How to Watch Recorded Shows On DirecTV On PC? (Best Easy Guide)

How to Watch Recorded Shows On DirecTV On PC? DirecTV has been developing its line of DVRs over the years in order to make them more appealing to consumers.

If you use the service, you are aware that it has a plethora of features that make entertainment more convenient.

The ability to watch recorded DirecTV shows on your computer and play them anywhere, even without using data, is one of the best features available.

You can also watch on-demand shows and live TV while on the go or at home. With DirecTV, you can watch over 50,000 shows and movies, as well as hundreds of TV channels, on the go.

Can I Watch Recorded DirecTV Shows On Computer?
Can I Watch Recorded DirecTV Shows On Computer?


DirecTV has been constantly improving its DVR line in order to make it more appealing to customers. It provides users with a plethora of outstanding features. One of the best aspects of this service is that it allows users to watch recorded shows and play them from any location.

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Furthermore, you can watch live TV or on-demand shows while at home or on the go. DirecTV has over 50,000 shows and movies to choose from. It also has hundreds of channels to choose from.


The following are the steps you must take in order to watch DirecTV shows online.

1. Install on Your Mobile Device

If you want to watch DirecTV shows on your mobile device, follow the steps outlined below.

  • Connect your mobile device to the wireless network and ensure that your movie or TV show has been completely recorded.
  • Start your DirecTV app and go to the Watch your DVR option.
  • Select recorded movies from the DVR playlist by going to On DVR.
  • Download the video by clicking the down arrow.
  • Now, go to My Downloads and start watching shows.

Instead of downloading each episode individually, you can download the entire series. Following the download of the episode or series, the following steps must be taken.

  • To begin, launch the app and then navigate to the Menu.
  • Select Browse for TV and ensure that the receiver is on the menu list.
  • If the receiver does not appear in the menu list, connect it to the home internet or HD receiver.
  • Select Device Type, followed by Watch Live TV or Watch DVR.
  • Then, on your smartphone, select the program you want to watch.

2. Watch DirecTV DVR on PC

A DirecTV DVR allows a user to record TV shows and movies and later watch them on a PC. You can play the recordings from your PC using the DirecTV2PC function. The steps required to watch DirecTV DVR on PC are outlined below.

  1. First, connect your DirecTV DVR to the internet via an ethernet cable.
  2. Enable network connection by pressing Menu on your remote.
  3. Choose Parental, then “Favorites & Setup.”
  4. Select System Setup, followed by Network Setup. Then, select Connect Now.
  5. Then click Continue and then Done.
  6. DirecTV will automatically update the system after you click Done. You will then be able to watch DVR content on your PC.
Watch Recorded Shows Online On DirecTV
Watch Recorded Shows Online On DirecTV


3. Use DirecTV2PC

If you want to access your DirecTV set-top box from your PC, you must use the DirecTV2PC app. The steps for connecting DirecTV to a PC are outlined below.

  1. To begin, go to the DirecTV website.
  2. Under the heading What is DirecTV, select Superior Technology.
  3. Scroll down the page and click on Beyond TV.
  4. You will see the DirecTVtoPC option there.
  5. Navigate to the Setup is a Breeze section and then click Download.
  6. Please ensure that all of the indicators are green before selecting Personal Information.
  7. Now, click Submit to begin downloading and installing DirecTV2PC.
  8. You need to enter the product activation key in order to complete the installation process. You will see this activation key in the inbox of your email that you provided at the time of download. Once you enter the key, you will be able to access the DirecTV DVR on your computer and then watch recordings. 

Users occasionally fail to record shows on DirecTV. This problem is easily solved by resetting the receiver or DVR. Then, on the back of the front panel access card, press the red button.


DirecTV DVR can now be accessed and watched online. You can also record shows or movies and access them from any location at any time. If you run into a problem during setup, contact the support team for assistance.


  • You can record anything on television with a DirecTV DVR, just like you would with a VCR. You can also control and view your DVR recordings from your computer by using the DirecTV2PC feature.
  • Connect an Ethernet cable to the back of your DirecTV DVR. Connect this cable to your home router’s Ethernet port.
  • By pressing “menu” on your remote control, you can connect your DirecTV DVR to the Internet. Select “Parental, Favorites & Setup,” then “System Setup,” “Network Setup,” and “Connect Now.”
  • The system will be automatically updated if you press “Continue” and then “Done” on your DirecTV DVR. You will be able to view your DVR content on your PC within 24 hours.
  • Go to the DirecTV website, highlight “What is DirecTV?” with your mouse, and then click on the option “Superior Technology.” Scroll down to the section “Beyond TV,” and then click on the button “Learn More.”
  • Scroll down to the “Setup is a Breeze” section and click on the “Download” link, followed by “Download Now” to download the DirecTV2PC playback advisor application.
  • Check the hardware’s capabilities. If all of your indicators are green, scroll down and enter your name and email address. To download the DirecTV2PC application, click the submit button.
  • Examine your email for a product activation key. After inserting your activation key, you can start watching your DVR recordings on your PC.
How to Watch Recorded Shows On DirecTV On PC?
How to Watch Recorded Shows On DirecTV On PC?


This is the first option for watching DVR when DirecTV is unavailable. As a result, you must remove the power cord from the Dish in order to disconnect the DVR. It will also disconnect all network connections, including any phone lines.

Furthermore, these connections will be disconnected before you contact DirecTV to cancel your service. The DVR will not receive the non-authorization message this way, and you will be able to access and watch the DVR.


When you call DirecTV to cancel your service, the satellite will send you a re-authorization message in the form of signals. However, if you disconnect the DirecTV immediately after the signal is sent, you will have some time to watch DVR.

You’re probably wondering how you can determine when the re-authorization signal was sent. In this case, navigate to the antenna settings and locate the re-authorization tab. Scroll down the signal sent option in this tab to find out when the signal was sent.


If you still want to watch the DVR after canceling your DirecTV subscription, we recommend that you reset the DVR.

You must reset the DVR immediately after calling DirecTV to cancel the service. You can reset the DVR by pressing the reset button and waiting at least ten minutes. After ten minutes, you can turn on the DVR and watch the recorded program.


So, if you haven’t already, we recommend that you wait until you’ve watched the DVR recordings before canceling your DirecTV subscription.

This is because you never know if you will be able to access the DVR because signal-sending is never in your hands. So, watch the DVR recordings before turning off DirecTV.

How To Watch Recorded Shows On DirecTV?
How To Watch Recorded Shows On DirecTV?


The bottom line is that you can’t watch the DVR if DirecTV isn’t working (in simpler words, you cannot be sure).

This is due to the fact that you can only view the recordings if your DVR hasn’t received the signal. As a result, it’s better to be safe than sorry. With that said, watch the recordings first, then cancel your DirecTV subscription!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find my recorded shows on directv?

Open the DIRECTV App, tap Watch Your DVR, then select On DVR to watch any fully recorded show or movie from your DVR playlist. To begin downloading the show or movie to your device, click the down arrow. Select the show you want to watch from My Downloads.

Why am I unable to watch my recorded shows on Directv?

To stream to your device, you must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your DVR. This is done so that you can watch your recordings on any device in your house. If you want to view recorded content that is not within the range of your W-Fi network, you must download it to your device.

Can I watch my recorded shows on the directv app?

The AT&T U-verse App is free for Android and iOS devices. You can use the app to watch live and on-demand TV, manage your DVR, and do other things. You can’t watch DVR recordings anymore, but you can watch a lot of live and on-demand entertainment.

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