We TV Channel On Spectrum: What Number Is It? (Simple Guide)

We TV is an American pay-TV channel that is currently available on Spectrum. What Spectrum channel is, and how can you We TV channel on spectrum? This TV channel, formerly known as Romance Classics, debuted in 1997. When AMC Networks purchased the channel in 2001, it changed its name.

We TV now has a few popular sister channels, including BBC America, Sundance TV, AMC, and IFC. We TV’s main content consists of family movies, shows, TV miniseries, and a few other shows.

It usually has some romantic drama and comedy shows on it. This channel was renamed Women’s Entertainment in 2001, and it is now known as WE-TV. The channel has received a lot of attention from movie and romantic show fans across the country as a result of the rebranding.

In 2014, AMC decided to drop the tag “Women Entertainment,” and it was renamed We TV, implying that the channel now caters to everyone. The television is currently watched in over 85 million households and is bundled with some major cable and satellite TV providers, including Spectrum.

We TV Channel On Spectrum
We TV Channel On Spectrum


We TV, an American pay-tv network that debuted in 1997, was formerly known as Romance Classics until 2001. AMC Networks owns the channel, which has several popular sister channels, including AMC, BBC America, IFC, and Sundance TV.

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The network’s identity as Romance Classics was originally centered on romantic drama and comedy, with a focus on movies and TV miniseries. In 2001, Romance Classics was renamed WE—Entertainment—and Women’s a few years later, We TV.

Following the rebranding, the channel became an ad-supported general entertainment channel. And, they focused on showcasing content that would appeal to female audiences, such as the well-known Australian TV series McLeod’s Daughters, which aired until 2006.

And reality TV shows like Bridezillas, Secret Lives of Women, and Amazing Cakes—all of which reflected the We TV channel’s ongoing programming shift. However, the rebranding did not stop there. AMC Networks decided to revamp the channel’s identity in 2014, removing the tagline “Women’s Entertainment” for good.

Nonetheless, the core of WE tv programming remained unchanged. That is, the channel was still intended to be a network with a strong emphasis on television entertainment for women.

We TV is now available to over 85 million American households with a pay-TV subscription and is carried by all major cable and satellite TV service providers in the United States. If you enjoy reality TV entertainment, the We TV channel may be a good choice to add to your list of go-to networks.


If you’re new to We entertainment, you should know how to watch this channel on Spectrum. Spectrum, one of the top entertainment providers in the United States, provides all major channels with its basic packages.

However, in order to receive We TV, you must first upgrade to the basic Spectrum Silver or Gold Packages.

This channel, however, is also available with the Spectrum’s most basic package. This means that no matter which package you choose, you will always be able to watch shows, movies, and Live TV on We TV.

Watching On Spectrum TV
Watching On Spectrum TV


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If you are a new Spectrum customer, the good news is that We TV is now available on the Spectrum channel lineup. And you wouldn’t have to upgrade to the Spectrum Silver or Gold package to get it.

We TV is included in all Spectrum Cable TV packages, including the most basic Spectrum Select. So, whichever option you choose, all that remains is to locate the We TV channel number on your Spectrum TV service before you can tune into “entertaining reality” on your screen!

If you haven’t yet subscribed to Spectrum TV, let us provide you with some useful information to help you make your decision. To learn more about which channels and add-ons Spectrum provides, you can view the complete Spectrum channel lineup.


The current We TV channel programming lineup includes unscripted TV shows such as Growing Up Hip Hop, Love After Lockup, and Extreme Love, as well as acquired unscripted reality TV shows such as The Real Blac Chyna and Beyond the Pole.

Despite having evolved into a more general entertainment and lifestyle network with the intention of broadcasting content focused on shared experiences, We TV remains committed to entertaining women. As a result, its programming is centered on shows, reality TV, and movies starring women or covering their televisual interests.

Tune in to reality TV stars’ glamorous lives or catch influential celebrities in behind-the-scenes moments. Watch a variety of shows centered on strong-willed women or have some fun with the glitz and glam of reality TV shows.

With We TV, you can get all of that and more—choose from scripted reality shows, mini-series, and originals. We TV has everything a woman would want to binge-watch on a lazy weekend.

Spectrum TV
Spectrum TV


Let us now put an end to your predicament. We TV channel number varies according to where you live in real-time. Here is a table with all of the channel numbers for We TV in the United States, organized by major cities and states.

The table above shows some of the cities and channel numbers where you can find We TV; to find out where you can find We TV on Spectrum in your area, go to the website and enter your zip code.


1. Braxton Family Values

Toni Braxton’s career has been filled with ups and downs, from No. 1 hits to marriage (and eventual divorce) and bankruptcy. Toni’s life appears to continue on this reality show, where she is joined by her sisters Traci, Tamar, Trina, and Towanda, as well as their mother, Evelyn.

Sibling rivalry, man drama, and a DUI are all part of the tight-knit group of sisters’ battle for the spotlight. Mom acts as a referee as the sisters’ love for one another tries to keep them together through life’s ups and downs.

2. Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars

Bridezillas have been driving people insane for years as they plan what they believe to be the perfect wedding. What isn’t shown is what the couple’s life is like after their wedding. This series demonstrates how the bridezilla and her beloved do not always have a happy ending.

The show follows five previous bridezillas who are living in a house with their husbands in an attempt to save their troubled marriages. Jim and Elizabeth Carroll, an experienced husband-and-wife counseling team, lead the couples through a two-week marriage boot camp. The Carrolls, along with fellow counselors Dana Hamman and David Bishop, put the couples through a series of exercises over the course of two weeks.

3. Love After Lockup: Life After Lockup

Love After Lockup: Life After Lockup (WE, 2019) is a spin-off and extension of Love After Lockup. Each episode follows a couple who appeared in a previous episode of Love After Lockup.

4. Mama June

Mama June: From Not to Hot (WE Tv, 2017) is an American reality television series that is a spin-off of the TLC reality television series Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. The show follows June “Mama June” Shannon’s weight loss journey from 460 to 160 pounds (209 to 73 kg).

5. The Doctor Is In

The Doctor Is In (WE, 2021) is a talk show series in the United States. Dr. Ish hosts the show, and he checks in with five fan-favorite former Hip Hop boot campers to learn how their lives have changed since leaving the mansion. He also offers additional advice and insight into how to keep the relationship-changing tools.


That’s all you need to know about the We TV channel on Spectrum Cable TV before you start exploring its programming further—trust us, you don’t want to miss Joselin’s Cabaret: Miami, which is set to premiere on the We TV channel later this year.

Again, if you haven’t gotten a Spectrum TV subscription yet, we recommend browsing available plans and packages or contacting Spectrum Customer Service at 1-855-423-0918 for expert advice. For Spanish-speaking customers, dial 1-844-487-2710 to reach the Spectrum Espaol customer service team.

Spectrum TV
Spectrum TV

Frequently Asked Questions

Is WE tv on the spectrum?

If you are a new Spectrum customer, the good news is that We TV is now available on the Spectrum channel lineup. And you wouldn’t have to upgrade to the Spectrum Silver or Gold package to get it. We TV is included in all Spectrum Cable TV packages, including the most basic Spectrum Select.

What channels are included in Spectrum TV stream?

Spectrum TV Stream includes a channel lineup of 25 major networks, including FOX, ABC, NBC, and CBS. A&E, FX, HGTV, and Comedy Central are some other American favorites that you can watch with Spectrum TV Stream. And guess what else? This all-around streaming option is also less than $25 per month.

What does we stand for in WE TV?

Following the rebranding of Style into the male-centric Esquire, AMC Networks’ WE tv is abandoning its female focus as well. The network unveiled a rebranding today, officially dropping the word “women” from its name, which previously stood for “Women’s Entertainment.” … The new logo for the cable network is the word “WE” surrounded by a bar.

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