How fix Xfinity Router Blinking Orange? (7 Easy Ways)

The router’s lights are a good indicator of the device’s and the network’s current state. Normally, we see those lights blinking or solid, but it is important to understand what the color and behavior (solid or blinking) represent.

The Xfinity router blinking orange is one such example. If we look at the Xfinity website’s help section, we can see that the orange light flashing on the xFi Gateway (3rd Generation) and the xFi Advanced Gateway is stated as “all other color combinations.”

Furthermore, it states that the orange light on your Xfinity router blinking indicates that the device is connecting to the Xfinity systems.

Xfinity Gateway Blinking Orange: How to Fix
Xfinity Gateway Blinking Orange: How to Fix

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Troubleshooting: Issues on fixing Xfinity Router Blinking Orange

The router is updating its firmware.Wait for the update to finish. This can take up to 15 minutes.
There is a power outage or maintenance in your area.Check Xfinity’s website or social media for updates.
The cables are loose or damaged.Check all the cables and connections, and make sure they are tight. If you have any spare cables, try using those instead.
The router is overheating.Make sure the router is in a well-ventilated area. You can also try placing a fan near the router to help it cool down.
The router is overloaded.Restart the router and disconnect any unnecessary devices from the network.


Obviously, this simply means that you are unable to connect to the internet. This can be caused by incorrectly configuring the LAN connection or by using damaged cables. In this case, contact your Internet Service Provider and explain the “Xfinity Router Flashing Orange No Internet” issue.

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A firmware upgrade is one of the causes of a blinking orange light on the Xfinity router. Don’t turn off the router if this is the case. Wait until the firmware upgrade is finished.

  • Another cause of the orange blinking light is a faulty or damaged splitter.
  • Service disruption caused by inclement weather or scheduled maintenance.
  • A faulty router or modem could also be the cause.

As you can see, there are a variety of causes for the Xfinity router to blink orange. Here’s what you can do to make it right.

If the solutions in this article do not resolve the issue, you will need to contact support. However, let’s see what you can do to resolve this issue.


Now that you understand what it means to have this problem solely because of a lack of internet connection, let us look at why it continues to irritate you.

Problems With Your ISP

You connect to the internet via a WiFi connection powered by your Xfinity modem. However, there may be times when your connection becomes slow and your various devices are unable to connect properly.

The Xfinity router flashing orange appears in front of you due to a lack of connectivity. This is most likely due to a problem with your Internet Service Provider. So, if you notice your internet connection slowing down, contact your internet service provider to investigate.

Xfinity Gateway Blinking Orange
Xfinity Gateway Blinking Orange

Using Unreliable Power Sources

A power outage, which can be planned or unplanned, can be the main cause. As a result, there is some fluctuation within your modem.

It’s also possible to receive an error if your power continues to go out and on, because when the power goes out, you realize your internet isn’t working and try to restart it. If the technique is found to be failing, it could be due to a modem problem.

Running An Outdated Firmware

In today’s world, everyone is aware of the internet, and everyone updates their modem on a regular basis.

However, for some reason, this is not happening; it increases the speed of Xfinity router blinking orange issues and you are unable to perform various types of online work. This problem arises as a result of a loss of internet connectivity, which must also be resolved.

Using a Faulty Modem

The issue with the Xfinity modem blinking orange bothers you, but you see some indications and conclude that the model is defective. If the modem makes even the slightest noise while transmitting or downloading data, it will automatically provide you with an indicator. All of these symptoms point to a faulty modem.

A Defective Ethernet Cable Was Used

You’ve probably noticed that when internet cables fail, we get a slower version of the internet speed. As a result, there is inconsistency in the breakdown, and we do not receive adequate connectivity in a consistent quantity. The orange light on the xfinity modem is caused solely by all of these items connected to the internet.

Service Outage In Your Area

You are suddenly unable to use any of the services for which you have previously paid. This is common as a result of Xfinity internet service outages. Your Xfinity modem will then turn orange.

This is also a common occurrence; however, you must wait a short time for this to happen; the problem will only appear on your screen for a short time.

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xFi Blinking Orange – How To Fix?



You must also be willing to work towards a solution. To that end, we have provided some steps that will allow the aforementioned reasons to be eliminated and the problem of the xfinity modem blinking orange light to be permanently resolved.

1. Reboot The Router

The first line of defense should always be to reboot or power cycle the router. The reason for this is that in almost all cases, this simple fix will solve any problem. However, if it does not resolve the issue, you can proceed to the next solution.

But first, let’s look at how to restart the router. You can restart the Xfinity router using the Xfinity App or manually. The Xfinity App won’t help much because your network connection is most likely down when the orange light on your router blinks.

You can do it manually instead. Simply unplug the router from the power source and reconnect it after 10-15 seconds. Yes, it’s that easy. If the Xfinity router continues to blink orange, proceed to the next solution.

2. Check The Splitter

Another cause of this issue is a faulty or damaged splitter. Connecting the internet cable directly to the router will allow you to test this. Check to see if the orange light is still blinking.

3. Check The Cables

This doesn’t happen very often, but when we replace our equipment, clean around it, or move the router to a better location to improve the wireless signal, we may unintentionally disconnect a cable, make the connection loose, or simply connect the cable to the wrong port. All of this can cause an Xfinity router to blink orange.

To correct this, you must inspect all of the cables and ensure that they are securely inserted into the appropriate ports. Always double-check the cable’s ends. Also, make sure the cable is connected to the correct port.

4. Service Outage

Service outages can reduce signal strength, causing the orange light to begin blinking. Check for service outages using your smartphone and the Xfinity App. The orange light should be fixed once the service outage is over. All you can do in this situation is wait or contact your Internet Service Provider for more information.

Xfinity Router Blinking Orange Light: How to Dissolve it?
Xfinity Router Blinking Orange Light: How to Dissolve it?

5. Router Not Working

If you’ve been using the same router for a long time, it’s probably time for a replacement. On the other hand, if you rented the router recently, it is best to contact Xfinity tech support to troubleshoot the issue, which brings us to the final step.

6. Reset Your Router

If your Xfinity router continues to blink orange, resetting the device may help troubleshoot and resolve the problem.

You can re-initialize your router by unplugging it or pressing the reset button. The steps are as follows:

  1. Turn off your computer and all router-connected devices.
  2. Unplug the router’s power supply.
  3. Allow at least 15 seconds.
  4. Reconnect the power cable.
  5. Allow approximately 10 minutes for the router to re-initialize.
  6. Check the status light to see if you’re online again.
  7. Turn your devices on (PC, phone, etc.)

You can reinitialize your router by pressing the reset button on some routers. The steps are as follows:

  1. Turn off your computer and all router-connected devices.
  2. Locate your router’s reset button on the back panel.
  3. Using a pin or a sharp object, press and hold the reset button for a few seconds.
  4. Allow the device to reboot.
  5. Check the status light to see if you’re online again.
  6. Turn your devices on (PC, phones, etc.)

7. Get In Touch With The Xfinity Tech Support

If you haven’t been able to resolve the Xfinity router’s blinking orange issue, the final step is to contact Xfinity support. They can try to resolve the issue remotely or send a technician to your location.

Xfinity Modem Blinking Orange?
Xfinity Modem Blinking Orange?


The Xfinity router blinking orange is not typical router behavior and should be addressed as soon as possible. Before contacting Xfinity support, try all of the solutions listed above.

Also, if attempting to resolve the orange light issue on your own appears to be too difficult, you can contact the support team right away. Nothing is wrong with that. After all, the goal is to have a fully operational home network in the shortest amount of time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean when my Xfinity router is blinking orange?A blinking orange light on your Xfinity router can mean a few things. It could be that the router is updating its firmware, there is a power outage or maintenance in your area, the cables are loose or damaged, the router is overheating, or the router is overloaded.
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