How To Program 3-Digit Universal Remote Codes For TV?

Are you looking for three-digit remote control codes for a specific television brand? Here, we will walk you through the various universal TV remote codes. 

If a three-digit remote code is required for TV remote programming, look at the TV brands listed below and type into the required field while programming instructions appear. After being correctly programmed, the TV would work properly with the universal remote. 

How To Program 3-Digit Universal Remote Codes?
How To Program 3-Digit Universal Remote Codes?

Take a look at the three-digit TV remote code list provided below. In addition, see the list of 3-digit TV remote codes provided below. 

Furthermore, these three-digit remote control codes are listed by brand. This is the most recent three-digit TV universal remote control codes list for all devices and remotes.


3 Digit Universal Remote Codes For TV
  • ADA 008,007
  • ADC 003
  • ADMIRAL 173,001
  • AIKO 058
  • AIWA 196,195
  • AKAI 002
  • ALLERON 051
  • AMARK 020
  • AMAZON 053
  • AMSTRAD 189
  • ANANATIONAL 025,003,053,042,193
  • A 005,004,007,014,009,156,132,175
  • APEX 214
  • ARCHER 020
  • BELCOR 004
  • BELL&HOWELL 001,000,049
  • BRADFORD 053
  • BROKSONIC 147,136
  • CANDLE 008,004,174,009
  • CITIZEN 001,008,004,009,042,058,053,109,105,177
  • CLASSIC 214,042
  • COLORTYME 009,004,010
  • CONCERTO 009,004
  • CONTACT/CONY 013,012,014,053,042
  • CRAIG 053,042
  • CROWN 053,042
  • CXC 053,042
  • PANASONIC 051,003,062,055,148,070,171,170
  • PHILCO 004,003,008,005,062,009
  • PHILIPS 004,003,008,006,068,062,074,069,077,075,086
  • PILOT 004
  • PIONEER 009,004,179,090,185
  • PORTLAND 005,004,058,009
  • PRICE CLUB 105
  • PRISM 055
  • PROSCAN 000,031,015,107
  • PROTON 009,004,175,093,192,186
  • PULSAR 121
  • PULSER 004
  • SAMPO 009,004,172,046,175
  • SAMSUNG 005,004,009,104,115,105,109,106,172
  • SAMSUX 009
  • SANSUI 136,135
  • SANYO 013,004,049,110,108,180,209
  • SCOTCH 009,004,035,024,042,053,051
  • SCOTT 009,004
  • SEARS 004,000,009,015,013,031,051,049,107,105,109
  • SHARP 009,004,095,079,112,111,114,123,122,124,173
  • SHOGUN 004
  • SIGNATURE 001,000,023
  • SIMPSON 008
  • SONIC 014
  • SONY 006,002,128,071
  • SOUNDESIGN 008,004,009,051,042,053
  • SSS 042,004,053
  • STARLITE 053
  • SUPRE-MACY 174
  • SUPREME 002
  • SYLVANIA 008,004,009,062,069,068,075,074,155,077,163,161
  • SYMPHONIC 053,003,189,155,198


You can program your remote in several methods, including the Pre-Programmed 3 Digit Remote Codes Method, the Quick Setup Method, the Learning Method, and the Auto-Search Method. 

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Programming 3-Digit Universal Remote Code
Programming 3-Digit Universal Remote Code

The Quick Setup approach is distinguished by the ability to provide the most straightforward and quickest configuration by employing a single number code. However, the three-digit TV universal remote codes listed above can be used with your devices. 

It is one of the quickest ways to set up devices manufactured by large manufacturing companies. At the same time, the Pre-Programmed Code approach allows you to program all of the keys at once by entering a three-digit remote code connected with the specific brand. 

However, the three-digit TV universal remote codes listed above can be used with your devices.


  • Turn on the component you want to program. Turn on the television to begin programming.
  • Position the remote control at the appropriate component now.
  • Hold down the “device” button for a few seconds. Now, in the Quick Setup Code table, click on the numeric key assigned to your brand. After tapping the number key, the component must be turned off. If it does not turn off, release the “device” button and utilize the scanning or Pre-Programmed 3 Digit Remote Code technique.
  • To save the code, press the device button. The device’s LED would flash twice to confirm code storage.


  • Turn on the TV that you want to manage using the remote.
  • Now, for 3 seconds, simultaneously press the “Ok/SEL” and “Device” keys. The device’s associated LED would turn on the indicator, indicating it is ready for programming. For a few seconds, the LED would remain in this state. While the LED is turned on, enter the following step.
3-Digit Universal Remote Code List
3-Digit Universal Remote Code List
  • Place the remote control near the device and enter the three-digit universal remote code assigned to the brand from the TV remote codes list. If you have multiple three-digit remote codes for the same brand, use one at a time until the device turns off.
  • You can save the three-digit remote code by repeatedly hitting the same [DEVICE] button. The device’s LED will blink twice to confirm that the code has been stored.


If no three-digit remote codes are assigned to the brand of your TV function, or if the brand is not mentioned in the TV remote codes list, you can use this Auto search method to find the appropriate three-digit remote code for your brand of TV by following these steps:

  • Turn on the TV that you want to use the remote control for.
  • Concurrently press the “Ok/sel” and “Device” buttons for a few seconds. The TV’s LED would light up, indicating it was ready for programming. The LED would be in this state for 30 seconds. The next step must be started when the LED is turned on.
  • Click on the channel buttons for a long or short period. The remote would omit a succession of Power off/on code signals. Release the channel buttons.
  • To save the code, click on the same “device” key. The device’s LED would blink twice to confirm that the stored code was correct.


  • Click on the “device” button (TV) for programming and the “aspect” key at the same time for a few seconds until the device’s LED light turns on.
  • Place the PHAZR-5 at a distance of 1 to 2 inches, or from head to head, from the other remote.
  • Click on the PHAZR-5 button where you want to teach an instruction. For example, to program the instruction to the mute button, click on the “mute” key.
  • Hold the key on the remote corresponding to the command while training the PHAZR-5 device. The TV’s LED would flash twice. Once you’ve programmed all of the PHAZR-5’s desired commands for the TV, save the commands by simultaneously pressing the “Aspect” and “device” buttons until the TV’s LED flashes three times.
  • Test the operation of all the TV buttons by clicking on them to determine if they are working correctly.
3-Digit Universal Remote Code Programming
3-Digit Universal Remote Code Programming


Utilize these three-digit TV codes and all methods of configuring the universal remote for the TV while operating the TV with the help of the universal remote. 

If you still need help with programming the TV remote or looking for the three-digit remote TV code, consult the instructions that came with the remote or TV. However, this collection of 3-digit TV remote codes will assist you in locating your preferred brand’s remote control code.


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What is the three-digit remote code for a Samsung television?

While various methods exist for connecting a universal remote to a Samsung television, a code is almost always required. The primary code, however, that you should test first is 0101.

How do I find out what my three-digit number is?

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