What Channel Is UFC On DirecTV? (Find Out)

Today is your lucky day if you want to know what channel UFC is on DirecTV. UFC continues to be one of the global sports streaming services where you can watch major and minor sporting events.

You can watch some interesting combats, interesting interviews, classic archived shows, exclusive access to fighters, and get to know some promoters by subscribing monthly or yearly.

In addition to these, you can watch the Champions League, Six Nations rugby, the English Premier League, the NFL, the Bundesliga, Serie A, and much more.

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What Channel Is UFC On DirecTV?

Troubleshooting: Issues on UFC On DirecTV

What channel is UFC on DirecTV?UFC fights are no longer broadcast on DirecTV. The rights to broadcast UFC events are now owned by ESPN+.
How can I watch UFC on DirecTV?You can watch UFC events on DirecTV by subscribing to ESPN+. ESPN+ is a streaming service that offers a variety of live sports, including UFC events.
How much does ESPN+ cost?ESPN+ costs $6.99 per month or $69.99 per year.
What is the difference between ESPN and ESPN+?ESPN is a traditional cable channel that offers a variety of sports programming, including UFC events. ESPN+ is a streaming service that offers a more limited selection of sports programming, but it also includes UFC events.
How do I subscribe to ESPN+?You can subscribe to ESPN+ on the ESPN website or through the ESPN app.


Press the Guide button on the DirecTV remote. Channel 126 should be entered. Scroll through the guide. To access PPV programming, first, go to channel 1100 and then select one of the available events, either UFC coverage or boxing.


UFC is an important part of major sporting events on DirecTV because it consistently brings a variety of sports series that are shown in collaboration with DirecTV. You should be aware that all of their programming is only available as a pay-per-view service (PPV). Using this method, you can easily broadcast UFC videos online.

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The service is also available on DirecTV, ESPN, and ESPN Plus, where matches and events are presented in a professional manner.

The Ufc channel does not always work directly, which can be attributed to a variety of technical issues. These technical errors could be caused by Directv Error Code 775, Directv Error 721, or other factors. You can easily resolve this, or you can work with the technical team to resolve the issue.


You’re curious about the UFC DirecTV channel. Then you must use the remote to accomplish this. Enter channel number 126 from here, and various guides will appear in front of you as you scroll down.

To watch PPV programs, use a remote to enter channel number 1100, and a variety of events will begin to appear in front of you.


Fighting is one of the major sporting events available on DirecTV. This has always been the reason for their consistent collaboration with well-known promoters like Matchroom USA, Golden Boy Promotions, and World Boxing Super Series.

In addition to these, there is the option to watch Bellator and Combate Americas. If you’re a cord-cutter who doesn’t have access to UFC or boxing events, DirecTV is here to help.

The majority of their programming on this platform is Pay Per View. With this, you can comfortably stream live UFC content as well as other ESPN and ESPN+ events. Aside from these, there are live analysis shows that cover classic fights and events.

What Channel Is UFC On DirecTV?
What Channel Is UFC On DirecTV?


Let us now tell you about some Ufc direct channels list, where various types of streaming support activity is still ongoing.

UFC 251 DirecTv ChannelThree title fights, including Usman vs. Masvidal
UFC 252 DirecTv ChannelStipe Miocic vs. Daniel
UFC 253 DirecTv ChannelAdesanya vs. Costa, Preliminares
UFC 257 DirecTv ChannelDustin Poirier vs. Conor Mcgregor 3, Gilbert Burns vs. Stephen Thompson on Ppv
UFC 264 DirecTv ChannelPoirier vs. McGregor 3
UFC 259 DirecTv ChannelJan Blachowicz vs. Israel Adesanya, Amanda Nunes vs. Megan Anderson


To access the Pay Per View programming, go to channel 1100, browse through the available content, select your preference, and then click select. Following that, a popup will appear to confirm your selection.

All you have to do is order and confirm. You can now begin to enjoy your programming. Pay Per View programming, as the name implies, requires you as a customer to pay an additional fee for any title you intend to order.

The UFC, live boxing, and many other events are available to watch on DirecTV. You can also order newly released DirecTV CINEMA movies with Pay Per View.

These are the most recent titles that have yet to be added to the list of your regular On Demand free titles. Finally, Pay Per View programming provides you with an additional opportunity to watch any new movie that you may have missed in theaters.

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How Can I Watch The UFC Fight On DirecTV



UFC Fight Night debuted on Spike TV in August 2005 under the name UFC Ultimate Fight Night, and has been exclusive to ESPN+ since January 2019. UFC on ABC and UFC on ESPN continue to air on their respective channels.

Fight Night was a spin-off of the massively popular reality TV show The Ultimate Fighter (TUF), which featured aspiring MMA fighters under the tutelage of well-known UFC champions. ESPN+ recently resurrected the reality show as The Return of the Ultimate Fighter, with new episodes airing on a weekly basis.


To watch UFC on Directv right now, use your smartphone, tablet, or computer and follow the steps outlined below.

  1. To begin, you must first log in to your DirectTV Entertainment account, which requires an ID and password.
  2. From here, you can choose between Sports and Movies.
  3. Choose the event or movie that you want to watch.
  4. You have the option to Buy or Rent from here.
  5. On your screen, you will see some online instructions.
  6. After that, your subscription will be ready.

If you prefer to receive this service via SMS or phone, please follow the instructions below.

  • Text EVENT or MOVIE to 223322 and follow the prompts
  • Call 800-531-5000 and say Order Pay Per View when prompted


DirecTV now offers UFC channels for purchase. You must follow the steps outlined below to accomplish this. To complete the process, the receiver must be connected to the Internet and dial the channel number.

Many people want to know what channel ufc DirecTV is. Simply enter channel number 126 into your browser to do so. Let us take a look at how this order is handled.

  1. You must use the Direct TV Remote to press the Guide button.
  2. Now, enter channel 126.
  3. The guide will then appear in front of you as soon as you scroll down.
  4. You can learn about the new release using this guide.
  5. From here, you can choose the PPV title.
  6. The Rent option is then displayed.
  7. Simply confirm and buy.

You now know that Ufc’s Direct TV channel number is 126 and that it provides information through a variety of prompts.

UFC Channel On DirecTV
UFC Channel On DirecTV


1. UFC 265 Prelims

This event includes about eight fights, including a featured Lightweight clash. What this means is that you’ll be watching eight fights in one night, all leading up to the main event.

As a result, this is the best way for MMA fans to watch UFC 265 Prelims live stream. You’ll be able to see two Lightweight fighters compete for a spot in the top 15 rankings.

2. The UFC Fight Pass

This is a massive library that is still growing. Every fight in UFC history, as well as entire video libraries containing over 30 additional MMA kickboxing, boxing, Muay, Jiu, Thai, Jitsu, can be found here. Strikeforce, PRIDE FC, and Invicta FC are among the promoters.

Furthermore, there are many hours of archived historical MMA events from previous seasons involving Dana White’s Tuesday Night, Ultimate Fighter, Contender Series, and other exclusive newly-created shows. This is where you can follow your favorite fighters from their early prelims to the main events on UFC fight pass.

3. UFC Fight Nights

These are minor events that are broadcast on cable television. This is in contrast to the UFC numbered fights, which anchor major events with the majority of celebrated fighters and major titled fights. You’re ready to unleash your inner combat sports fan with UFC pass. Fighting is what the UFC is all about.

4. MMA Fight Night 269

This is an MMA event sponsored by the Ultimate Fighting Championship. It is also available on pay-per-view. The major events in this city are fiercely contested. The majority of the fights and other matchups will take place on the preliminaries and main cards. This is the UFC March PPV to mark on your calendar.


As previously stated, ‘numbered’ UFC events are PPV. This means you’ll have to buy tickets before you can watch the game. This comes after the best fights on the card, with championship bouts topping the bill.

At least once a month, numbered UFC events are held. UFC Fight Nights, on the other hand, are smaller events that usually take place over the weekend.

These can be viewed without the need to purchase a PPV. They focus primarily on smaller fights rather than championship fights.

Watch UFC On DirecTV
Watch UFC On DirecTV


Every weekend, especially on Saturday nights, UFC events and broad cards are held. You’ll be able to see multiple fights at each of these events. In most cases, more fights will be held during one event than during others. Some will, however, be more recognized than others.

During this time, you will see championship fights as well as other categories. The biggest UFC fight is on PPV, which is why it is labeled ‘UFC.’ The number that follows is simply a chronological order of the PPV event beginning with UFC 1 and going up.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I watch ESPN on DirecTV?

To watch ESPN channels on DIRECTV, you must have one of the following TV packages: ENTERTAINMENT and above, MAS ULTRA, LO MAXIMO, or PREFERRED CHOICE. ESPN can be found on channels 206 and 1206. ESPN Plus is not a channel on DIRECTV. ESPN Plus can be subscribed to through the ESPN App.

How do I order the fight on DirecTV?

Enter channel 126. Using the remote, scroll down the guide. Discover the most recent and popular releases. Select the PPV title by clicking on it (a pop up box should appear asking you to rent PPV title).

Can I watch the fight on DirecTV?

They are all some of the most well-known MMA fighters of all time. DIRECTV PPV allows you to watch all of your favorite fighters live, eliminating the need to hear about the fights later.

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