How Do I Clear My Disney Plus Watch History? (Guide)

Disney Plus has established itself as one of the top streaming services available. It has gained popularity among consumers thanks to its library of more than 600 titles, exclusive material for its platform, and user-friendly layout.

Disney Plus Watch History
Disney Plus Watch History

You won’t have to deal with annoying advertisements, and its monthly subscription is less expensive than most of its rivals. Moreover, this platform is made even better by including numerous other fantastic features.

Clear My Disney Plus Watch History also looks into your viewing patterns to better match your recommendations for the types of shows you frequently watch. You can use it to block out items you don’t want to see and customize your Disney Plus profile for the Disney bundle. The recommendations are often correct, and viewers are typically happy with the shows suggested to your smart tv.

This isn’t always the case, though. You can permanently delete your Hulu watch history if you don’t like the shows recommended to you or if you want to refresh the suggestions for any other reason. This is how you do it!

Troubleshooting: Issues on Clear My Disney Plus Watch History

You can’t clear your watch history on Disney Plus.This is true. Disney Plus does not currently have a feature to clear your watch history.
You want to clear your watch history because you don’t want anyone else to see what you’ve been watching.If you are concerned about someone else seeing what you’ve been watching on Disney Plus, you can create a separate profile for yourself. This will keep your watch history separate from the watch history of other users on your account.
You want to clear your watch history because you want to start fresh.If you want to start fresh on Disney Plus, you can delete your profile and create a new one. This will delete your watch history, as well as your ratings and watchlist.
You want to clear your watch history because you are having trouble with the “Continue Watching” feature.If you are having trouble with the “Continue Watching” feature, you can try clearing your watch history. This may help to reset the feature and get it working properly again.
You want to clear your watch history because you are concerned about privacy.If you are concerned about your privacy, you can clear your watch history. This will remove any record of what you have been watching on Disney Plus.

Video: How to Delete Watch History in Disney Plus

Delete Watch History in Disney Plus


That is a yes or no question. Clearing it out is not only possible but also relatively easy. There are no specific criteria, and you must adhere to a few straightforward instructions. Anyone could do it, which makes our task for today simple.

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Disney Plus Watch History

The most excellent part about this option is selecting which movies you want to keep in your watch history and which ones you want to remove. You may personalize your Disney Plus profile to your preferences and enhance your overall streaming experience, especially in your favorite movie star wars.

How to Clear Recently Watched in Disney Plus?

Unfortunately, you can’t view your watch history on Disney Plus. While you may find most of the titles you’ve played in the Continue Watching section; your recently watched content only serves to make recommendations. This means you can’t view every item you’ve watched in the past.


Logging into your Disney Plus account is the first step. After logging in, look for the Watchlist menu. It should be on the left side of your screen or towards the top of the interface you are receiving. Your particular device will determine this.

  • You may view a list of all the content you have already watched by clicking the Watchlist button. Then, click on the movie or TV show you want to delete from your watch history.
  • After you click the title you wish to delete, a tab containing the show’s information will open. There is a circle with a checkmark inside it just below the title of the show you just clicked on.
  • The checkmark will turn into a plus sign with just one click on that button. This means that the show in question has been removed from your watch history.
  • As mentioned, this procedure is relatively simple, but if you want to delete more than one episode or movie from your watch history, it might become quite annoying. You will need to follow the same steps for each title you want to remove like in the prime video.
  • Specific bugs could make this process difficult for you to complete. Therefore, repeating this process more than once can be a good idea to ensure the titles are genuinely removed from your watchlist and avoid the aforementioned issues.
  • Even after you have deleted your watch history channel in, your suggestion box may not be refreshed very quickly. As a result, many of the shows you used to have in your earlier recommendations may still be given to you.

Creating numerous profiles under your Disney Plus or Disney channel subscription is the best way to avoid this. In addition, you’ll be able to find stuff to watch that better suits your mood if you create profiles for each genre of media you enjoy watching on amazon prime video.

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This approach does require some juggling, but the primary Profile is better organized as a result. There will also be fewer suggestions for TV shows and movies you won’t enjoy.

In conclusion, discovering a streaming service like Disney Plus for the first time can be exhilarating. You browse the excellent information and click on a variety of things. 

However, after some time, you decide on a few things. People can employ one of the abovementioned techniques to complete the task until Disney Plus discovers a straightforward strategy to manage the “Continue Watching” feature.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you remove your Disney Plus viewing history?

You may view a list of the series and movies you’ve already watched, similar to most streaming services. There is no Recently Watched section on Disney Plus. This indicates that nothing you’ve finished watching is saved. The Continue Watching area of Disney Plus does not offer the ability to delete content.

Where can I find my whole Disney Plus Watchlist?

Web browser: Use the top navigation bar to access your WatchlistWatchlist. On a mobile device, tap the profile symbol in the bottom right corner of the screen to access your WatchlistWatchlist. TV-connected device: Use the left sidebar to access your WatchlistWatchlist.

How can a show be hidden on Disney Plus?

Enter your account information. By touching the profile icon, select the Edit Profile option. After choosing Content Rating from the Disney Plus Parental Control menu, enter your password. To limit which content ratings you desire to restrict for the given Profile, select the appropriate rating from 6+ to 18+.

How many films can you add to your Disney Plus Watchlist?

A maximum of three titles may be recommended at once. You can also read about how to watch Marvel’s Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings on Disney Plus for free or about the upcoming new Obi-Wan Kenobi series that will be available on the streaming service in 2022.


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