Wistron Neweb Corporation Device On My Wi-Fi [Explained]

Wistron Neweb Corporation Device on my network. Some people don’t even look at or think about the device connected to their network.

This is due to their inability to detect an unauthorized device connected to their network. This may be fine until you come across a name you don’t recognize on your network.

Then you wonder, “Why is there an unknown device on my network?” The first thought that comes to mind is a security breach. Here are some things you should know if you see Wistron Neweb Corporation as one of your connected devices.

Wistron Neweb Corporation Device On My Wi-Fi: Explained
Wistron Neweb Corporation Device On My Wi-Fi: Explained

Troubleshooting: Issues on Wistron Neweb Corporation Device

What is Wistron Neweb Corporation?Wistron Neweb Corporation is a Taiwanese contract manufacturer that produces a variety of electronic devices, including routers.
Why is Wistron Neweb Corporation showing up on my Wi-Fi?There are a few reasons why Wistron Neweb Corporation might be showing up on your Wi-Fi. It could be:
* A device that you own is made by Wistron Neweb Corporation.
* A neighbor’s device is made by Wistron Neweb Corporation and is connected to your Wi-Fi network.
* A malicious device is using the name of Wistron Neweb Corporation to try to connect to your Wi-Fi network.


Every Wi-Fi-enabled device includes a Wi-Fi module that allows it to communicate with your router and join its network to access the internet and communicate with other devices on your network.

All Wi-Fi modules have identifiers that tell the router what device is connecting to it and allow you to determine whether or not the device is connected easily.

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Typically, these modules should identify themselves as the product and bear the name of the product in which they are found. However, not all software is error-free, and some may have been improperly configured, resulting in the device identifying itself as a “Wistron Neweb Corporation device.”

You’ll notice this device because either its Wi-Fi module or software was faulty, or the module was improperly programmed. The answer to why they have this name is quite simple.

The device is known as the “Wistron Neweb Corporation device” because it was created by the Taiwanese communications equipment giant Wistron NeWeb.


Wistron NeWeb is a Taiwan-based leading product design and manufacturing company that manufactures and designs RF antennas, related software and hardware, product testing, and more.

You may not have heard of this company because they do not sell their products to the general public. Their clients are other businesses for whom they design and manufacture communication equipment.

They manufacture Wi-Fi modules for brands such as Lenovo and other smart home brands, so encountering a Wi-Fi module manufactured by them is fairly common. Naturally, when unidentified devices connect to a network, there is a question of trustworthiness, even if the device is from a multimillion-dollar corporation.

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Who Is On My Wi-Fi?



You should not be concerned if you notice this. Even better, you can narrow down the devices to test by focusing on specific devices that you know are manufactured by Wistron Neweb Corporation.

Even if you recognize the device by a different name, it may use a Wi-Fi segment from Wistron Neweb Corporation’s portfolio of projects. Typically, they produce unusual appliances but soon move toward a smart perspective. Among them is a Smart Fridge, among other things.

In the coming years, the devices will be anything you can easily check, even if they are from unpopular brands. They must have contracted Wistron Neweb Corporation to produce a portion of these devices, offering internet compatibility.

It will now be easier to narrow down your search due to this. Your search will be narrowed down as a result, and you will be able to reach the correct conclusion. From here, it will be easier to identify the device listed as Wistron Neweb Corporation on the connected devices page.


Wistron Neweb Corporation Device On My Wi-Fi
Wistron Neweb Corporation Device On My Wi-Fi

Even if a Wistron NeWeb Corporation device is harmless, other malicious devices can connect to your Wi-Fi network. They will not be named anything obvious or out of the ordinary, as a Wistron device would be, but will disguise themselves as a device you already own.

You can do a few things to protect yourself from real threats like these. Never use WPS mode on your router; if you do, stop using it, connect your devices manually, and enter the password.

Although WPS is very convenient, it has a significant security flaw that allows an attacker to gain control of your home Wi-Fi network.

Set your Wi-Fi security to WPA2 PSK, the most recent generation of Wi-Fi security, which encrypts your password using bank-grade security protocols. Check your router’s manual for instructions. It should be turned on by default, but double-check.


Log in to a Wistron NeWeb Router and go to the setup page. The Wistron NeWeb router web interface serves as the router’s control panel. This is where settings and changes of any kind, including savings, can be made.

However, before making any changes, you must first access the Wistron NeWeb router’s login page. The instructions below will assist you in accomplishing this so you can easily access the interface for configuration.

  1. The first step is to connect to the network by connecting to your Wistron NeWeb router. You have the choice of using an Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi.
  1. Open any web browser and navigate using the address, which should be typed into the address field. The IP address described above is the most common. However, if it does not work for you, you can easily search for the default Wistron NeWeb IP address. Particular to your model.
  1. Finally, enter your Wistron NeWeb router’s username and password. Then, either sign in or enter.


If you cannot log in to your router, you are most likely using the incorrect username or password. Keep a record of both after you’ve changed them.

  • Forgotten your Login Password? Attempt a hard reset of your router login. To do so, press and hold the small black button on the back of your router for approximately 10 seconds. This will restore your router’s factory settings.
  • Is the router’s login page not loading? If the login page does not load, ensure your device is connected to Wi-Fi. You should also check to see if the incorrect router IP address is the default.
  • Pages may occasionally experience loading or speed issues. Your network is most likely using a different IP address in this case. If this happens, consult our IP address router list to find the correct address. If you need assistance, see our tutorial on determining your router’s IP address.
Wistron Neweb Corporation Device On My Network
Wistron Neweb Corporation Device On My Network


In most cases, you don’t need to be concerned if you see this name on your network. If you are not exceeding your bandwidth limits due to any of the Wistron Neweb Corporation devices, then there should be no negative attempts on your network.

However, if unsure, you can proceed and make a list of all appliances, from which you can select Wistron Neweb Corporation and disconnect it from your router. The next step is to look for a device that cannot connect to the internet. That is the perpetrator.


It’s exciting — you have a better digital life… or someone rogue is connected to your network… or perhaps the kids brought home a new device from grandma’s.

The solution for protection and verification is the same whether the connection is Wistron Neweb or any other unknown connection. Make a list of all the devices that are connected to your router and make a note of their IP addresses.

Then, on your router, navigate to the admin panel (usually via a web browser). Boot any devices with IP addresses that aren’t on your list above. Then you’re safe from unknown devices, Wistron Neweb or otherwise!


Apple, Lenovo, Samsung, and other major brands are Wistron NewWeb’s clients. Wistron falls into this category because these brands only do business with legitimate and trustworthy companies.

You only see a Wistron-branded device because the real device was misidentified.

It’s probably safe to leave them connected, but I’d recommend turning off every device connected to the network and checking back to see if the Wistron device has vanished. This can assist you in determining which device is causing problems.

Wistron Neweb Corporation Device On My Network (Explained)
Wistron Neweb Corporation Device On My Network (Explained)


So that’s all there is to the Wistron Neweb Corporation for now. However, as smart devices become more widely used and available, more manufacturers will jump on the gravy train and begin manufacturing their own.

Inevitably, this will result in a slew of new devices appearing on your Wi-Fi network, some of which will undoubtedly have dubious and strange names.

In reality, there is only one reasonable way to avoid this confusion and possibly fear in the future. We recommend that you keep a record of every smart device you bring into the house. There will be no surprises this way.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean if I see Wistron Neweb Corporation on my Wi-Fi?If you see Wistron Neweb Corporation on your Wi-Fi, it could mean that a device made by Wistron Neweb Corporation is connected to your network. This could be a device that you own, a neighbor’s device, or a malicious device.
Is it safe to have Wistron Neweb Corporation devices on my Wi-Fi?It is generally safe to have Wistron Neweb Corporation devices on your Wi-Fi network. However, if you are concerned about security, you can block the device from connecting to your network.
How do I block Wistron Neweb Corporation devices from my Wi-Fi?The steps to block Wistron Neweb Corporation devices from your Wi-Fi will vary depending on your router. However, you can usually find instructions on how to do this in the router’s manual or on the router’s manufacturer’s website.
What if I’m not sure if a device is made by Wistron Neweb Corporation?If you’re not sure if a device is made by Wistron Neweb Corporation, you can check the device’s label or the device’s manufacturer’s website.
Should I be worried if I see Wistron Neweb Corporation on my Wi-Fi?It’s unlikely that you need to be worried if you see Wistron Neweb Corporation on your Wi-Fi. However, if you are concerned, you can block the device from connecting to your network.

What is a Wistron device on my network?

Wistron Neweb manufactures networking devices that are included in a wide range of electronic devices that connect to the Internet – and let’s face it, your fridge now connects to the Internet so that it could be anything (maybe not the ham sandwich in the fridge…. yet).

What does Wistron NeWeb make?

Wistron NeWeb Corporation is a company that makes wireless communication systems. The company’s offerings include satellite communication, wireless networking, embedded antennas, and mobile handset products.

What devices does Wistron make?

Wistron’s products include notebook and desktop computers, servers, storage, LCD TVs, handheld devices, and medical devices and equipment.


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