Samsung TV Won’t Turn On: How To Troubleshoot? [7 Easy Fixes]

For some reason, most Samsung TVs eventually experience the same issue of simply not turning on. There are numerous cases of Samsung TV owners who claim to have experienced this issue – some claim to have been dealing with it for years!

Nothing beats getting ready for a fun movie night only to discover that your Samsung TV won’t turn on. What happened if it worked perfectly before and there was no indication of a problem? What, more importantly, should you do?

What To Do When TV Wont Turn On
What To Do When TV Wont Turn On?


The key to determining why your Samsung TV isn’t turning on is to narrow down the possibilities. There are three possible culprits directly related to the TV, and we’ll look at each one.

1. Problems With Power Cords

The first thing to look for is the most obvious – the power cord. It’s possible that the cord has been damaged, or that the outlet into which it’s plugged has been damaged. If the power cord appears to be in good condition, try plugging your TV into a different outlet to see what happens. If nothing happens, proceed to option number two.

2. Remote Control Issues – Your Samsung Remote May Not be the Only Issue

Most people don’t realize how complicated remote controls are in relation to televisions. We’ll get into more specifics about what to look for with your remote control down below. The first thing you should check is that your remote’s batteries aren’t dead. Replace them with new ones and try turning on the TV.

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3. There Could Be A Stuck Button On Your Remote

If you’ve already checked the batteries and performed the I/R operation suggested earlier, your remote control could be the culprit. One well-known issue is a stuck button on the remote. Examine each button on the remote to ensure it is free to operate.

A button that is stuck in the down position continuously sends a signal to the remote. This continuous signal has the potential to prevent other signals from being sent to the TV. A stuck button can also significantly reduce the life of the remote’s batteries.

Samsung TV Wont Turn On Instantly?
Samsung TV Wont Turn On Instantly?

4. Interference from Other Remote Controls

It is not uncommon to have more than one remote control for your Samsung TV. The variety of accessories available for a Samsung TV creates some complicated situations. Multiple devices are frequently connected to the same television. These are some examples:

  • Satellite or Cable control boxes with remotes
  • Home entertainment systems with remotes
  • Internet interface devices with remotes
  • Game boxes with remotes

These additional remote controls may, in many cases, control functions such as power, sound volume, and input selection. If any of these accessory remote controls malfunction, it may interfere with the operation of your Samsung TV.

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Samsung TV Won’t Turn On: How To Fix?


5. Black Screen Problems

If your TV’s indicator light indicates that it is turned on but the screen is black, you most likely have an issue with an external device. To see if the TV is turned on, lightly tap one of the screen’s corners with your finger.

If there is a visible blink on the screen, your TV is turned on; otherwise, the screen is black. You’ll need to check each of your external devices, which we’ll go over in detail shortly.


If your Samsung TV will not turn on, you must reset it. Unplug your television and wait 60 seconds. Press and hold the power button for 30 seconds while the TV is unplugged. After 60 seconds, reconnect your Samsung TV and it should work.

1. Unplug The Samsung TV From The Wall

While this may appear to be an obvious solution, unplugging your Samsung TV from the wall socket is the most common way to get it to turn back on. The key here is to wait the entire 60 seconds. Have some patience and wait at least a minute before plugging it back in.

Find and hold the power button on your Samsung TV for 30 seconds while it is unplugged. Check that you’re holding the power button on your TV, not the remote!

This helps to drain any remaining power in the TV and allows it to soft reset itself. This is not the same as simply turning the remote on and off! When you plug the TV back in after 60 seconds, it should power back up without a hitch.

While this fix should work in about 80% of cases, the remaining 20% may be a little more difficult. If you still can’t get your Samsung TV to turn on, try the solutions listed below.

2. Remove Batteries From Samsung Remote

If unplugging and replugging your TV did not resolve the issue, try removing the batteries from your remote. Make certain that both batteries are completely removed from the remote. After removing the batteries, hold down the power button on the remote for 30 seconds.

Repeat for a total of 30 seconds! Not ten seconds, but thirty! Replace the batteries in the remote and try to turn on the TV after the full 30 seconds have passed. It should be turned back on. You might want to put in a new set of batteries during this step just to be safe!

If either of the two steps above resolves your Samsung TV power issue but you encounter the same problem again a few days or weeks later, you should try factory resetting your TV for a more permanent solution.

How to Fix a Samsung TV that Wont Turn On
How to Fix a Samsung TV that Wont Turn On

3. Samsung TV Factory Reset

Click the Home button on your remote while the TV is turned on (hopefully, unplugging it or removing the remote batteries was able to temporarily power the TV).

Then navigate to Settings > General > Reset. Then enter your security PIN (“0000” if you’ve never set one before). Your television will turn off and on again before displaying the initial setup screen. This will essentially return your Samsung TV to the settings it had on the day you bought it. (If you have an older Samsung TV, the factory reset procedure may differ slightly from what is outlined above.)

4. Factory Reset Samsung TV Without Remote

If you don’t have access to your TV’s remote for whatever reason, you can still factory reset your Samsung TV. To do so, locate the power button on your television. Depending on the model, this may be located on the right, left, or very bottom of the device.

With the TV turned on, press the Menu button and then navigate to Settings > General > Reset. There are other options if you can’t find these buttons on your TV or if it’s mounted in a confined space.

To begin, consider plugging a USB keyboard into the back of your Samsung TV. You can then use the keyboard to navigate and reset your TV. If you have a Samsung Smart TV, you can also download the Samsung SmartThings app to your smartphone.

You can use your smartphone as a remote after connecting your TV to the app! Another option is to use a universal remote that you have lying around and enter the appropriate Samsung code for the remote to get it to work.

You should have resolved your power issues by this point, but in case you haven’t, I’ve included some additional steps worth trying before calling it quits.

5. Reset Power Cord In Back Of Samsung TV

Unplugging the power cord from the back of the TV is another simple potential solution to your power issue. Unplug it for about 60 seconds before plugging it back in.

Make sure the connection is snug when you plug it back in! You don’t want this to be loose at all – a tight connection is necessary to ensure that the TV receives consistent power. Reconnect the power cord and turn on the TV using the TV power button, not the remote! Hopefully, you’ll see the television come back to life.

6. Try A Different Power Outlet

While this is unlikely to be the cause, if you’ve had no luck up to this point, I would try plugging your Samsung TV into a different power outlet in your home. We don’t always notice when an outlet has a short or a blown fuse.

If you don’t want to lug your TV around, you could simply plug another smaller appliance into the outlet you’re attempting to use for your TV.

If you see that device turn on, you know that outlet is operational and that it is most likely not the source of your problem. Again, this is unlikely to be the cause, but it is a worthwhile troubleshooting step that should be eliminated as a suspect as soon as possible.

7. Backlight Is Broken

If nothing has worked up to this point, it is very possible that your Samsung TV’s backlight is broken. To test whether or not this is the case, turn on your TV and then bring a flashlight very close to the screen.

When you flash the light, look closely to see if there is any image on the screen. If you see a picture but it’s extremely faint, it’s most likely because your TV’s backlight has failed and needs to be replaced.

Samsung Smart TV wont turn on - Fix it Now
Samsung Smart TV wont turn on – Fix it Now


When it comes to power, Samsung TVs can be finicky. Try these fixes if your Samsung TV won’t turn on. If none of these fixes work, you should check your warranty to see if it is still valid; otherwise, you’ll have to buy a new TV.

Please let me know if this helped you fix your Samsung TV, and if you had success doing something else, please leave a comment below!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I force my Samsung TV to start?

Is it possible to restart my Samsung frame television if it will not turn on? To begin, unplug all of the television’s cables and press and hold the ‘Power’ button on the remote control for up to 10 seconds. After that, you must wait a few seconds before pressing the Power button again.

Why won’t my TV turn on but has power?

Try unplugging the television from the power outlet. Hold down the power button on the TV for about 30 seconds while it is unplugged. When the timer runs out, release the button and reconnect it to the power source. Restart the unit to see if you can see any imagery.

Why won’t my TV turn on but red light is on?

Because it’s not “off”: When you press the “off” button on your TV remote, it enters a low-power state known as “standby,” where it waits for you to press a button on the remote to wake it up — the red light is there to alert you to this.

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