GE Universal Remote Code For Sony TV (Easy Guide)

Universal remote controls from GE are compatible with nearly all audio and video equipment brands. You must enter Device-specific GE Universal Remote Codes for each of your audio/video devices into the universal remote control. 

Programming your GE universal remote will allow you to use it with several devices, such as your Blu-ray player, television, DVD player, VCR, and audio systems.

Programming GE Universal Remote Codes for Sony TV
Programming GE Universal Remote Codes for Sony TV

Have you ever had to juggle many remotes to control your television, Blu-ray player, and home theater, or spent hours searching for each remote? 

You can now control your home entertainment equipment with the GE Universal Remote, which features an automatic code search and manual code entry approach. However, programming a universal remote is error-prone and time-consuming; thus, allot sufficient time before you begin.


For decades, GE has been a respected name in the electronics sector. Since its founding in 1892, the company has manufactured everything from home appliances to aircraft engines to (you guessed it) televisions and remote controls!

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GE Universal Remote Codes For Sony TV

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The GE Universal Remote, which controls multiple TV brands and devices, has been immensely popular for years and remains one of the most economical remotes.

This remote’s price, which occasionally falls below ten dollars, is the feature many appreciate most. As someone who routinely posts about high-end remotes, this is remarkable despite its limited capabilities.  

Want to know what most people dislike about it? You must enter those annoying remote codes for the remote to control your devices. Based on responses to a recent Facebook study I conducted, there are two reasons why this process frustrates people.

The print is too small, and searching for the codes online is more convenient. Or, perhaps you misplaced the directions.

Regardless of your situation, I’ve got you covered! This post will give you everything you need, including your television’s GE Universal Remote codes and setup instructions.


Your GE Sony TV remote code is a unique four-digit number that varies by brand and model. Therefore, their response codes may differ if you have two Sony televisions in your home.

GE Universal Remote Codes for Sony TV Complete List
GE Universal Remote Codes for Sony TV Complete List

The universal remotes manufactured by GE contain three different code lists. You wish to determine whether your remote has CL3, CL4, or CL5 codes. This will make it easy to select a code corresponding to your television.

To determine which list your remote belongs to, you must open the battery compartment and examine the label bearing the code list.

Here is a list of each model’s codes:


  • 5321,
  • 4981,
  • 1071,
  • 1641,
  • 1731,
  • 1901,
  • 2161,
  • 2741,
  • 3531,
  • 3891,
  • 4101


  • 1071,
  • 5811,
  • 5321,
  • 4981,
  • 1901,
  • 2741


  • 1071,
  • 5811,
  • 5321,
  • 4981,
  • 1901,
  • 2741


  • 380,
  • 071,
  • 002,
  • 006,
  • 128,
  • 013

The fact that each model has different codes can undoubtedly be confusing. But don’t fret. Test each code from the top of the list to the bottom until you locate the correct one. Since I arranged the codes in order of “likelihood of success,” there is a reasonable probability that you will be up and running with minimal trial and error.


Connecting GE Remote To Sony TV
Connecting GE Remote To Sony TV

This section will explain how to enter and pair Sony televisions’ correct GE remote codes. No programming or technical skills are required.

Follow these procedures to pair your GE universal remote with your Sony television:

  • Power up your Sony TV.
  • Find the Setup button on your remote control.
  • Hold down the Setup button until the red LED lights up.
  • We’re programming your Sony television, so press the TV button.
  • Consult the table above and enter the corresponding code for your Sony TV.
  • Verify that the LED light is off.
  • Proceed through the list of codes until the LED turns off.
  • Hold the remote near the Sony television.
  • Toggle the Power
  • Wait for your television to turn off. If it does, BOOM! The remote is operational. You should now be able to power it on and adjust the Volume, channels, etc.

This is how simple setting up your GE universal remote is. That is all you need to know to pair your remote with your Sony television correctly. If it does not work, try the auto-programming option in the following section.


Connecting GE Remote To Sony TV With Auto Method
Connecting GE Remote To Sony TV With Auto Method

There is still hope in the unlikely event that none of the codes on the lists worked with your television! The good news is that your GE universal remote’s memory banks may contain the TV’s code. You only need to instruct the remote to cycle through these codes until you discover one that works with your Sony television.

Here’s how to proceed:

  • Activate your Sony television with the actual Power button.
  • Hold down the Setup button until the red light illuminates.
  • Press the remote’s TV button.
  • Press the Power button every five seconds until the television is turned off.
  • When it happens, manually power your television.
  • Press the Volume + button every three seconds until the television shuts off.
  • Press the TV button on the remote when the TV shuts off.
  • The remote has been programmed.
  • Test the functionality of your remote by pushing the Power button.
  • The television should be on.
  • Please verify that the other buttons on the remote work by pressing them.


How To Program GE Universal Remote Code for Sony TV?
How To Program GE Universal Remote Code for Sony TV?

The GE universal remote users should be confident to experiment with the different codes given here. If the first code on the list is invalid, proceed to the next. Finally, you should locate one that allows you to use your remote to operate your Sony television.

In addition to testing alternative codes, you must also confirm that it has new batteries. Old batteries with no remaining power will frustrate you because they cannot power your remote.

If you intend to replace the batteries, you must do it within 10 minutes to preserve the remote’s current settings. Otherwise, you will need to reprogram your remote once more.


The reset to the factory default function is always helpful for universal remotes. Either you cannot configure it correctly, or you wish to erase your programming and pair it with a different device. It is also a good alternative for debugging if you are stuck and need help with what to do next.

Here are the steps to resetting your GE universal remote:

  • Hold down the Setup button on the remote.
  • Wait for the red LED indicator light to illuminate.
  • Let go of the Setup button. The light must remain lit.
  • Tap the Mute button on your remote control.
  • Press the zero (0) button on your remote’s control panel.
  • Verify that the red light is blinking twice. The reset procedure has concluded.
GE Universal Remote Code for Sony TV Programming
GE Universal Remote Code for Sony TV Programming


It’s that easy! Here are all of the GE remote codes for Sony televisions. It will be soon that you find the ideal candidate. Pairing your remote with your television should take at most five minutes.

Here is one final expert tip. Please write it down as soon as you find the correct code for your TV! You can keep it on your phone, SMS it to yourself, or write it down using a pen and paper. This information is now readily available whenever you pair your remote with your television.


How can I locate my Sony TV’s code?

Select Settings. Click the Link with the TV code link. A blue TV code will appear on the screen. Prepare your smartphone or tablet and follow the “Enter the code” instructions.

Can I use any remote with my Sony Bravia television?

Our remotes are always compatible, regardless of whether you own a Sony LCD, LED, Plasma, OLED, or QLED model. All that is required is the insertion of two (functioning) AAA batteries.

What are the Sony TV codes?

A lower number denotes a television not belonging to Sony’s Master Series flagships, such as the A80J. For example, the X95J is above the X90J, etc. The J denotes that the television is a 2021 model.

Does the GE Universal Remote support intelligent televisions?

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