How To Watch Discovery Plus On Xfinity? (Easy Guide)

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The recently introduced cable program’s membership service is called Discovery Plus. It is equipped to compete with industry giants like Netflix and has a lot of potentials. 

Discovery Plus On Xfinity
Discovery Plus On Xfinity

There are several Discovery shows available on this streaming service. You might be a fervent supporter of the Discovery network who would follow it wherever it went.

It stands to reason that you would be curious to know if it is available on the digital cable subscription package. For all Xfinity customers, we do have the finest news. Discovery Plus will now be available on Comcast TV’s Comcast Xfinity Flex and X1 set-top boxes. 

The newest stream on apple tv service is only now accessible through Xfinity Flex. Comcast has already assured its customers that the service will be available on X boxes very shortly. This is anticipated to occur in the upcoming weeks.

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To enjoy the streaming service, consumers will need an Xfinity Flex streaming TV box and a Discovery Plus membership. 

In this manner, you may easily stream Discovery Plus content on the Xfinity flex using the Discovery Plus app. It just costs $5 per month for the Discovery + subscription with ads or $7 per month for the subscription without ads.

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Get Discovery Plus on ANY TV


The majority of the content on Discovery Plus comes from the Discovery Channel Networks. There are others as well, such as Food Network, TLC, Animal Planet, OWN, Cooking Channel, Travel, and HGTV.

The streaming site promises to have more than 55,000 episodes of the Discovery series, both new and old. In addition, Joanna Gaines’ cooking show is joining the list on the Magnolia network.

There is yet more to it. More than 50 original films and countless hours of exclusive content are also available on the streamer. The goal of this is to amuse the supporters for as long as possible. Additionally, it is a wise approach to attract potential users to the streaming service. 

How to Get Discovery Plus on Xfinity?

1. Use the remote’s Xfinity button.

2. Make your choice from the available apps.

3. Choose the tile labeled “discovery+.” Remember that you may also launch the app by just saying “Discovery Plus” into your Xfinity Voice Remote.

4. Access the app’s features by clicking the Sign In or Start Free Trial button upon launch.

In addition to a collection of natural history programming from none other than the BBC, the subscribers are given access to nonfiction programming from networks including Lifetime, the history Chanel, and A&E reality tv.

On that note, it is evident that Discovery has more than enough content, and this is just the beginning. The streamer is committed to offering more content to the audience in the hopes of gaining more subscribers.


For a while, it was assumed that Comcast and Discovery would reach an agreement to include Discovery Plus on Flex. Eventually, Xfinity Flex, a streaming device, started to provide Discovery plus.

Depending on the real percentage that Xfinity will receive from each subscriber, such an agreement is agreed upon. Given that Xfinity is one of the most well-known internet service providers in the US, it is a fantastic platform on which to broadcast Discovery Plus programming.


With the popularity of streaming gadgets growing, Xfinity made the decision to launch its own device. For customers of Xfinity internet, a new streaming device called Xfinity Flex was created. It allows you to access streaming services like Netflix and Discovery Plus. Additionally, it provides free Xfinity streaming entertainment on amazon fire tv.

Given that Xfinity Flex currently offers other streaming services like Amazon Prime Video and Netflix, the addition of Discovery Plus is not a surprise. Only Xfinity internet members are eligible to use the set-top box, which is completely free. 

You can go ahead and get your Xfinity flexbox at any time if you already have internet service with Xfinity. On the service website, this is done. You will have the opportunity to binge on a variety of Discovery programs and documentaries with this streaming device.


You simply need to say “Discovery plus” into your Xfinity Voice remote when you are ready to watch. You can eventually begin to watch your preferred programs. 

The other choice is to look for the service under the section of apps. Customers now have access to a lot of the best entertainment from the new streaming service thanks to Discovery Plus’s launch on Xfinity Flex.

Discovery plus on Xfinity device flex is a likable concept because it simplifies everything. Only the Xfinity flex set-top box, a Discovery Plus membership, and the Xfinity internet service are required. For the Xfinity client, everything is pretty much in place, which is a good thing.

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There are several ways to take advantage of Discovery Plus’s goods on your television. Undoubtedly, one method for streaming Discovery Plus on your TV is the Xfinity device Flex set-top box. We will also discuss a few additional options, though.


Smart TV

The ability to stream Discovery Plus should not be a problem if you have an Android or Smart TV. The streamer has not yet revealed its lineup of native TV applications. 

However, a smart TV from a company like Samsung, LG, or another is a fantastic substitute. You simply need to manually install the Discovery+ app on your smart TV to start taking advantage of the service’s world-class entertainment.


You can download the app or, alternatively, go to the Discovery Plus website in just a few minutes if you have a mobile device such as a laptop, tablet, or laptop. Having said that, you will require at least a Chromecast in order to stream material from the service to your television.

or a casting mechanism. If your television isn’t cast-compatible, don’t worry. An HDMI cable can also be used to quickly connect your TV to your laptop or desktop PC. 

The procedure is simple. Cast using Chromecast or another suitable casting device after running Discovery Plus on your computer or mobile device.


Customers of Xfinity who are avid Discovery viewers can keep watching shows from the various networks thanks to Discovery Plus on Xfinity Flex. Following months of rumors, Discovery plus finally debuted on Xfinity flex and has since become the buzz of the town. 

It might be wise to join up if you think this is the streaming option for you and you already have an Xfinity internet connection.


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I download Discovery Plus to my Xfinity TV?

Your remote’s Xfinity button should be pressed. choose apps. Find and click the discovery+ tile. To open the app, simply speak “Discovery Plus” into your Xfinity Voice Remote.

What Xfinity channel is Discovery Plus?

Do you have Discovery on Xfinity? Yes, Discovery is available on Xfinity on channel 1449. Say “Discovery Plus” on the Xfinity Remote when you’re ready to start watching Discovery, and the window will pop open.

How do I get free access to Discovery Plus?

Any Play More or Get More Unlimited client with one line, new Fios Internet subscribers, or new 5G Home subscribers, according to Verizon, are eligible for the free year of Discovery+.

Is Amazon Prime free while using Discovery Plus?

Following a 7-day free trial, active Prime members can purchase the discovery+ and discovery+ (Ad-Free) plans for $4.99/month and $6.99/month, respectively. Sign into your Amazon account to add the discovery+ Prime Video Channel. Select “Channels” from the navigation menu at the top of your Prime Video home page.

Is cable service bundled with Discovery Plus?

Discovery+ does not require a cable TV subscription, in contrast to the GO apps. Once you sign up for discovery+, you can use your internet connection to view more than 55,000 episodes. Discovery+ is also accessible without ads. All of our customers will continue to receive top-notch material from us.

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