How To Fix My Roku Overheating? (Solved!)

One of the most significant benefits of modern technology is the ability to use Roku at any time. It would appear that such a sophisticated system would run smoothly, but what do you do if your Roku keeps overheating? What is the root cause?

If your Roku continues to overheat, make sure it is not stored in a closed area, is not in direct sunlight, is not too close to your TV, and is not placed on top of another electronic device. You can also use an HDMI extender to create more space between the device and the television.

How to Fix Roku Overheating?

Pulling the power cord and allowing the gadget to cool down is the simplest solution to the Roku overheating problem. Restarting your device, transferring it to a cooler place, and utilizing an HDMI extender are all options.

How to Fix Roku Overheating Issue / Problem?
How to Fix Roku Overheating Issue / Problem?

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If you suspect your Roku is overheating, you may be able to tell by the amount of heat it emits. It could be even less obvious if there are issues with the audio dropping out, the audio syncing to the picture, or Roku shutting down completely. If you notice that your Roku is overheating, keep reading to find out what’s causing it and how to fix it.


When a device overheats, the internal temperature rises to a level that is too high for it to function properly in comparison to the temperature of the surrounding environment. This can force devices like Roku or Roku TVs to shut down, cause issues with your device’s audio, and cause relay problems between your TV’s picture and sound.

What do you do when Roku constantly overheats? If your Roku is constantly overheating or continues to overheat, you must first unplug the power cable directly from your Roku and allow it to cool down.

When doing so, exercise extreme caution because the device can become extremely hot. After the device has cooled down, you should place it in a location that allows for more ventilation, which means you should avoid certain areas.

Avoid putting the Roku unit inside a cabinet or any other enclosed space, don’t put it on top of any other electric devices like cable boxes or routers, and never put it in direct sunlight.

Wait at least 10 minutes for your Roku player to completely cool before plugging in the power cable and waiting for it to power back on. Wait a few minutes longer if the device is still warm to ensure it has completely cooled.

If you see a solid red light appear after it turns on, unplug the device and repeat the process. If you repeat these steps and the red light still appears, you must stop using this Roku device. You can also use an HDMI extender to help move the Roku streaming stick away from the back of your TV. This will give it more space away from other warm devices, preventing it from overheating.


When your Roku device overheats repeatedly, it is not only an extremely inconvenient occurrence in terms of uninterrupted TV viewing, but it also raises questions about what is causing the same problem over and over. Because of the small size of a Roku stick, it may appear that an overheating problem would be uncommon, but owners who do experience overheating are left wondering what the cause is.

If your Roku stick continues to overheat, one of the few causes, and most often the cause, is that the device is not placed in an area conducive to good airflow. As previously stated under “Roku Always Overheating/Keeps Overheating,” it is critical that you keep your device away from direct sunlight, away from other electronic devices, and not in a confined space.

How to Resolve Roku Overheating Issues?
How to Resolve Roku Overheating Issues?

This issue can also be caused by plugging your Roku Stick directly into your TV. This power transfer can cause your Roku Stick to overheat, but it is easily remedied with the use of an HDMI extender. Once you’ve installed the extender, you shouldn’t have any more problems with your device overheating due to the electric point being further away from the device.

Another cause of Roku Stick overheating that many people overlook is placing the device too close to the TV. Your television is a massive device that, while you may not notice it, can generate a lot of heat. If the Roku Stick is placed too close to the TV, the heat generated by both devices can cause the Roku Stick to overheat without causing any internal device problems.



If you’re worried that your Roku is overheating but aren’t sure what’s causing it, you might be wondering how to check the device’s temperature. Checking the temperature of your Roku device on a regular basis can also be an excellent way to ensure that the system is functioning properly.

This is a method of not only monitoring the Roku, but also ensuring that no other areas around the Roku are at risk from any heat that it may be producing. A secret screen that can be accessed to see what temperature your Roku is running on can be accessed to check the temperature of your Roku device.

To get to this screen, use your remote control’s ‘Home’ button. Once there, press the same ‘Home’ button 5 times > then ‘Fast Forward’ > ‘Play’ > ‘Rewind’ > ‘Play’ > ‘Fast Forward.’ Make sure you press these buttons in the exact order listed.

When you press this sequence, the temperature of your Roku will be displayed at the top of the screen in Celsius. Roku does not display a temperature that indicates that the device is too hot, but if you notice that the device is warm or overheating, the temperature displayed is obviously too high.

Check this over a few days if you want to keep an eye on temperature inconsistencies. If you don’t want to use the workaround to access the secret screen that displays the temperature of your Roku, you can always check the temperature with the back of your hand.

You will be sensitive to heat and will be able to tell if the device is too hot by using the back of your hand. Never touch the Roku device directly with your hand because it can become extremely hot when overheated.

Alternative Video: Roku Overheating – What To Do?

Roku Overheating – What To Do?


If you are constantly having problems with your Roku Stick overheating, you are undoubtedly in a position where you need to prevent this problem from recurring.

If your device overheats repeatedly, it does not necessarily mean that you must replace the Roku Stick entirely; however, there are a few different preventative methods that can be used to keep your Roku Stick from overheating in the first place.

The most effective way to keep your Roku Stick from overheating is to keep it in an area with plenty of ventilation. Avoid placing the Roku stick in drawers, cabinets, or other confined spaces, as mentioned previously under “Roku Always Overheating/Keeps Overheating.”

You should also avoid placing the Roku stick in areas that receive direct sunlight. Many Roku Stick owners believe that placing the device directly next to or behind your TV is practical, but this can also be an area that leads to overheating.

Keep the Roku Stick away from your TV to avoid any heat transfer between the two devices. The steps to use an HDMI extender to prevent overheating are also mentioned under “Roku Always Overheating/Keeps Overheating.”


With so many electronic devices, overheating appears to be an unavoidable aspect of operation from time to time. Although this may appear to be a common occurrence, it does not necessarily imply that it should occur.

Furthermore, if your Roku Stick becomes hot, this should be cause for concern because it can cause damage not only to the device but also to your TV. It is normal for a Roku Stick to become warm while in use because this indicates that the device is in use, but it should not become hot on a regular basis.

To determine if your device is at the proper temperature, you should be able to comfortably touch it without having to remove your hand. This is easily determined by placing your hand directly over the Roku Stick to see if the temperature is comfortable to your skin.

CONCLUSION on Roku Overheating

As you can see, the Roku overheating problem is fairly common across all Roku devices. That being said, if you receive an overheating alert, follow the instructions in this article. And your issue will be resolved.

Quick Tip: If you plan to go out of the house for a long time, say a long vacation or a weekend picnic, it is best to unplug the Roku device completely. This will reduce the hazards of device overheating and electric shock.

Why is my Roku Express device overheating?
Why is my Roku Express device overheating?

FAQ on Roku TV device overheating

What to do if Roku device is overheating?

The most important thing to do if your Roku is overheating is to unplug it immediately. When disconnecting from power, use caution when handling the device itself, as it may be hot. After unplugging your Roku, place it in a well-ventilated area for 10 to 15 minutes to cool down.

Why does my Roku keep complaining about overheating?

What is causing my Roku to overheat? A closed environment, placing it too close to your TV, or a burnt or damaged power outlet are all common causes of your Roku overheating.

Do Roku sticks burn out?

The Roku stick, like many other electronic devices, can degrade over time. After 3-5 years of use, most users notice that the device begins to slow down. Furthermore, older Roku sticks may lack the hardware capacity to support future software updates.

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