during this period, which will be delivered to one of your other Apple devices, however, some customers are unsure of where to find this code or what it is used for.

What should you do when your Apple TV requests a code because it helps to secure your data?

Simply go to another Apple device, such as an iPad or iPhone, and click the notification that should be clicked to receive the code if your Apple TV asks for one when you log in for the first time. 

You may need to disable two-factor authentication if it keeps prompting you for a code. The instructions are in the section titled “Apple TV Keeps Asking for login.”

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Streaming movies and TV shows can be done with the help of Apple TV. With Apple’s most recent update, which enables the installation of two-factor authentication, it will now be more secure.

In conclusion, the article on how to fix Apple TV that won’t let you log in and constantly request your Apple ID is well worth reading. Anyone who has experienced problems with their Apple TV will find this tutorial to be helpful.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my Apple TV verification code not working?

Conclusion. Verify that your date and time settings are accurate in order to resolve the “Verification failed” error on Apple TV. The connection to Apple’s servers can then be totally reset by unplugging your router and smart TV. Reset your Apple ID password and enable two-factor authentication as well.

Why does it keep asking for Apple ID password?

If your iMessage and FaceTime aren’t activated properly or are stuck on the activation screen, go to iPhone Settings > Messages (and FaceTime) and switch them off. Restarting your iPhone now should prevent it from requesting your Apple ID password in the future. You can activate FaceTime and iMessage after this is done.

Is my Apple TV password the same as my Apple ID?

The password is the same as the one you use for your Apple ID. hello DHanley It’s possible that your Apple TV will ask you for a passcode and display the prompt on the TV. If the Apple TV is actually requesting an AirPlay password, you can discover it by using the remote to navigate to Settings > AirPlay.

Why does it keep saying my verification code is incorrect?

Incorrect time settings on your mobile device frequently cause invalid two-step verification security codes. You must synchronize your device’s time settings in order to fix this: Select automatic date and time on your device.

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