Compare Comcast XG2v2-P DVR vs Non-DVR [Quick Comparison]

Have you ever considered purchasing a TV box that can provide you with on-demand high-quality video that you can watch whenever you want? If you answered yes, you may have been living a fantastic life on your couch in front of your television.

When you can watch on-demand videos on your TV box, it’s the most satisfying thing. So, in order for you to get your hands on the best possible TV box, we have created a review that will inform you about one of the best products of Xfinity Comcast TV boxes.

The draft will teach you everything you need to know about the Comcast xg2v2-p. If you continue reading, you will learn about some of the best features of this TV box.

Comcast XG2v2-P: DVR vs Non-DVR
Comcast XG2v2-P: DVR vs Non-DVR


The Comcast xg2v2-p is an Xfinity corporation’s TV box that provides on-demand video with no problems. This TV set is intended to allow you to watch your favorite movies whenever and wherever you want.

The Comcast xg2v2-p offers on-demand videos and allows you to connect your Android and iOS devices to the TV. It allows you to watch videos on both your TV and your mobile device. You can also use your mobile phone as a remote control for your Comcast xg2v2-p.

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It provides you with an online app that will assist you in converting your ordinary mobile phone into a Comcast xg2v2-p remote control so that you can navigate everything properly and efficiently.


If you have multiple TVs and need high-quality streaming on all of them, the Comcast XG2v2-P is the way to go. The Comcast XG2v2-P allows you to stream to four TVs at the same time. This number, however, can be increased with the assistance of a technician.

Comcast XG2v2-P: DVR vs Non-DVR Comparison
Comcast XG2v2-P: DVR vs Non-DVR Comparison


If you want to connect all of your home TVs at once while using the Comcast xg2v2-p, you must use at least four TVs at the same time. However, with the assistance of a technician, the number of TVs can be increased.

However, if you plan on using four TVs at the same time, this TV box can help you stream on all four of them.

So, if you were disturbed by the number of TVs in your home and your TV box’s inability to provide quality streaming on all of them, the Comcast xg2v2-p is the best thing that you should bet on.

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Difference Between DVR and NVR



The DVR version of the Comcast XG2v2-P, like any other product, has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. The Xfinity X1 DVR box integrates well with various streaming apps such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and YouTube.

Xfinity also includes an iPhone Xfinity Stream app for streaming video content to your mobile devices. You can also watch Xfinity Stream on your Apple TV by using the Comcast Workaround.

While Comcast recently increased the X1 DVR storage hours from 50 to 120, it is still on the low side when compared to other DVR models on the market. Another disadvantage of the Comcast xg2v2-p is its lack of 4K content support.

Xfinity also charges extra for HD content and requires a constant internet connection to access DVR content, so you must combine your DVR subscription with Xfinity’s high-speed internet package.

Comcast Streaming
Comcast Streaming


If you want to use Xfinity’s DVR service, you’ll have to pay a variety of fees, which can add up quickly. To begin, your X1 DVR box costs $5 per month, with an additional $10 per month for each additional TV box.

A monthly fee of $10 is charged for access to high-definition video content via HD technology. Finally, in order to use the DVR service, you must pay a monthly DVR fee of $10.

In addition to these subscriptions, you must pay for your monthly TV package subscription and your internet subscription, which can be quite costly. However, Xfinity’s premium pricing is justified by the various features that it offers that are not available with other DVR boxes.


Yes, you can upgrade to the DVR version, but you’ll need to upgrade your equipment and subscription as well. If you rented your TV box, you can order new equipment by going to Xfinity’s Equipment Update page and following the on-screen prompts.

You can also place an order and schedule a professional installation by contacting Xfinity Support directly. If you already have a TV box, you can exchange it for a new one at any Xfinity Store or Comcast Service Center.


Compare Comcast XG2v2-P DVR vs Non-DVR
Compare Comcast XG2v2-P DVR vs Non-DVR

There is a lot of disagreement about which model of Comcast TV box you should get. Whether you choose the DVR or the Non-DVR, we will address all of your concerns about DVR and Non-DVR boxes in the draft.

Some of the significant differences to be noted when purchasing the Comcast xg2v2-p are the DVR and Non-DVR boxes.

The recording is done using the DVR boxes, regardless of the type, and the Non-DVR boxes are not usually used for recording purposes. They can’t schedule recordings and playback previously recorded content, but the Non-DVR box will not assist you in recording the content.

If you are unaware, the X1 DVR can connect to the Comcast network. It will allow you to record live content and rewind or even pause live video streaming to watch it later. It could be one of the best things you could get with a TV box.

The Non-DVR box does not support recording while playing live content, and you will not enjoy it as much as the DVR box.

Access to various applications is also dependent on the box that you own. If you get the Comcast xg2v2-p box, make a wise choice for your TV box. It will assist you in having fun while watching your favorite video content.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a XG2v2-P?

The Comcast XG2v2-P is an Xfinity TV box that allows you to watch on-demand video whenever and wherever you want. The Comcast XG2v2-P connects your Android or iOS devices to your TV, allowing you to stream video on both your mobile devices and your TV.

What is Xfinity Xi6?

The X1 Wireless TV Boxes (Xi5 and Xi6) enable you to watch live TV over your Xfinity network without the need for a coaxial cable connection. X1 Wireless TV Boxes have the same functionality as other non-DVR X1 devices, aside from the ability to watch TV over an in-home connection.

How do I know if my Comcast box is 4K?

The best way to find out if you can watch in 4K is to use the Xfinity Voice Remote to say “Device Settings” and then select Video Display. Three icons will appear across the top of that page, indicating the presence of 4K capability in both the TV Box and the TV.

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