What Channel Is CBS On Roku Live TV? – (Answered!)

CBS All Access is a streaming service that offers an on-demand library as well as the ability to watch live shows. So how to stream CBS on Roku Live TV? We got you covered. Read the whole article to for you to figure out your concern.

CBS All Access subscribers can access the service through mobile apps and streaming media players such as Roku. Roku offers a variety of streaming devices for people to use to watch their favorite streaming services on their TV, ranging from set-top boxes and streaming sticks to media hubs and smart TVs.

Roku devices include a remote control that allows users to manage playback options on their television. The CBS All Access streaming app debuted in 2014, allowing subscribers to access live news and sports coverage as well as an on-demand library.

What Channel Is CBS On Roku Live TV?
What Channel Is CBS On Roku Live TV?


It takes only a few minutes to download CBS All Access onto a Roku device. The user must first create a CBS All Access account and have a Roku device that is registered, set up, connected to a Wi-Fi network, and plugged into their television.

To begin streaming CBS All Access on Roku, follow these five steps.

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  1. Users who have not previously subscribed to CBS All Access must do so by visiting the CBS website in a web browser. Click the Try CBS All Access button in the top right corner of the homepage, or scroll down to the Try It Free button. Click the Continue button, then select either the Limited Commercials or Commercial Free plans, and then decide whether to pay annually or monthly. Click the Continue button once more, then begin the account creation process by entering information such as your birthdate, email, full name, gender, password, and zip code. Continue to the payment details screen, where you can enter your credit card or PayPal information. Select the Start CBS All Access button on the right of the page to start the 7-day free trial.
  1. By pressing the Home button on the Roku remote control, you can turn on both the Roku device and the TV set.
  1. Navigate to the Search tab on the Roku main menu with the remote control, then type in “CBS All Access.” The CBS All Access app will appear; select it with the OK button on the remote control, then hit the Add Channel option. CBS All Access will automatically begin downloading. Alternatively, from the Roku main menu, navigate to the Streaming Channels tab, open the Movies & TV category, find and select CBS All Access, and then select Add Channel.
  1. When the download is finished, the CBS All Access app will appear on the Roku device’s home screen. Navigate to the CBS All Access app with the remote control, then press the OK button to open the app.
  1. Sign in to the CBS All Access app using the Roku remote control and the login credentials you created in Step 1. This will complete the sign-in process and allow the user to stream CBS All Access content live and on-demand on their Roku device.


CBS All Access is not available on legacy Roku device models that have not been updated to the most recent Roku operating system. These are the models:

  • Roku 1 and Roku SE (2710X)
  • Roku 2 (2720X)
  • Roku 2 HD (3000X)
  • Roku 2 XD (3050X)
  • Roku 2 XS (3100X)
  • Roku DVP (N1000)
  • Roku HD (N1100)
  • Roku HD-XR (N1101)
  • Roku HD (2000C and 2500X)
  • Roku LT (2400X, 2450X, and 2700X)
  • Roku SD (N1050)
  • Roku Streaming Stick (3400X and 3420X)
  • Roku XD (2050X, 2050N, 2100N, and 2100X)

Alternative Video: Stream CBS On Roku For Free

Alternative Video: Stream CBS On Roku For Free


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CBS All Access subscribers can access the service through the Roku family of devices, which includes the Roku Express and Roku Express+, the Roku Premiere and Roku Premiere+, Roku smart TVs, the Roku Smart Soundbar, the Roku Streaming Stick+, the Roku Ultra, and the Roku Ultra LT.

CBS All Access is available on a variety of devices in addition to Roku. This includes viewing it in web browsers on desktops and laptops, as well as developing apps for gaming consoles, mobile phones, popular streaming media players, and tablets.

Subscribers to CBS All Access can add an unlimited number of devices to their account, but they are limited to watching on three devices at the same time.

CBS All Access-compatible devices include:

  • Streaming devices powered by Amazon Fire TV
  • Smartphones and tablets based on Android
  • Phones and tablets from Apple, including the iPad and iPhone
  • Streaming Apple TV devices
  • Chromecast casting devices from Google
  • Smart TVs from LG, Samsung, and VIZIO
  • PlayStation 4 video game console
  • Roku streaming media players
  • Computer and laptop web browsers
  • Gaming consoles Xbox One and Xbox Series X


CBS is linked to a plethora of Roku apps. However, you only need to be concerned with CBS, CBS Sports Stream & Watch Live, and CBS News. CBS is a free app that allows you to watch a curated selection of CBS shows.

The available shows and episodes change on a regular basis, so don’t expect anything you find to be permanent. If you have cable, you can also log in to your cable provider’s website to access additional content and watch live TV from your local CBS station.

Another free app is CBS Sports Stream & Watch Live, which allows you to watch live sporting events and shows from CBS, CBS Sports Network, and Paramount Plus. This includes NFL, NCAA Basketball, PGA Championship, and other games.

Some content is free, but some shows and programs require a cable subscription. Finally, CBS News allows you to watch live CBS news programs without requiring an account or a cable subscription.

It broadcasts 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and includes global and local news, as well as entertainment and sports coverage. You can watch CBS with any of these apps. Simply search for “CBS” in the Search or Streaming Channels sections of your Roku’s homepage.

Stream CBS On Roku TV
Stream CBS On Roku TV


You could watch all of CBS’ new shows on the CBS All Access app a few years ago. But that app is no longer available; it has been replaced by the Paramount Plus app. All of the CBS originals that were previously available on the All Access app (such as “The Good Fight” and “Star Trek: Discovery”) are now available on Paramount Plus.

Fortunately, you can get Paramount Plus for free, just like any other app. Please keep in mind that you will need to sign up for a Paramount Plus account separately.

Look for “Paramount” in the Search or Streaming Channels sections of your Roku’s homepage. Once Paramount Plus appears in the search results, select it and then click Add channel.


CBS content is also available through live TV subscription packages such as Hulu + Live TV and Sling TV. YouTube TV and Netflix both allow you to watch nearly every channel available with a basic cable package, including CBS.

Hulu and YouTube each have their own Roku apps, which you can find and download in the same way as the others. Check out our longer articles on YouTube TV and Hulu + Live TV for more information.


Unfortunately, Roku’s streaming media players do not allow users to download content. CBS All Access Commercial Free plan subscribers, on the other hand, can add their mobile device to their account using the unlimited device registration feature.

This allows them to download movies and TV shows from the CBS All Access on-demand library to their mobile device and watch them later.

A maximum of 25 videos can be downloaded onto a user’s device at any given time. Users who want to download content should look into services like Netflix ($8.99/month) and Hulu ($5.99/month).

How To Watch CBS On Roku TV Live?
How To Watch CBS On Roku TV Live?


CBS All Access is an excellent streaming service for fans of the network’s original programming. In addition to CBS content, it offers access to Hollywood hits and other popular shows from its 479 movie and 376 TV show library.

CBS All Access coverage is available on Roku via the Roku app. Users must use their CBS All Access credentials to log in. Users have two subscription options with the service. The ad-supported Limited Commercials plan is $5.99 per month. or $59.99 per year.

In addition, the Commercials Free option costs $9.99 per month. or $99.99 per year CBS All Access offers a 7-day free trial for new customers to try the service before committing to a paid plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is CBS on the Roku channel?

You can watch CBS on Roku by using the official CBS apps, Paramount Plus, or a live TV app. The CBS Roku apps provide some content for free, but you may need to connect a cable account to access all of it.

How can I watch local CBS on Roku?

If you already have a subscription to a live TV app, there’s a good chance you can use it to watch local TV on your Roku device. CBS All Access streams local CBS stations in over 200 markets, and all of these Roku apps stream local channels.

Is CBS a free channel?

Over-the-Air (OTA) TV allows you to watch CBS for free if you have a good TV antenna. This means you don’t need a Streaming or Cable TV subscription to watch this channel.

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