What Channel Is BET On Spectrum TV? – (Answered!)

Do you enjoy African-American content, news, reality shows, and celebrity games? If you answered yes, you’re probably wondering what channel is BET on Spectrum TV. BET, owned by Viacom CBS Domestic Media Network, has aired Black American content since the 1980s.

Here is a quick answer:

What Channel Is BET On Spectrum TV?

However, it is available on Channel 61 in the majority of places.

Channel NameChannel Number
What channel is BET on Spectrum TV?
What channel is BET on Spectrum TV?

Black Entertainment Television (BET) is a channel devoted to African-American creators. It was the first and only US channel, and its primary audience is African-Americans. As a result, it is available on a variety of cable networks. Similarly, BET on Spectrum is very easy to use. It has offices in New York City, Chicago, and Los Angeles.

On the other hand, this channel is available throughout the United States. Furthermore, the network broadcasts it in Canada, the United Kingdom, France, and South Africa. It is also available in South Korea and Sub-Saharan Africa.

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Because of its popularity, the network broadcasts it widely. It is estimated that it reaches 88 million households. BET is a platform for well-known Black creators in the film and television industries, such as Tyler Perry.

It was the only channel of its kind, showcasing Black talent. Other networks have only recently decided to launch similar channels.


BET (Black Entertainment Television) is a cable TV channel primarily for African-American viewers that is owned by ViacomCBS Domestic Media Networks, a division of ViacomCBS. The TV channel has been on the air since 1980, but as a timeshare channel on the USA Network at the time.

BET debuted as an independent full-time channel three years later, in 1983. The television network is currently based in three major U.S. cities—Chicago, New York City, and Los Angeles—and has expanded beyond its borders.

BET’s broadcast territory has expanded to include the United Kingdom, Canada, France, South Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, and South Korea. BET is expected to reach 88 million pay-TV households in the United States.

For a long time, the BET channel was the sole provider of Black TV programming, although African Americans watch 37 percent more TV than any other demographic. Only in 2018 did the Oprah Winfrey Network surpass the total number of BET viewers.

Competition for BET has increased significantly due to the recent awakening in the entertainment industry, which has led to greater recognition of the excellence of African-American creativity and talent.

However, what new networks for African-Americans are beginning to explore now, BET has been doing for over 40 years, which is why it remains the most widely recognized by its target audience.


Given BET’s long-standing popularity among African American communities, many TV service providers in the United States carry it. As a result, Spectrum cable TV includes the network in its channel lineup.

Check out the full Spectrum channel lineup to see what other networks are included in your Spectrum Cable TV package.

Watch BET Channel On Spectrum TV
Watch BET Channel On Spectrum TV



Let us now get to the point of your visit: locating the BET channel on Spectrum TV. We understand that for a new Spectrum subscriber, locating the number of a favorite TV network number can be difficult.

You are likely to be confused even if you have relocated and transferred your Spectrum Cable TV service to your new home. Because, as it stands, the number of cable TV networks varies depending on your location.

Navigating the Spectrum TV on-screen guide may suffice for the technically savvy, but it may take some time for the rest of us. Of course, another option is to Google the channel numbers—as time-consuming as that may be.

To help narrow your search, here is a list of numbers for the BET channel on Spectrum TV in popular Spectrum geo-markets. If you can’t find your town in this list, click here and enter your ZIP code to find the BET channel number in your area.


Johnson’s vision proved to be a good one, as BET has grown in popularity since its inception. It was the only Black-centric TV channel for about 40 years. It held its position despite the appearance of others. In viewership, the Oprah Winfrey Network only surpassed it in 2018.

In the United States, black families watch 37 percent more television than any other demographic. As a result, BET seized the appropriate market. As a result, it is still the most well-known channel among its target audience.

Tyler Perry, Angela Bassett, Halle Berry, and Laverne Cox appeared there. Many of today’s well-known African-American actors got their start on BET.


BET’s 24-hour programming features a diverse and exciting lineup of shows. These shows are also included in the Spectrum Silver package. As a result, its subscribers will be able to see what this channel offers.

Shows To Watch On BET Channel
Shows To Watch On BET Channel

1. Tales

This is a brilliant concept for an experimental anthology. Each episode incorporates a hip-hop song from the past or present into a visually engaging narrative. Each story is beautifully produced, with stunning visuals.

2. Sistas

Sistas is a 2019 show by Tyler Perry about a group of black women who bond over their single status. It does an excellent job of exploring female friendships, relationships, and family. Sistas is expected to be a highly relatable show for women of all backgrounds. The show takes a heartfelt look at complicated friendships.

3. First Wives Club

This show is based on the same-named 1996 hit film. It’s a comedy about three women who form a support group after their marriages fail. This is a touching take on the subject. Furthermore, the creators handled it exceptionally well. Ryan Michelle Bathe, Michelle Buteau, and Jill Scott play the lead roles admirably, resulting in a show that is both relatable and well-received.

4. The Big Hustle

Reality television is a hugely popular genre, and BET has shows that also cater to this audience. A group of sixteen men and women compete for a six-figure salary position working with Clifford “T.I” Harris from his Atlanta mansion. Because of its pace and premise, this high-stakes show is quite popular.

5. Black-ish

Black-ish has been a huge success for BET. As a result, it is also broadcast on other networks. It’s about a Black family who moves to a predominantly white neighborhood. As a result, many amusing situations occur. Many critics laud it for its comedic elements. Furthermore, it is adept at dealing with real-world issues.


Now, let’s get to the real question that brought us here. What Spectrum channel number is the BET channel? We understand that Spectrum has a lengthy channel list that can be perplexing.

If you’re wondering what channel number is BET on Spectrum, use your street address to search. However, it will be available on Channel 61 in most areas.

Channel NameChannel Number


Original programming on BET provided viewers with a taste of every genre. You could watch comedy, news, talk shows, and even music shows centered on hip-hop, rap, and R&B music. The current BET programming lineup, on the other hand, has changed to some extent.

The channel’s former music programming block is now broadcast on its sister channels, while the BET channel itself broadcasts popular drama series such as American Soul, The Oval, Tales, and Twenties and Boomerang, as well as comedy shows such as Twenties and Boomerang.

BET also has a large collection of acquired programming, which includes classic TV shows like The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and The Parkers. Live specials such as the BET Awards, Soul Train Music Awards, and BET Hip Hop Awards are also available to viewers.

Get BET Channel ON Spectrum TV
Get BET Channel ON Spectrum TV


Now that you know what number to dial for the BET channel on Spectrum TV, here’s a delicious icing on the cake: BET will be releasing a new comedy-drama called The Archer Connection. Uptown, a three-part original scripted miniseries. So keep your eyes peeled for those!

And, if you haven’t yet subscribed to a Spectrum TV package or have some questions before you do, call Spectrum Customer Service at 1-855-423-0918 to speak with a Spectrum professional.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you contact Spectrum customer service?

You can reach Spectrum customer service at 1-855-423-0918 at any time. As needed, the team will respond quickly to all of your questions.

What Spectrum channel is BET on?

On the spectrum, BET is channel 61. You can watch all of your favorite celebrity games, as well as celebrity news and gossip, as well as any other content.

What is the name of the channel BET?

Black Entertainment Television (BET) is an American television channel and multimedia company that primarily serves African American viewers with entertainment, content, gossip, and news. It can be found on Spectrum Channel 61.

Does Spectrum have BET?

Yes, BET is available on channel 61 on Spectrum. This is where you can watch all the gossips, entertainment, news and reality shows primarily for Black Americans.

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