What Channel Is NBC Sports On Spectrum? (Detailed Guide)

Do you want to know what channel is NBC Sports on Spectrum? Look no further because this article contains everything you’re looking for and more. The truth is that most of us have hectic schedules that require us to spend the entire day at work.

You will discover that there is insufficient time to relax and enjoy the activities you enjoy. So, how do you deal with being a sports fanatic who wants to see all of the exciting action? The simplest method is to turn on your television and tune in to one of the action-packed sports channels.

But first, you’ll need a cable subscription from a reputable provider. NBC Sports on Spectrum is one of the best ways to watch exciting sports at any time of day.

What Channel is NBC on Spectrum?
What Channel is NBC on Spectrum?


The channel, which debuted in 1995 as an OLN or Outdoor Life Network, is dedicated to broadcasting programs about hunting, fishing, outdoor activity, and outdoor recreation. When we arrived in the twenty-first century, OLN was thought to have provided a broader coverage of the Tour de France.

Later on, other major sporting events were covered, which helped it relaunch as Versus in 2006. Following Comcast’s acquisition of the majority stake in NBC Universal in 2011, the activities of all NBC networks were merged.

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They wished to align the activities of their sports networks with those of NBC’s entertainment division. Versus was rebranded in 2012.


NBCSN is an American pay television sports channel owned by NBCUniversal’s NBC Sports Group. Outdoor Life Network (OLN) was the original name for NBCSN, which debuted in 1995.

OLN was famous for providing extensive coverage of the Tour de France back in the day, and the channel’s programming was primarily based on outdoor sports and adventure programs. However, by the turn of the twenty-first century, NBCSN had begun to cover more mainstream sports events and was eventually relaunched as Versus in 2006.

Versus was revamped and reintroduced as NBC Sports Network (NBCSN) in 2011 with the intention of offering an array of action-packed sports programming—exclusively dedicated to passionate sports fans.

NBCSN on Spectrum is one of the most-watched sports networks today, with 83 million households in the United States having access to it. It’s fortunate for you that it’s available on Spectrum TV!

Whether you enjoy watching the NFL, NBA, soccer, NASCAR, or another exciting sport, NBCSN on Spectrum is a one-stop sports destination for all sports fans who want to enjoy real-time, high-octane action.

Watch NBC Sports On Spectrum
Watch NBC Sports On Spectrum


Spectrum ensures that this fantastic channel can be broadcast in high definition in the majority of states. You can binge-watch incredible sports action if you subscribe to one of Spectrum TV’s packages.

NBC Sports Network works hard to keep sports ninjas happy. As a result, you can be confident that the channel will broadcast the majority of live games and sports. The availability of NBC Sports on Spectrum will vary depending on where you live.

The channel numbers may vary depending on the city or state. Don’t worry if you can’t find NBC Sports on Spectrum. We have a simple solution. You must open a browser and type in what channel NBC Sports Network is on Spectrum in (name your city).

The solution will most likely appear near the top of the search results page. In most states, NBCSN can be found on channel 54 in Standard Definition. NBC Sports, on the other hand, can be found on channel 206 if you want to watch in high definition.

If NBCSN isn’t on the above-mentioned channel numbers, it’s possible that your city has a different number. The table below will assist you in determining what channel number NBC Sports Network is on Spectrum.

City/StateChannel No.
Albertville, AL37
Albany, NY44
Grand Island, NE29
Carson City, NV31
Clarksburg, WV61
Cheyene, WY96
Austin, TX74
Alcoa, TN92
Columbia, SC29
Charlotte, NC70
Bergene Co, NJ314
Greenvile, MI42
Worcester, MA40
St. Louis, MO54
Richlands, VA150
Lexington, KY54
Billings, MT96
Bangor, MN63


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Spectrum currently has a nationwide footprint etched across 40 states. If you’ve signed up for one of the incredible Spectrum Bundles or a jaw-dropping Spectrum TV package in the hopes of binge-watching smashing sports action that will satisfy your inner sports ninja, today is your lucky day!

The availability of NBCSN varies depending on your location. The city-wide table below will assist you in locating NBCSN on Spectrum TV; however, if your city is not listed, open your browser and type “What channel is NBCSN on Spectrum in (your city name)?” “That’s all there is to it.”

In a flash, the answer to your question will most likely appear at the top of the first search results page. If you can’t find it, call 855-423-0918 or go to the Channel Lineup page.


You don’t have to sift through the entire Spectrum channel lineup to find the NBCSN channel number on your Spectrum bundle.

In most states, standard definition is available on channel 54. However, if you want high-definition streaming, go to channel 206. If you don’t see NBCSN on any of these channels, it’s because your state has a different channel number.

NBS Channel On Spectrum TV
NBS Channel On Spectrum TV


NBC Sports Network is a sports fan’s dream and the best place to watch live action. If you’re stumped as to what to watch on NBC Sports, consider the following promising shows.

1. Dan Patrick’s Show

The Dan Patrick Show, which first aired in 1999, is still one of the network’s most popular talk shows. Dan Patrick, a veteran sports host, is featured. Patrick invites celebrities and stars from the entertainment and sports industries to the show. They focus the show on discussions and interviews on a variety of topics.

2. NASCAR America

If you’re a NASCAR fan, you’re in for a good time. NASCAR America on NBC Sports provides coverage of the most recent weekday news, in-depth analysis, sports series, and much more. Each episode contains something exciting, such as insightful debates, highlights, and entertaining guests.

3. NBC broadcasts Notre Dame football.

This show, which debuted in 1991, is a stunning depiction of college football. It features the well-known Notre Dame Fighting Irish, who are self-produced by NBCSN.

4. College Football on NBC

This is the best place to watch all NCAA Division I and FBS Division I College Football games. These are games that you will rarely see on other sports channels.

5. The NHL airs on NBC

It is a presentation of NHL or National Hockey League games produced by NBC Sports that first aired in 1940. The following gaming events will be broadcast on NBC during the regular season:

  • The NHL Winter Classic is an annual outdoor game held on New Year’s Day.
  • Every Sunday afternoon, a national weekly season game is played. It will take place after New Year’s Day.
  • On the day following Thanksgiving, there will be a nationally televised gaming event.
  • A week of regionally televised contests in February for Hockey Weekend across the country.

In addition, 90 regular season games are included in the regular coverage. They are broadcast throughout the week. The NHL on NBC has been awarded a Sports Emmy for Outstanding Sports Promotional Announcement. NHL on NBC is one of the reasons why cable TV providers make certain that the channel is broadcasted.

6. Pro Football Talk Live

Mike Florio hosts Pro Football Talk Live, where he conducts interviews with top players. The show also includes interviews and discussions based on breaking news.


If you think NBCSN is the only option for exciting Spectrum TV sports and movies, you’re mistaken! Spectrum TV offers services for a variety of sports networks, including NFL Network, MLB Network, ESPNEWS, and others.

For just $5, you can add the Spectrum Sports Pack to your TV package and get 11 more sports channels. If you don’t already have a Spectrum connection, contact the 24/7 Spectrum customer service without delay if you’ve decided to ditch that dreary cable service.

Shows To Watch On NBC Sports
Shows To Watch On NBC Sports

CONCLUSION: NBC Sports On Spectrum

The NBC Sports channel on Spectrum may be the best thing that has ever happened to you, especially if you are a sports fanatic. It is the channel that broadcasts the best of American sports. If you can’t find NBC Sports on the Spectrum channel lineup, you can easily find what you need by using the table above.

FAQs for Spectrum NBC Sports

How do I watch NBC sports channel?

You can watch NBC Sports content on USA Network with Roku by using one of the following streaming services: fuboTV, Hulu With Live TV, Sling TV, DirecTV Stream, or YouTube TV, or Peacock. Add the appropriate Roku Channel Store channel and enjoy.

Is it true that Spectrum got rid of NBC?

True, we no longer have NBCSN because there is no such thing as NBCSN. However, the programs will be moved to other NBC networks, so nothing will be lost.

How can I watch NBC football?

Log in to NBCSports.com or the NBC Sports app for iOS or Android using your television provider’s username and password. Every Sunday Night Football game will also be streamed live on Peacock by NBC. NBC is also included in most packages of streaming services such as fuboTV, Sling TV, and others.

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