TNT Channel On Spectrum TV [Easy Guide]

While many households are opting to cut the cord, cable TV is here to stay and isn’t going anywhere. This prompts us to discuss TNT Channel On Spectrum TV.

TNT on Spectrum TV will continue to provide maximum entertainment, ranging from blockbuster movies to thrilling shows, for those who prefer traditional cable TV over streaming services. TNT began as a channel dedicated to airing mostly classic films and television series.

The channel now broadcasts movies and shows from a variety of genres, as well as sports. TNT (Turner Network Television) is a Warner Media Entertainment property that debuted in 1988. TNT channel has only gotten bigger and better since its inception.

TNT was available to approximately 89 million households in the United States as of 2019. This demonstrates the channel’s current popularity quite well.

TNT also shows major sporting leagues such as the Europa League and the UEFA Champions League in addition to gripping content. This means that soccer fans benefit from the channel as well.

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What channel is TNT on Spectrum
What channel is TNT on Spectrum?


WarnerMedia Entertainment owns several well-known American Subscription Television Networks, including TNT, Turner Network Television. The channel, which now broadcasts popular sports matches, events, reality shows, and feature films, debuted in 1988. Fast forward to today, and the channel has only grown exponentially.

The channel is part of the Spectrum TV archive, and in 2018, the network reached over 89 million households. That is only a brief overview of the channel’s current popularity.

It is a national favorite due to its extensive directory of TV shows and movies. Continue reading to find the TNT channel number on Spectrum before we get into which programs may be a hit or miss for you.


Spectrum is a leading cable TV provider that provides its customers with extensive channel coverage. You will have access to various channels, including the TNT network, as part of your Spectrum subscription.

TNT, thankfully, is available on all three Spectrum TV packages. Spectrum has a lot of channels, so you might find yourself going back and forth looking for one. We understand how frustrating it is to switch from one channel to the next with no results.

As a result, we researched and provided a list of TNT channel numbers on Spectrum based on state/city. Check this to find out what channel is TNT on Spectrum in your city:

City/StateChannel Number
Hollywood, LA42
Buffalo, NY32
Traverse City, MI36
Worcester, MA31
Sayre, PA16
Orlando, FL11
Austin, TX67
Conway, SC22


We understand the frustration of switching channels after channels until you find something you want to watch. Spectrum TV offers three different plans, which are as follows: GOLD, SILVER, and SELECT.

TNT is available in all three tiers, but the number of channels available varies depending on the tier. The Gold tier has 200 channels, which is ideal if your household has members of various ages. Call 1-855-423-0918 or go to Channel Lineup to find out what channel TNT is on.

Spectrum TV
Spectrum TV


TNT got off to a traditional start. The channel primarily aired classic movies and TV shows, but with the release of 2001, TNT’s programming received a major makeover. Dramatic content, both original and acquired, began to air shortly after.

But that’s not all. Sports fans can now watch their favorite UEFA Championship League matches without having to switch to another sports channel. This was a significant change implemented by the Warner Media Entertainment channel.

TNT has a lot of shows to binge-watch. Documentaries, reality shows, and popular original shows like Animal Kingdom and Claws are available. Examine the list of programs!



Original Content

  • Claws
  • Snowpiercer
  • Animal Kingdom
  • Drop the Mic
  • The Joker’s Wild

Sports Arena

  • All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite
  • NBA on TNT
  • NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Tournament
  • UEFA Champions League
  • Major League Baseball on TBS

Acquired Content

  • Chasing the Cure
  • Shaq Life
  • Charmed
  • Supernatural
  • Arrow
  • Castle
  • Bones
  • NCIS: New Orleans

Upcoming Programs

  • Tell Me Your Secrets
  • The Alienist Angel of Darkness
  • What Women Face
  • Hinges
  • Highland
  • The Fifth Season
  • Creatures
  • Live from the Apocalypse
  • The Deep Mad Dark
  • Time of Death
  • Finding Chandra

Former Original Programming

  • Crusade
  • Men of a Certain Age
  • Saving Grace
  • Murder in the First
  • Heartland
  • The Closer
  • Mob City
  • The Last Ship
  • Good Behavior
  • Wanted
  • Trust Me
  • The Lazarus Man
  • Perception
  • Mortal Kombat Conquest

Former Sports Programming

  • Wimbledon
  • NFL on TNT
  • Golf on TNT
  • WCW Monday Nitro
  • Olympics on TNT

You’ve got it now. TNT’s complete list of past and upcoming TV shows, documentaries, and movies! If you want to see the programming schedule for yourself, go to the official TNT website.

What To Watch On TNT?
What To Watch On TNT?


TNT offers a variety of binge-worthy programming, including reality shows, documentaries, and original films.

1. Excellent Behaviour

Good Behavior is a thriller series based on the books of Letty Dobesh. It follows Letty Raines on his journey to change for the better and avoid crime. But the path he takes is not easy, as staying away from crime and out of prison is not easy.

2. The Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom is unquestionably one of TNT’s grittiest dramas. The plot follows the lives and activities of criminal exploits, as well as their drug habits. This show is worth watching because it contains shocking twists and intense action. It has been renewed for a fourth season.

3. Grimm

Grimm is a whimsical TV show based on the classic Grimm’s fairy tales, but with its own quirky spin. The series premiered on NBC in October 2011 and ended in March 2017 after a successful 6-year run. Meet Nick Burkhardt, a Portland Homicide detective who discovers he is the last surviving member of the Grimm family.

His ancestors entrusted him with the responsibility of maintaining the balance between the human and mythological worlds. Both worlds frequently collide in grisly, horrific scenarios, making each episode an engrossing watch.

4. Arrow

Arrow follows Oliver Queen, one of the most well-known characters in the DC comics universe. Oliver returns to Star City after spending years on a mysterious island as a result of a shipwreck.

When billionaire Oliver Queen uncovers an insidious plot involving the city’s elite, he puts the survival skills he learned to good use. He becomes the city’s most beloved and despised vigilante, fighting crime alongside a small group of trusted friends. One of the TNT channel’s most popular shows.

5. The Last Ship

This action-drama series is another TNT original that has a large fan base. The crew of the USS Nathan James, a lone destroyer, is the focus of the show. The destroyer is of interest because it is the sole survivor of a pandemic that killed 80 percent of the world’s population.

To save humanity, the crew must survive while searching for a cure. The channel also has one of the most popular shows, The Alienist, which is only slightly behind CBS’s The Big Bang Theory in Nielsen ratings.


The provider provides three different cable TV tiers. The most basic is TV Select cable, which provides subscribers with access to more than 125 channels. TV Silver is the next tier, with over 175 channels to choose from.

Finally, TV Gold is the provider’s premium cable service, which includes access to premium channels such as HBO as well as a diverse lineup of 200 channels. All three Spectrum packages include access to the TNT channel.

That means that regardless of whether you have TV Select, Silver, or Gold, you will have access to TNT and all of its content. But where can I find TNT on Charter Spectrum? The actual channel location varies by city and state. However, it is available on the channels listed in the table below:

City, StateChannel Number
Chipley, Florida31, 1136
Biralee, Connecticut30
Elmore, Alabama29, 1136

Keep in mind that the provider may change the channel positions on a regular basis in order to provide better content. The actual channel numbers may differ depending on where you are. However, the ones listed above for Spectrum’s TNT channel are correct at the time of writing.

What Channel is TNT on Charter Spectrum/TWC?
What Channel is TNT on Charter Spectrum?


Tune into Spectrum Cable to watch all of TNT’s exciting shows. Spectrum provides excellent bundles that include TV, high-speed internet, and digital phone service. These bundles are less expensive than regular plans and include exciting features that will keep you glued to the screen.

Furthermore, with no-contracts, you can avoid service termination and the associated hassle. Spectrum customer service has a quick response time and can solve your problems in a matter of minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is TNT on the Spectrum?

Spectrum offers three cable TV plans. The Spectrum Select plan is the entry-level plan with over 120 channels. TNT can be found on Spectrum. The number of channels and their availability vary by location.

Is TNT channel free?

The TNT App provides free access to movies and full episodes with a TV subscription. Live sports, award shows, and blockbuster movies are also available.


FuboTV, the virtual MVPD, has raised its monthly rates this week, joining YouTube TV, AT&T TV, and others, despite losing TBS, TNT, and other WarnerMedia channels.

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