How Fix YouTube Not Working On Samsung TV? [8 Easy Solutions]

Watching YouTube on a larger screen can enhance your viewing experience. You will not only have a better view, but you will also be able to sit on your couch with only the remote in your hand.

YouTube videos can be viewed on smart TVs by users. However, reports states ‘YouTube not working on Samsung TV’ from a lot of users.

An error is preventing you from smoothly navigating through the app’s videos.

There could be a number of reasons why your YouTube app isn’t working on your Samsung smart TV. It could be a bug in your smart TV system, or it could be a problem with your cache.

How To Fix YouTube on Samsung Smart TV?
How To Fix YouTube on Samsung Smart TV?


After receiving numerous reports from multiple users, we decided to investigate the issue and came up with a set of solutions that we implemented, causing the problem to go away for the majority of our users.

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In addition, we investigated the causes of this issue and have listed them below.

  • Cache: Applications use cache to reduce loading times and provide a more consistent experience. This is accomplished by storing specific launch configurations on the device’s storage, and the application uses these configurations to launch rather than forming new ones each time the app launches. However, these configurations can become corrupted over time, causing interference with important system features and applications, one of which is the YouTube app.
  • General bug: There have been numerous reports of the television being unable to properly launch certain apps. This problem is sometimes resolved by reloading the app while on the grey screen.
  • Licensing: In some cases, specific models of Samsung’s Smart TV lineup may not be licensed to run YouTube. First, ensure that your TV model is capable of and licensed to run YouTube.

We’ll get to the solutions now that you have a basic understanding of the nature of the problem. Make certain that you implement these solutions in the exact order that they are listed.

YouTube Won't Work on Samsung TV
YouTube Won’t Work on Samsung TV



If YouTube is not working on your Smart TV, try turning it off and on again, resetting your network, ensuring that your TV and other smart devices are connected to the same network, confirming that your smart TV supports YouTube, and signing out and back into the app, among other things.


If YouTube isn’t loading on your Samsung TV, it’s possible that the app needs to be deleted and reinstalled. To do so, go to ‘Apps,’ then ‘Settings,’ then ‘YouTube,’ and finally ‘Reinstall.’ Wait for the installation to finish, then check to see if the loading issue persists.


If YouTube is not working on your Samsung TV, one of the simplest and oftentimes most effective solutions is to simply power cycle your TV. Unplug your TV, router, and modem first. You will then wait one minute before plugging it back in and relaunching YouTube once it has been restarted.


If YouTube on your Samsung TV displays a black screen or does not display any video, resetting your network settings may help. To do so, launch the Smart Hub on your Samsung TV, then navigate to ‘Tools’ > ‘Settings’ > ‘Reset,’ and then check to see if the application is working properly again.


If the YouTube app on your Samsung TV is silent, check to see if the video has been unmuted within the application. If this is confirmed and there is still no sound, set the TV’s sound output to TV Speaker by going to ‘Home’ > ‘Settings’ > ‘Sound’ > ‘Sound Output.’

Fix Youtube TV Not Working on Samsung TV
Fix Youtube TV Not Working on Samsung TV


If YouTube is not displayed in full screen mode on your Samsung TV, you will need to use your mouse to change the image. Hover the mouse over the bottom right corner of the video, which should appear on your Samsung TV screen. To enter full-screen mode, click the gapped box that appears.


If the YouTube app on your Samsung TV says it isn’t supported or isn’t downloading, it’s possible that your TV model doesn’t support the app. If you have a Samsung TV model EH5300 or FH6200 that does not support the app, you will need to use YouTube in another way.


If the YouTube app on your Samsung TV has vanished, it is possible that your TV is no longer compatible with the application as a result of an update (such as the EH5300 and FH6200 models). If you own one of these devices, you’ll have to access YouTube through a different method.


Reset your network configuration. If you see a no signal or not loading screen, go to your tools, then settings, and select reset my network. This is sometimes an issue if you have a lot of apps running at the same time. To improve your device’s connectivity and performance, network settings must be updated. This step can improve your TV’s performance and keep it running smoothly.

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How To Fix YouTube Not Working On Samsung TV?


Samsung TV is an excellent choice for watching all of your favorite apps, including YouTube, on a larger screen. Today, there are millions of videos and movies to watch, and you want to watch them on the best device possible.

Samsung provides a plethora of features to make watching TV the most enjoyable experience possible.

  • Color tones that adjust to produce a stunning image with a wide range of contrast.
  • Improved 4K performance that enhances your gaming experience.
  • Dynamic sound that moves in sync with the action on the screen.
  • The detailed picture clarity is unrivaled by any other TV.
  • An anti-glare screen that puts you in the thick of the action. This is by far the most popular feature among sports fans.
  • With a Samsung TV, you can enjoy bright, compelling, and live theater action while watching movies, sitcoms, and, of course, your favorite YouTube channels.

Samsung is one of the best-selling brands on the market today due to its high quality and dependability.

How to Install YouTube on Samsung Smart TV
How to Install YouTube on Samsung Smart TV


Samsung TV customers adore all of the features that come standard with their models and are constantly on the lookout for new ones to be added. As with any new technology, there will be some quirks to get used to, but they are easily avoided and can be fixed with minimal effort.

Remember to check your TV settings from time to time to ensure they are set to the desired options. They occasionally turn on or off for no apparent reason, and it only takes a minute to turn them back on.

Samsung TV is simple to use and performs admirably, and it will remain one of the best electronic devices for many years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I refresh YouTube on my Samsung TV?

To do so, go to settings > apps settings > find and open YouTube > uninstall latest updates > force stop YouTube app (wait 2 minutes) > and reopen YouTube app. = problem solved!

Why has YouTube stopped working on my TV?

Problems with video streaming are frequently caused by network conditions or your internet connection. Close the YouTube app, then reopen it and try again. Perform network diagnostics on your TV if you’re having trouble connecting to the internet.

Why does YouTube keep crashing on my Samsung TV?

If YouTube freezes or crashes on your smart TV, turn it off and on again, check your network connection and internet speed, install a software update for your TV, or delete and reinstall the application.

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