XFi Pods Vs Eero: What Is Best Router For You? [Answered]

Do you have a problem with weak Wi-Fi signals in your home?

Because there are numerous causes of poor signal transmission, you should consider using a mesh networking system rather than relying on a single router – which is why we will look into the xFi pods vs Eero.

The Eero is a set of three identical units that work together to spread a Wi-Fi connection throughout a residential property, bringing much-needed streamlining to home Wi-Fi installation. However, its disadvantage is its high price tag when compared to other Wi-Fi routers.

On the other hand, the xFi pods are Comcast’s latest attempt to enter the mesh networking market. Even though these pods appear to be promising, there are a few factors that make us wonder if they are worth the money.

xFi Pods vs eero: Best Router For You
xFi Pods vs eero: Best Router For You


One of the most significant changes in the last decade is that wifi devices in your home are no longer limited to your smartphone and laptop.

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Everything from your alarm clock to your baby monitor to your stereo to your games console to your alarm system is wifi enabled, which means you require wifi coverage throughout your home. When your refrigerator wants to tell you what the weather is like this morning, the living room will no longer suffice.



Some aspects of the Eero have changed since its initial design and use, and these differences are readily apparent when examining its software updates. Many of these are based on data collected from Eero’s customers, and possible improvements are implemented in subsequent models.

The Eero mesh networking system employs a novel approach dubbed TrueMesh by the company. It also includes Alexa integration, and the mobile app’s interface has been improved.

However, at its core, the system is a low-power type that is simple to set up and provides medium to fast internet speeds in every room of your home – depending on the number of units you choose to install. You can set it up on your phone using the Eero app.

In the case of the xFi pods, the company behind them – Comcast – aims to provide users with a new type of mesh technology, which can be purchased in three-packs or six-packs. These units have a polygon-shaped design and can be plugged directly into an outlet to form a mesh network with the Comcast router to extend the Wi-Fi signal throughout your home.

These pods work best when connected to the xFi wireless gateway or the xFi advanced gateway. The xFi system is essentially a web interface or app that allows you to manage the Comcast Xfinity Wi-Fi service as well as perform other functions such as changing your password, configuring your network, and receiving alerts when new devices connect to the network.

Furthermore, despite the manufacturer’s claim that the pods have an intelligent design that allows for self-troubleshooting and self-monitoring, it is possible to use the app to set up the pods and do some monitoring of the devices that are connected to specific pods.

XFi Pods vs. Eero
XFi Pods vs. Eero


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The eero mesh WiFi router is a powerful system that can be used as a standalone router or as part of a mesh network. Each router can support network speeds of up to 550 Mbps and cover a 1500-square-foot area.

In addition to the dual-band (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz) Wi-Fi, the eero has two Ethernet ports, allowing you to work over a wired connection. Because the eero router is smaller than the xFi pods, it is a more portable option.


The price of the Xfinity Xfi Pods is lower than that of the Eero mesh router, making them more affordable. However, they provide slower network speeds, cannot be used as standalone routers, and must be connected to a compatible Comcast router or modem.

The pods have a tri-band frequency range (one 2.4 GHz and two 5 GHz), which means you can connect more devices to the pods without negatively impacting network speeds.


The Xfinity Comcast xFi Pods support tri-band frequencies. This means that your xFi pods can provide three times the bandwidth of a standard single-band router.

This reduces network congestion and ensures a more consistent and stable network across the board. The Xfinity xFi Pods also include one Ethernet port and support for ZigBee and Bluetooth 


However, because the xFi pods are not compatible with any other network system, you are limited to using only Comcast rented modems or routers. Before purchasing, check with the seller to ensure that your router is compatible with the xFi pods.

Another limitation of these pods is that they can only be activated on consumer or home-based Xfinity accounts and cannot be activated on business accounts.

The Amazon eero mesh Wi-Fi router, on the other hand, works either directly with your internet service provider to function as a standalone router or alongside cross-compatible hardware to allow you to expand your existing home network.

Eero Mesh vs xFi Pods Comparison
Eero Mesh vs xFi Pods Comparison


The Xfinity Comcast xFi pods have average throughput speeds of 250 to 300 Mbps . This speed is directly proportional to the xFi gateway you are using to host your Wi-Fi network and the package you have purchased.

One distinct advantage of using the Xfi pods is the use of Wi-Fi 6 technology, a newer Wi-Fi technology that provides faster network speeds while also being more efficient.

Wi-Fi 6 enables a router to deliver data to multiple users and devices at the same time, enabling faster and more efficient communication. This technology, combined with the xFi pods’ tri-band frequency class, will ensure that there is little to no network congestion.


When purchasing Xfinity Comcast xFi pods, you have three options. A single pod, a pack of three, or a pack of six can be purchased. They are simple to install; simply plug them into an outlet to form a mesh network with your Comcast router, extending the range of your Wi-Fi signal.

The pods are best accessed via the xFi wireless gateway or the xFi advanced gateway, and they can be controlled via Xfinity’s web interface or a smartphone app.

Using the xFi system, you can manage not only your Comcast Xfinity Wi-Fi service, but also tasks such as setting up your network, changing the network password, and even setting up alerts when other devices connect to the network.


While the Xfinity Comcast xFi pods may appear to be a more affordable option on their own, it is important to remember that they are only compatible with Comcast rented routers or modems.

This means that renting the xFi gateway will incur an additional monthly fee. While the Xfinity Comcast xFi pods appear to be a more cost-effective option on their own, keep in mind that they are only compatible with Comcast rented routers or modems.

This means that renting the xFi gateway will incur an additional monthly fee. In addition to renting the gateway, you must also purchase the xFi Advanced Cyber Security package, which is leased on a monthly subscription basis.

All of these factors combine to make the xFi pods an expensive option in the long run. In contrast, the Amazon eero Mesh Router is a one-time purchase. For a slightly higher price, the eero router provides a slew of additional benefits as well as a significantly longer lifespan, making it the better long-term option to consider.


xFi Pods vs eero: Best Router For You [2022]
xFi Pods vs Eero: Best Router For You [2022]

Because of its smooth user experience, improved performance, and wider range of compatible devices, Amazon’s eero Mesh Router is the better router to use.

This is an excellent device for use in large homes or small offices, but it may be overkill in smaller homes. If you have devices that support Wi-Fi 6, however, the Xfinity Comcast xFi pods are the way to go, as Amazon’s eero router does not support Wi-Fi 6.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Eero better than the Xfinity router?

Eero provides significantly better connectivity than Xfinity xFi. A mesh network built in your home with multiple Eero beacons will almost always outperform the xFi. Although mesh routers are more advanced than standard modem routers such as xFi, Eero is extremely easy to use and set up.

Are Xfinity xFi pods worth it?

In many homes, the Xfinity xFi Gateway is all that is required to provide fast and dependable in-home WiFi speed and coverage. If you have rooms in your home that have poor WiFi connectivity because of a weak or inconsistent WiFi signal, Pods may be a good solution because they can help eliminate dead spots and provide better coverage.

Do xFi pods make WiFi worse?

If you have both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz WIFI networks in your home, when you activate the xFi pod, your 5 GHz WIFI will be deactivated, leaving only the slower 2.4 GHz WIFI. You must unplug the xFi pod from your network using your phone’s xFi app.

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