CenturyLink Modem Return Ultimate Guide [8 Easy Steps]

CenturyLink provides its customers with dependable services. It is rightfully regarded as one of the top telecommunications service providers in the United States. CenturyLink not only offers the best services, but also the best customer service.

The customer must understand that they are not just another customer number to the company, but that their needs and requirements are met throughout their relationship with the company.

Customers may, however, choose to end their relationship with the company for a variety of reasons. CenturyLink also makes it simple for such customers to cancel their services and return their equipment.

Centurylink Return Modem Ultimate Guide
Centurylink Return Modem Ultimate Guide

To get started, contact support and submit a return request. It is critical to ensure that the modem is in good working order.

The equipment should then be carefully packed and shipped to the company’s address within 30 days of the request being made. If you take longer than 30 days to return, you may be fined up to $200.

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You must ensure that the reason for the return is covered by the company’s terms and conditions. All you have to do is act quickly. Here’s a quick rundown of the conditions that your equipment must meet in order to be eligible for the return.

  • It must be a leased modem
  • Your service must be closed within 30 days
  • The equipment must be in good condition


The most common reason for a Centurylink return is a faulty or unserviceable modem. When you plan to return the equipment to Centurylink, it is obvious that you will encounter some difficulties. The issues that users face differ.

Nonetheless, the following are the majority of the major issues that result in Centurylink device returns:

  • No internet Light on the equipment
  • All lights on but no internet
  • Internet not working
  • Internet keeps disconnecting and reconnecting
  • Very low speed of Internet
  • Wi-Fi not working

If you are experiencing any of the issues listed above, you should first contact their support team. If the support team is unable to repair the device, you may request a replacement. Furthermore, if you intend to switch Internet providers permanently, request a credit refund and send the equipment as soon as possible.

Centurylink Return Modem
Centurylink Return Modem


  • TV Box: Any unopened Apple TV device can be returned to a Centurylink authorized store within 30 days of purchase. To be eligible for a return, you must have the original receipt or a copy of the order confirmation email, and the device must be unopened and in the same condition that you received it.
  • Modem: Unused modems can be returned within 30 days of purchase. To be eligible for a return, the purchaser must provide an authentic receipt as well as a copy of the order confirmation email. In addition to the return policy, the purchaser must return the machine in the same condition in which it was received.
  • Controller: Disconnect any controllers you want to return to the company and carefully place them in a box of your choice, including all remotes and power cords. To be eligible for a return, you must provide a unique copy of the receipt or a replica of the order confirmation email. The device must be in the same condition as when it was delivered to the customer.
  • Cable: In order to successfully return your cable and receive a replacement or credit, you must pack the return box with the cable provided by Centurylink.

Follow these Ups packaging guidelines and procedures to ensure that your package arrives safely:

  1. Use a rigid box with intact flaps.
  2. All markings and previous shipping labels on the outside of the box should be removed or covered.
  3. Use enough cushioning material to keep the equipment in place and well padded.
  4. Use shipping tape that is strong and long-lasting.


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If you need to return a modem to Centurylink, make sure to follow the packing and shipping guidelines outlined below to ensure that your shipment is processed correctly and that you are not charged for an unreturned modem.

The return label is very important when returning the modem. The label ensures that the package is delivered to the correct address. When it comes to printing the return label, you have three options:

How To Return Centurylink Modem
How To Return Centurylink Modem

Option 1: Print the Return Label

  • Click here: https://row.ups.com/GuestAccess/Guest/Entry?Company=3e2a94bb-3bb2-489f-9900-1256bb6a5163
  • Enter your credentials
  • Get the return label
  • Email its PDF version to yourself
  • Get it printed
  • Stick it to your package

Option 2: Request a QR Code

  • You can also obtain a digital QR code online and bring it to the UPS store with your packaged modem. The store representative will scan the code, print the return label, adhere it to your package, and ship it for you.

Option 3: Send the Return Label by Mail

  • You don’t have a printer and don’t want to go to a UPS store to have the label printed? Don’t be concerned. Simply request that the printed label be mailed to your home address via US mail. Keep in mind that requesting the Centurylink modem return label may take up to two weeks.

Do you wish to complete the CenturyLink return modem request in person? You’ve got good news! This can be accomplished by physically going to one of the stores. You can’t just walk into your nearest store at random.

First, contact support and inform them that you intend to return the equipment to the nearest store. The staff will direct you as to where and how to deposit the equipment.


If you prefer to ship the package rather than visiting one of the Centurylink modem return locations, here is some advice. To avoid charges, make sure your package arrives safely at its destination. Consider the following packages and shipping instructions:

1. Pack All Wireless Accessories

  • You must pack all of the cords that came with your equipment in addition to the modem. All cables and the adapter are included.

2. Get a Sturdy Box

  • After you’ve gathered all of the necessary items, select a sturdy box. Get a new box if possible, but there’s no harm in packing the modem in the box it came in (if you still have it preserved). Just make sure to get rid of the old label. Don’t forget to include the appropriate cushioning material to ensure the modem is well-padded.

3. Tape It Well

  • It’s time to close the box and tape it nicely.

4. Attach the Label

  • Attach the Centurylink modem return label to the outside of the box. Transparent tape should be used to cover the label.

5. Drop the Box

  • Drop the box off at any authorized UPS shipping location near your house.
Centurylink Return Modem Easy Guide
Centurylink Return Modem Easy Guide


It’s critical to keep track of the modem, whether you choose to drop it off at one of the Centurylink modem return locations or ship it. After all, it is the subscriber’s responsibility to ensure that the modem arrives at the provider in good condition.

During transit, anything can happen. The subscriber suffers in any case because they are the ones who must pay the penalty. Keep a copy of the CenturyLink return modem with you at all times.

Take a few pictures and make a video as proof before sending the modem and cables. You never know when this evidence will be useful! The process of returning the equipment is also simple as long as you follow the instructions to the letter, just like with Cox bill pay.

When you agreed to cancel the company’s carrier, you agreed to return the leased device. It is in accordance with the service contract you signed with the company. Non-recurrence of the device may result in a fine and an additional bill.

As a result, if you are using a leased device, it is always preferable to return the equipment to avoid future complications. However, in some cases, the agency may wish to reclaim the machine.

This could also be due to the tools’ age or a major flaw. In that case, you can recycle your device at any nearby recycling center. Customers will be responsible for any fees incurred by Centurylink in retrieving the equipment.

Centurylink’s failure to remove the equipment does not imply that Centurylink abandoned the equipment.

Centurylink may levy a charge for unreturned tools based on the Company’s then-current schedule of charges for non-returned tools, and may also continue to charge the purchaser a monthly carrier fee until any final gear is returned, accumulated by Centurylink, or completely paid for by the customer. Any costs incurred as a result of unreturned tools are due immediately.

When you cancel your service with the company, make sure you return the equipment as soon as possible. Delays in the shipment of the device may result in additional bills.

According to the organization’s timelines, you must return the equipment to them within 14 days of cancellation. When the company receives your returned device, it will inspect it for any damage.

If everything goes well, you will be reimbursed within 1-2 business days of receiving the equipment. So, keep this timeline in mind and proceed with your cancellation request accordingly.

Centurylink Return Equipment: Dead-Simple Guide
Centurylink Return Equipment: Dead-Simple Guide


I hope you’ve learned enough about the Centurylink equipment return process after reading this article on Centurylink return equipment.

If you intend to return equipment to Centurylink, we recommend that you double-check the information and send the device within 30 days if you want a free replacement. Otherwise, you will be required to pay an additional fee for new equipment and may be required to pay the monthly rent for a defective item.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I cancel My CenturyLink router?

Sign in to My CenturyLink, and if you are eligible to cancel online, a green “Disconnect Service” button will appear on the My Home screen. Please call or chat to cancel for all other customers. Call 800-201-4099 between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m., Monday through Friday, to cancel services or close your CenturyLink account.

Does CenturyLink refund?

You can get a refund for a purchased modem if you cancel service within 30 days of starting new service. The modem must be new and in working order, and we must receive it within 30 days of the date you cancel service.

Is CenturyLink a good Internet provider?

It is, however, one of the best options if you live in a rural area, ranking second in our Best ISPs for Rural Areas of 2022 rating and first in Best DSL Internet Provider. If you’re looking for a fiber provider, it’s number one. CenturyLink provides internet access via DSL (digital subscriber line) as well as fiber optics.

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