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Xfinity is not only one of the largest ISPs in the United States, but it also provides a slew of other cool services.

They have all of your basic communication needs covered, and if you want something convenient for your home that you can manage easily and pay for it all in one place, then you should definitely consider Xfinity.

They provide Cable TV, Internet, Telephone, and a few other value-added services to residential customers. The interesting part is that they include a set-top box and a remote with their Cable TV subscription.

How to Program an Xfinity Remote 30 Second Skip
How to Program an Xfinity Remote 30 Second Skip


The X1 remote is a basic remote in comparison to the smart remotes that are being marketed today, so you may have to go old school with it. If you want to program a 30-second skip on your remote, here’s everything you need to know.


A 30 second skip is equivalent to fast forward. If you want to fast-forward your pre-recorded programs, it will skip 30 seconds. Keep in mind that it only works for pre-recorded programs on your set-top box that you may have recorded from a live broadcast.

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(Xfinity, Spectrum, COX, Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, etc.)


The feature is available on both the remote and the set-top box, but there is no button on the remote to help you get it done. To make it work, you’ll need to program it into your remote, which may be a pain if you’re used to pressing a single fast forward button and getting the job done.

  • In any case, it is not overly complicated and can be set up quickly. All you have to do is quickly press the exit button three times, and then enter the numbers “0030” on the keypad.
  • This will set it up, but you will not receive any confirmation or response from the TV or your set-top box. This can only be confirmed by watching a pre-recorded program and then pressing the page up button on your Xfinity TV.
  • The button normally changes the channel, but if you have it set up and are streaming a pre-recorded video, it will advance the program by 30 seconds. When you press the page up button, the pre-recorded program you’re watching will skip 30 seconds.
X1 Remote 30 Second Skip
X1 Remote 30 Second Skip


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Alternative Video: X1 Remote 30 Second Skip Trick

X1 Remote 30 Second Skip Trick


Another intriguing feature is that you can configure it to skip for a full minute rather than just 30 seconds.

To do so, press the exit button three times and then enter “0060” on the keypad instead of “0030.” This will start it for you, and every time you press the page up button, the pre-recorded program will skip a full minute.


This method works with the XR2 remote and may also work with the XR11 and XR15 remotes when used with the XFinity X1 box. Take the remote and hold it close to the cable box to program your X1 box to skip 30 seconds forward into the Page UP button.

This is due to the fact that you are programming the cable box rather than the remote itself. Then, turn off your TV and press the ‘EXIT’ button on your remote three times in a row. Then, using the key numbers on the remote, enter 0030.

When you use your remote, you should now be able to find the Page UP button, which previously skipped ahead by 5 minutes, but now skips ahead by 30 seconds instead.

The page down button should now allow for a 15-second rewind. However, the Replay button near the top of the remote can be used to rewind 15 seconds.


How to Set Up Comcast Remote
How to Set Up Comcast Remote
  1. If you had the 30-second skip programmed but it stopped working (usually due to a Comcast/Xfinity DVR software update), try a 5-minute code followed by a 30-second code…i.e. EXIT EXIT EXIT 0500, then EXIT EXIT EXIT 0030.
  1. While pressing the reprogramming button steps, keep the remote close to the cable box. The reprogramming actually involves reprogramming the DVR cable box rather than the remote control.
  1. Make certain that you are pressing each button consciously. Not too fast, but also not too slow.
  1. While performing these reprogramming steps, make sure the DVR is not recording a program.
  1. During this time, try turning off the TV. Then re-start the television.
  1. First, put the cable box in standby mode (press the power button on the front of the box).
  1. Try unplugging the cable box’s power cord for 2 minutes, then plugging it back in (rebooting the box) and waiting a few minutes. Then repeat the reprogramming steps.
  1. Unpair the remote and then repair it.
  1. Replace the batteries in the remote before proceeding with the reprogramming steps.
  1. Follow the same steps to return the button to its default 5-minute setting, but enter 0500 instead (the 4-digit code is the skip time in seconds).


30 Second Skip on X1 Remote
30 Second Skip on X1 Remote

The 30-second skip programming may cease to function, particularly following a software update on Comcast or XFinity’s end. To reprogram the skip, press the ‘Exit’ button three times and then enter 0500 on your remote.

After that, press ‘Exit’ three times and then enter 0030. To ensure that the programming is successful, hold the remote close to the X1 box, turn off the TV, and press each button deliberately and in an average manner.

If this does not work, press the Power button on the box to put it in standby mode, unplug the cable box from the power outlet for at least two minutes, then plug it back in, and then program the box using the steps outlined above.

You can also unpair and re-pair the remote with the box, or replace the batteries before attempting to program.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you program a 30 second skip on Xfinity x1?

Press the Exit button three times, followed by the numbers 0030 on your XFINITY remote. Your TV will not notify you that the programming has changed, but you can test it by playing a recorded program and pressing the Page Up button. The program should move forward by 30 seconds.

How do I skip commercials on Xfinity x1?

To access the Settings menu, use the right arrow (gear icon). Select Preferences, followed by General. Toggle Smart Resume for Recordings on or off by pressing the down arrow or the round button in the center of the directional pad.

Where is the jump back button on Xfinity Remote?

Page Up is above the D-pad on XR11, and Page Down is below the D-pad. The Replay button, which was located between the Volume and Channel buttons on the XR15, has been removed. Instead, use Page Down to go backward. The Record button is located in the top center of the Voice Remote, just above the Xfinity button on the XR15.

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