Why I Can’t Get CBS on My Antenna for TV? (7 Easy Fixes)

Without a doubt, the majority of Americans are switching to streaming in order to catch up on their favorite TV channels. However, if you’re a hipster, an old soul, or don’t need all the bulk that streaming provides, you’re probably still using a TV antenna.

This allows you to watch popular channels like FOX, NBC, ABC, CBS, and a slew of others. The best part is that it’s all free. You won’t have a monthly cable bill on top of your monthly expenses, allowing you to save some money each month. Question is, why I can’t get CBS on my antenna.

However, not everything is sunshine and rainbows. You will occasionally run into while using your free TV antenna. During certain weather conditions, some channels may be shaky, and you may lose signals from time to time.

Can't Get CBS On My Antenna
Can’t Get CBS On My Antenna

Troubleshooting: Issues on CBS on My Antenna for TV

The antenna is not pointed in the right direction.Make sure that your antenna is pointed in the direction of the CBS broadcast tower. You can use a compass or an online tool to find the direction of the tower.
The antenna is not strong enough.If you live in a rural area or if there are a lot of hills or buildings between you and the CBS broadcast tower, you may need a stronger antenna.
The signal is being blocked.If there are trees, buildings, or other objects blocking the signal from the CBS broadcast tower, you may not be able to get a good signal.
The antenna is not properly installed.If the antenna is not properly installed, it may not be able to receive the signal from the CBS broadcast tower. Make sure that the antenna is mounted securely and that the cables are connected properly.
The CBS broadcast tower is not transmitting.If the CBS broadcast tower is not transmitting, you will not be able to get a signal, even if your antenna is properly installed.


A television antenna is simply a metallic structure outfitted with a television receiver that receives over-the-air (OTA) signals from a television station. A TV antenna and a digital tuner allow you to watch free local TV channels. And, yes, they are available in high definition.

Nowadays, TV signals are digital. This means that you’ll need a TV manufactured after 2007 with a digital tuner to receive these local channels. Simply look for the coaxial port on the back or side of the TV to see if it is digital or not.

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It should display the following indicators: “HD,” “ATSC,” “HDTV,” or any other indication that it has a digital tuner. If your current television is not digital, you can use a converter box to help you.


Why Can't I Get CBS On My Antenna - Updated Guide 2022

The simple answer is that the antenna you’re currently using may be unable to receive a CBS signal. The long answer, on the other hand, indicates that you may need a refresher on the TV broadcasting technology you use.

Some broadcasting networks have been informing their viewers for some time about their intention to switch to a new frequency. To back this up a little more. During the digital TV transition, most local stations operate in both analog and digital modes.

The new digital channels, on the other hand, fall on the UEF channels. Prior to that, most digital stations were only on the UHF band, and most antennas sold during this time period were only UHF models.

Some local broadcasters turned off their analog transmitters, while others continued to transmit using digital signals on UHF channels. As a result, signal reception became a problem.

Aside from these, other issues can interfere with signal reception. You must understand that simply connecting an antenna to a television does not guarantee a good signal. Elevation, tower distance, obstructing objects (buildings, trees), and other factors can all have an impact on reception.

When you start having signal problems, which could be caused by the factors listed above, you should hire a technician to re-aim your antenna. This is due to the fact that antenna reception can be difficult even if you live close to a tower.

1. Issue With The Antenna

If you’re having trouble getting CBS on Antenna, it’s possible that your antenna isn’t receiving CBS signals. This could be due to a faulty or broken antenna. If you’ve checked and the antenna is in good condition, look for any of the other problems listed below. Additionally, if your antenna is not in a direct line of sight to the broadcast tower, signal reception will suffer.

2. Change In Channel Frequency

Another possibility is that the local channels, including CBS, have changed frequencies. This is because the FCC was recently authorized by Congress to hold a spectrum auction. The goal was to free up some over-the-air TV frequencies so that new high-speed wireless services could be launched.

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Why Am I Not Getting CBS On My Antenna?


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3. The Distance From The Broadcast Tower

It’s also possible that the broadcast transmission tower is too far away from your location. You will have trouble receiving signals if your location is outside the broadcast tower’s range. The most effective outdoor antenna has a reception range of approximately 70 miles.

4. Obstruction From Heavy Objects

TV signal reception can be obstructed by tall trees and tall buildings with thick walls. If you live in an area with a lot of tall trees, you will have trouble receiving signals to show CBS and other local channels.

5. Interference Caused by Cell Towers

4G LTE and 5G signals can degrade or completely eliminate TV reception. If you live near a cell tower, it may interfere with your TV signal reception. Not only cell towers, but some Wi-Fi routers, setup boxes, and electronic devices can also disrupt TV reception.

6. Bad Weather Condition

Bad weather conditions, such as heavy rain, can have an impact on signal reception. If you scan for channels on a rainy day, you may not get all of your local channels.


1. Get VHF and UHF Antenna

To begin, you must purchase an antenna capable of receiving both VHF and UHF signals. This is critical because older antennas, including those marketed as HD digital antennas, can only receive UHF signals.

This is one of the most common reasons why your antenna is unable to receive the CBS channel. If you are unsure how to differentiate between the two, you can seek advice from a professional technician.

What Channel Is CBS On Antenna?
What Channel Is CBS On Antenna?

2. Purchase a Better Tuner

For those who don’t know what a turner is, it’s the part of your television that receives the TV signal. Most television prior to 2015 lacks good turners. In fact, if you want a TV with a suitable tuner, you should avoid buying from unknown brands.

If purchasing a new TV due to Tuner is not in your plans, you can opt for different turners such as the Ematic Digital Television Converter Box. If you want a tuner with recording capabilities, Channel Master Stream+ or Tablo are your best bet. They have a built-in turner.

3. Always Rescan The Channels

Some television channels now have digital subchannels. To get both the main channels and the subchannels, you must rescan on a regular basis. When you rescan, the TV tuner searches for and updates new channels automatically.

You can get CBS, weather, local news channels, and other favorite channels with a rescan. To rescan for channels, follow the steps below.

  • If you have an analog TV, press the ‘Setup’ or ‘Menu’ button on your TV remote or a digital converter box remote.
  • Check the options for ‘Channel Scan.’ On Samsung TVs, it may be labeled ‘Broadcast,’ while on LG TVs, it may be labeled ‘Live TV.’
  • You will be able to tune manually or automatically. Select ‘Autoscan or Autotune.’
  • Allow a few minutes for the auto scan to complete. After the first scan, it is recommended to run a second auto scan to pick up any channels that were missed during the first scan.

4. Remove the Reflector on the Antenna

If your antenna has a reflector, it must be removed. This is due to the reflector’s proclivity to block signals, particularly from the backside. This means that if some of your signals are coming from opposing directions, the reflector will block them.

5. Examine Your Antenna for Reflectors

Reflectors are used in some TV antennas. Reflectors have a tendency to block signals, particularly from the back. In other words, even if the signal is coming from the opposite direction, the reflector can block it. Check to see if your antenna has a reflector and if so, remove it.

6. Check For TV Broadcast Tower

It was previously stated that if the broadcast tower is far from your location, you will have difficulty receiving TV signals. The solution is to use this TV station locator to find a broadcast tower near you. Once you’ve found it, follow the steps below:

  • Locate the broadcast tower with the best signal in your area.
  • Examine the level of signal coverage in your area.
  • Make sure your antenna is pointing in the right direction.
  • Check for local channel frequencies in your area and make sure your antenna can receive them.

7. Eradicate Electronic Interference

Electric equipment near you may interfere with your TV reception. Unplugging VCRs, Wi-Fi routers, computers, DVD players, stereo equipment, set-top boxes, and other electronic devices is critical. In fact, all electrical and electronic devices should be unplugged. Furthermore, LED and fluorescent lighting can have an impact on your antenna signals.

Why Can't My Antenna Get CBS?
Why Can’t My Antenna Get CBS?


If you’re new to over-the-air television, don’t worry; you’ll like it. The vast majority of users who have switched to streaming services continue to use an antenna to receive additional local channels.

The truth is that if you have the right antenna model, you can get more channels. Furthermore, topography and distance from nearby towers will impede your reception; this is why you must purchase an amplified antenna brand.

As a final reminder, before you go shopping for your new antenna, make sure it can receive both UHF and VHF frequencies. This is due to the fact that most antennas sold can only provide adequate reception for UHF or VHF. As a result, in order to receive a good signal, you must purchase an antenna that can receive both.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most common reasons why I can’t get CBS on my antenna for TV?The most common reasons why you can’t get CBS on your antenna for TV are: the antenna is not pointed in the right direction, the antenna is not strong enough, the signal is being blocked, the antenna is not properly installed, or the CBS broadcast tower is not transmitting.
What is the best way to find the direction of the CBS broadcast tower?You can use a compass or an online tool to find the direction of the CBS broadcast tower. There are many online tools that can help you find the direction of the CBS broadcast tower, such as TV Fool: https://www.tvfool.com/ and AntennaWeb: https://www.antennaweb.org/.
What is the best way to improve my CBS reception with an antenna?There are a few things you can do to improve your CBS reception with an antenna: point the antenna in the right direction, use a stronger antenna, move the antenna to a different location, or try using a different antenna.
What if I still can’t get CBS on my antenna after trying all of these solutions?If you still can’t get CBS on your antenna after trying all of these solutions, you may need to contact your local cable or satellite provider to see if they offer CBS in your area.

Can I get CBS with a digital antenna?

However, there is a way to avoid these costs: digital TV antennas. These low-cost indoor antennas, similar to your parents’ television rabbit ears, will receive free over-the-air HDTV channels such as FOX, NBC, ABC, CBS, and PBS

Why is CBS app not working?

Examine your browser. It is possible that the web browsers you are using do not support the CBS All Access service and thus cannot provide access to its content. You can try deleting data and cache, reloading, or restarting the browsers to resolve CBS All Access streaming issues.

How do I get CBS on my TV?

On your computer or mobile web browser, go to cbs.com/tv/androidtv and enter the on-screen access code, then click “Activate.” The screen of your connected device will refresh. Select a TV provider. Enter your TV provider’s username and password to log in.


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