How To Fix Not Working Voice Control On The Firestick Remote? ( Detailed Guide)

Not Working Voice Control On The Firestick Remote? Your firestick’s voice control function is not functioning when you try to use it. When you press the microphone button, no blue light appears; instead, a red light flashes continuously before stopping when you let go of the button.

Fix Not Working Voice Control On The Firestick Remote
Fix Not Working Voice Control On The Firestick Remote

You attempt to use Alexa to issue commands and manage your device, but it is ineffective. You are not alone if you are having this kind of issue, and you will find solutions here.

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Fire Tv Stick Alexa Voice Remote not working

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1. Home Button Not Set to “IR and HDMI-CEC”

The most recent technology in your Firestick remote allows it to function over both IR and HDMI-CEC. These functions will help your remote control your devices effectively. Additionally, using HDMI-CEC, the remote may control other connected devices by taking specified actions, such as increasing the volume.

In essence, HDMI-CEC can be thought of as a code that controls your devices. By utilizing this system and turning it on, you may link your Fire TV Stick to your TV so that it will turn on when you hit the home button.

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Not Working Voice Control On The Firestick Remote

So, if you haven’t turned on this option on your Firestick remote, it might be why your speech recognition functionality isn’t working.

The IR and HDMI-CEC functions on your home button can be turned on to solve this issue. The easy steps you should do are listed below:

  1. Find the HDMI-CEC name on your Amazon fire TV stick. This feature will go by different names on different TV brands. Discovering the name of HDMI-CEC on your Brand should therefore be your first step. You can learn more about this by reading your manual or through online research. However, it will be the same name for various TVs.
  2. On your Fire TV, select the settings menu.
  3. The “Display and Sounds” option can be found by scrolling.
  4. Look for the name “HDMI-CEC” in the list of options under the Display and Sounds option. You can check if it is turned on or off.
  5. Now switch on the HDMI-CEC feature to make it operational. Ensure that the IR and HDMI-CEC modes are on.

Once you’ve finished, your TV can respond to voice control commands from your remote.

Try unpairing and re-pairing the remote.

1. Keep holding down the Input and Mute buttons on the remote until the pairing is canceled.

2. Now go to your remote’s Menu (the cog icon) and select System.

3. When you go to the main menu, select Voice Remote from the list of available options and hit OK.

4. The choice to “Pair New Remote” will be available.

2. Poor Internet Connection

If you want our remote control to function and provide voice control, an internet connection is a need. A good internet connection is necessary for this instance for the processing of the voice instructions and their activation on your systems.

Therefore, there is a good likelihood that your internet connection is bad if your remote voice control doesn’t function and all you get when you release the microphone button is a red light.

Therefore, one of the possible causes, in this case, could be that your internet is completely unconnected, that it is slow, or that your network has problems that prohibit it from functioning properly. Obviously, this will cause your Firestick remote and the actual device to perform improperly to the Alexa voice remote.

Poor Internet Connection
Poor Internet Connection

You will be able to solve this issue once your devices’ internet connections are fixed. However, you must first determine the internet connection’s status before fixing the issue. The steps to employ to troubleshoot the device are as follows:

  1. By pressing the “Home Button,” you can end programs.
  2. Your remote control’s “Home Button” will appear once more, bringing up the main menu.
  3. Navigate to and select Settings from the Main Menu.
  4. Select the “Network and Internet” option from the settings menu as you scroll down.
  5. Choosing “Network Status”
  6. the “Check Connection” option. It will take a few seconds for your TV to load and display the status of your internet connection. Keep in mind that the procedures may change depending on the brand of the fire TV cube.

You can resolve any issues with your internet connection by doing the following actions:

  1. Verify that your WiFi router is still on and functioning as it should.
  2. Check the internet to see whether there is a connection as well.
  3. Consider rebooting your router. To accomplish this, unhook the power, wait a short while, and then plug it back in.
  4. Additionally, turn off and then back on your Amazon Fire stick’s and TV’s internet connection.
  5. The final alternative is to get in touch with your Internet Service Provider to resolve the issue with your internet connection.

The internet connection issue should be resolved by following the instructions mentioned.

3. Television or remote bug

Contrary to popular belief, there are more technology bugs than one may imagine. The problem of bugs will arise occasionally as long as you use technical equipment, especially those that require the internet.

What happens is that over time, technological equipment like your remote control or TV may acquire some mistakes. These mistakes will consequently result in the failure of some functions.

Television or remote bug
Television or remote bug

The internet, other connected devices, and many more features could all contribute to the mistakes. In other instances, the software systems your gadgets use can be to blame for the flaws.

Nevertheless, there is no need to panic because bugs typically disappear quickly. If they do, there is a fix for that as well.

Reinstall And Repair The Batteries

Your remote is the first item that needs improvement. The bugs may be on your TV or remote, as was previously described. 

So first, take out the batteries from your remote, wait a few minutes, and then put them back in. This procedure, regarded as a soft reset, ought to fix any issues on your remote.

The procedure to remove the batteries is as follows:

  1. Flip your remote over and start by inspecting the back. There will be a divot along the center.
  2. Hold your remote control vertically this time, with the top facing you.
  3. Put some pressure on the depression with your thumb, then raise it up.
  4. Press, push, then press some more until the rear cover of the remote slides out.
  5. Two batteries are visible when you remove the back cover.
  6. Take out the batteries, wait a few minutes, then put them back in. Ensure that every terminal is situated correctly.
  7. Finally, shut the back cover.
Fix 2: Reset the TV

Another strategy to get rid of the problems is to restart your TV. If the TV has bugs, you will need to remove them using this approach.

How to do it:

  • Hold down the TV’s power button while pressing it.
  • TV will be turned off. Hold it down until it turns back on. When you press and hold the power button on some TVs, a pop-up menu with a restart option will appear; you should choose it and watch for the TV to restart.
Fix 3 – Reconnect the TV

The third fix is this one. If you’ve gotten to this stage, it indicates that trying to restart your TV and replacing the batteries in the remote control didn’t fix the problem. You will need to perform a soft reset on your TV in such a situation.

Replugging your TV will do a soft reset on it. All you need to do is unplug your TV’s power cord while it is still plugged in. You must wait a short while before plugging the power cord back in. Now verify that the error has been fixed.

Fix 4 – Reregister the Device

You will need to re-register your remote device if the issue continues. The steps you should take are as follows:

  • Go to your Firestick’s settings menu.
  • Select the option by looking for “Controllers & Bluetooth Devices.”
  • Select “Amazon Fire TV Remotes” from the menu now.
  • Look for “Add New Remote” on this menu choice, then click.
  • Press the home button on your remote control now and hold it there until it responds.

Reregistering your firestick gadget is a further step in this instance.

Fix 5: Talk to Amazon

If you’ve tried the procedures mentioned above to cure remote or TV faults and they haven’t worked, it signifies that they are too difficult for you to handle. Next, you should get in touch with the Amazon support staff, who can either offer you instructions or fix the problem for you.

4. HDMI Connection Loss

There must be a clear and reliable connection between your Firestick, the remote, and the TV in order to use them. HDMI links your TV and the Firestick device. The HDMI is therefore essential for transmitting the directives as a consequence.

HDMI Connection Loss
HDMI Connection Loss

In any case, if the HDMI connection isn’t working properly, neither the device nor the remote will function properly. Consequently, don’t discount the HDMI connection. The remote will likely display this error if the HDMI is flawed, has a lost connection, or has some other issue.

Fix 1: Plug in the cable

You should first confirm that your HDMI is connected. Verify that your HDMI cable is securely attached to your Firestick device and the TV by inspecting it. The HDMI cable may occasionally be damaged yet still function.

On the other hand, a shaky connection results in pauses in the amount of data delivered, which will cause your remote to act strangely.

Alternatively, try a different HDMI port. The HDMI port may malfunction in numerous situations. A different port can be tried to solve this kind of problem.

Fix 2: Verify if the HDMI is defective.

Your remote won’t function if your HDMI cable is broken. The HDMI cable is essential for the proper operation of your Firestick, remote, and TV. Your HDMI cable could become damaged by several factors without your knowledge. 

The cable won’t function as intended if it is bent, fractured, or rusted. To achieve the best performance, you must replace your HDMI cable if it is damaged.

5. A faulty microphone/voice command button

Your voice command or the microphone button on your remote control could be the cause of the voice control not working and the absence of blue light. When your microphone or voice command button is broken, your remote’s feature cannot be used.

A faulty microphone/voice command button
A faulty microphone/voice command button

This type of issue could be caused by a number of things. One of these is contamination in the button, deterioration from use, or even corrosion from spills.

To prevent these kinds of problems, it is usually advised that you keep your remote clean and clean it frequently. Here are some steps you can take to try to resolve this.

Fix 1: Firmly press the button down.

Test the button’s responsiveness by pressing it firmly and deeply. Contact cannot be made if the button is not responding because of dust or wear and tear. You can force contact on the button’s components by pressing more firmly.

Fix 2: Change the batteries

Having outdated batteries in your remote control can also contribute to the problem of the button not functioning properly. It is therefore suggested that you try changing the batteries in your remote. Return and verify the voice control’s functionality after that.

Fix 3: Change out the remote

You are left with no choice but to buy a new remote when the remote’s microphone button completely stops working. Make careful you only purchase genuine, high-quality Amazon Firestick remotes (view on Amazon).

6. IR Interference

Interference from infrared sources can affect your Amazon Firestick remote. The remote control will pick up any signals sent or received by other wireless devices. Your remote will operate more slowly and may even work poorly while responding to voice commands as a result of this interference.

The majority of the equipment that must broadcast signals and interfere with your remote performance is wireless.

Fix 1 – Remove Anything Blocking the Remote

Removing any objects obstructing IR transmission is the best method to handle any IR interference on your Amazon remote. That implies you must delete any gadgets that may be blocking the path after checking to see if they are there. 

Additionally, please make sure no other gadgets are transmitting signals and turn them off. You must also deactivate any other remote controls if there are any in the home.

Fix 2: Get nearer to the TV

Another problem that makes it challenging for your Amazon Firestick remote to ignore voice commands is the distance. 

For the remote to transmit and receive signals as needed, it must be placed within the advised range of the TV. 30 feet is the recommended maximum distance from the TV.

7. An outdated Fire TV remote

A smart device like any other is what your Fire TV remote is. As a result, a firmware system manages the gadget. This implies that your remote’s system will occasionally need to be updated. What occurs when the software is no longer current? 

Yes, there will be issues and the remote won’t be able to carry out basic tasks like voice commands.

Therefore, there is a good risk that the software on your remote is outdated if you have used it for a while without updating it. An essential update may have been provided by the company that you were unaware of.

Fix – Update Remote

You must upgrade your Fire TV remote control with the most recent Amazon software to restore the functions. You should take the following actions to complete this action:

  • Navigate to the Firestick’s settings menu. You can either use the remote or the Fire TV app for this stage.
  • Find and pick the “Controllers and Bluetooth Devices” option under the settings menu.
  • Select “Amazon Fire TV Remotes” next.
  • You should choose your remote from a list that will appear.
  • From here, you will also have the opportunity to update and install the update.

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There is a fix if your Amazon Fire TV remote does not respond to voice commands, does not display a blue light, and instead blinks red repeatedly before stopping. 

As was already said, there are a number of potential causes for this issue. You must therefore exercise patience and explore every available alternative.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why did Alexa stop working on my Fire TV?

Verify that Fire TV and your Alexa-enabled device are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Ensure that the Alexa app and Fire TV both have the most recent software releases. To force the Alexa app to close. Restart your Alexa-enabled device and Fire TV.

Why is my Alexa voice control not working?

Ensure that the Amazon Alexa-enabled device’s microphone setting is turned on. Change the soundbar or wireless speaker’s current Alexa device name in the Amazon Alexa app to a different one. The accuracy of, Inc.’s recognition depends on the name of the Alexa device.

What happens if your Fire TV remote stops working?

Batteries: When a Fire Stick remote device stops operating, battery issues are the most frequent cause. A Fire Stick remote can stop operating for a variety of reasons, including incorrectly installed batteries, low battery power, and other associated problems. Pairing: Your remote won’t function if it isn’t paired with your Fire Stick.

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