YouTube TV Freezing: How To Fix In Seconds? (7 Best Ways)

Have you been watching YouTube TV and noticed that your device or the application has suddenly froze? YouTube TV offers one of the most enjoyable online streaming experiences.

However, like all internet-based services, it can stop working or keep freezing, buffering, or crashing. This guide will assist you in troubleshooting YouTube TV freezing, buffers, or crashes.

If you’re having other problems, check out this comprehensive YouTube TV troubleshooting guide. Examine it out.


YouTube TV
YouTube TV

YouTube TV is one of the market’s best and most popular cord-cutting Live TV options. It’s a subscription-based service that lets you watch live and local sports as well as over 70 other local channels.

It offers on-demand movie viewing as well as channels from local broadcasters and premium sports telecasts. It is not the same as the online media streaming platform YouTube.

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YouTube TV is a subscription-based service that lets you watch live and local sports, as well as over 70 other local channels. I was happy with the service until it began to freeze.


YouTube Freezing on TV
YouTube Freezing on TV


YouTube TV buffering is caused by a variety of factors, including a slow Internet connection, a connection speed that falls far behind the high playback resolution, a reduction in the amount of bandwidth available for YouTube TV.

A nearly full hard drive or a cache that is overloaded, and so on. These instances almost certainly result in YouTube TV freezing or crashing.


There are several ways to resolve streaming issues on YouTube TV. They are as follows:


Restarting your device allows it to clear the cache and free up storage, allowing apps to run more smoothly. As simple as this solution appears to be, it is especially useful when YouTube TV has frozen or keeps crashing.

Hold down the power button for a few seconds until the screen turns off (for computers) or unplug the electrical cord from the wall outlet to restart your device. Wait at least 30 seconds before turning it on or reconnecting the electrical wire.

After that, reopen the YouTube app and try again. It should be operational by now. If not, move on to the next step.


One of the most common causes of buffering issues on YouTube is an unstable internet connection. To troubleshoot internet problems, follow these steps.

  1. Check that your streaming device is connected to the internet.
  2. If you are streaming on a mobile device, turn off and then on your mobile data connection, and then try again.
  3. If the app stops playing, reduce the video quality to a lower setting. This can be accomplished by going to the Menu and selecting Quality.
  4. Close and then reopen the video player.


Reopening and closing YouTube TV is a quick way to refresh the app. You’ll have to close and reopen the app. It is important to note that you are not required to log out. Once the app has opened, try watching a video again to see if the YouTube TV lag has been resolved.

Close and Reopen YouTube
Close and Reopen YouTube


If YouTube TV continues to crash despite attempting the aforementioned steps, check to see if the device software is up to date.

In most cases, running a new app on an old firmware causes a slew of issues, including freezing and crashing.

The guide below will show you how to update the firmware on some of the most popular streaming devices, making it easier for you.

How to update the software on TV:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Select Support.
  • Select Software Update.
  • Choose Update Now.

How to update the software on Roku:

  • Press the Home button on your remote.
  • Scroll to select Settings.
  • Select System.
  • Select System update.

How to update the software on Fire Stick:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Select My Fire TV and go to About.
  • Select Check for System Update.


If the YouTube TV app keeps crashing on your device, consider uninstalling and reinstalling it.

You will be removing an old application that has accumulated corrupted data and is causing the app to crash in this manner. You will also have a new app with the most recent updates and features.


Cached data are temporary files that accumulate when you use the YouTube app. If YouTube TV frequently freezes, it means that the files are slowing down both your streaming device and the app.

Here’s what you should do if you’re using a mobile phone:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Locate the Apps list.
  • Tap on YouTube TV.
  • Find the option to clear the cache.
  • Restart your device, open YouTube TV, and try again after clearing the cache.

If you’re a Roku user, here’s what you need to know:

  • Select the Home Menu.
  • Press the Home button five times.
  • Press the UP button.
  • Click the Rewind button two times.
  • Press Fast Forward two times.

Wait at least 30 seconds after completing the preceding steps. The cache and other junk files on your Roku will be cleared.

It will then reboot and assist you in resolving the problem. This step is also useful if YouTube TV was freezing while playing ads.

YouTube TV Freezing: How to Fix
YouTube TV Freezing: How to Fix


When you sign up for YouTube TV, you must provide your home zip code. This is in addition to the location information provided by your device via location permissions.

The requirement is required to ensure that you have access to the appropriate local networks. If YouTube freezes, here’s how to enable location permissions.

If you’re using a computer, you should:

  • Open YouTube TV.
  • Select your profile picture.
  • Navigate to Settings.
  • Select Area.
  • Select Home area.
  • Click on Update.

In most cases, people encounter the problem when attempting to watch YouTube TV while traveling. To resolve the issue, you must update your current playback area.

  • Open the YouTube TV app on your TV.
  • Select your profile picture.
  • Navigate to Settings then select Area
  • Select Current Playback Area.
  • On your mobile device, go to

Allow the website to access the location of your device in order to update your current playback area. If you’re watching YouTube TV on a mobile device, you can also update your current playback area:

  • Open YouTube TV.
  • Select your profile picture.
  • Select Settings > Area.

Tap the Update button, which is located next to the Current Playback Area.

If the service is unable to identify your location, you must go to Allow the website to access your device’s location in that case.


If you’re using YouTube TV and the app keeps freezing, there are a few things you can try to fix. Change the picture quality, for example, to a lower setting and try again. Also, make sure your device is connected to the internet.

How to Fix It When YouTube Keeps Freezing
How to Fix It When YouTube Keeps Freezing

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the downside of YouTube TV?

The service’s main drawbacks are its high price and limited RSN coverage. You still have to deal with the annoyances of cable television, such as ads during live TV and potential streaming resolution limitations imposed by broadcast networks, as with any live TV service.

How many people can watch YouTube TV at once?

YouTube TV allows you to stream content to up to three devices at the same time, and your account can be shared with up to five family members. If you add the 4K Plus plan to your subscription ($19.99 extra per month), you’ll get unlimited streams over your home Wi-Fi.

Can you share a YouTube TV account?

If you have a YouTube TV membership, you can create a family group to share it with up to five people at no extra cost. When you form a family group, you take on the role of family manager. As the family manager, you have the ability to invite family members (13 and up) to join your family group.

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