How To Fix US/DS Blinking Light On Arris Modem? (5 Easy Solutions)

The continuous US/DS blinking light on arris modem device can be annoying. It can be a nightmare for those who suffer from OCD. However, it is not only an annoyance to your eyes, but also to your entire online experience.

It’s similar to your car’s check engine light. If it is blinking, you know something is wrong and it is in your best interest to have it checked out. The lights on a modem are the same way.

Each one serves a purpose, and excessive blinking may indicate a problem with internet connectivity. It will save you a world of pain if you know exactly what to look for, why the light is blinking, and what you can do to fix it.

For those who are less tech-savvy, figuring out your US DS light may appear difficult, but don’t worry. Finding the right help is never out of reach for Spectrum users. With a large community of active users spread across 40 states, you’ll be able to find detailed solutions to all of your problems online.

Methods to Fix US/DS Blinking on Arris Modem
Methods to Fix US/DS Blinking on Arris Modem

Troubleshooting: Issues on Fixing US/DS Blinking Light On Arris Modem

Internet outageCheck with your ISP to see if there is an outage in your area.
Loose or defective cablesCheck all of the cables connecting your modem to your computer and to the wall outlet. Make sure that they are tightly connected and not damaged.
Power cycle your modemUnplug your modem from the power outlet for 30 seconds, then plug it back in.
Firmware updateCheck to see if your modem has a firmware update available. If so, download and install the update.
Factory reset your modemIf all else fails, you can try resetting your modem to factory defaults. This will erase all of your settings, so you will need to re-configure them after the reset.


We, too, have attempted to break the problem down into simple, understandable chunks so that you can diagnose and resolve it at home in minutes without having to call customer service. So, without further ado, let us begin.

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When the US/DS light on your Arris modem or router blinks, it can be concerning. Most of the time, it will only blink for a few minutes. However, it may blink for extended periods of time with no sign of stopping.

Worst of all, it may be accompanied by a loss of internet connection. You should not be concerned if you are experiencing this issue. There are several approaches you can take to identify and resolve the issue with your Arris modem. However, before we get to the solutions, let’s take a look at what’s causing the problem.


If you didn’t already know, the US/DS abbreviation stands for Upstream and Downstream. It is normal for the US/DS light to blink when a modem is establishing a connection.

However, once the connection is established, it stops blinking and simply remains turned on. When this occurs, it indicates that the internet is operational and that the device can send and receive data.

However, if the light continues to blink, you know there is a problem. So, what exactly is the issue? Continue reading to find out.


There are several possible explanations for why the US/DS light is flashing. If the blinking occurs at one-second intervals, you can safely assume that the signal you’re receiving is of poor quality or non-existent.

Here are a few more major reasons why your light might be blinking:

  • There could be a scheduled maintenance outage in your area, and you aren’t receiving any signals, which is why the light is blinking. On planned outages, the provider’s website is usually updated, so you might want to check it out.
  • The coaxial cable has either been severed or is loose.
  • The signal from the cable is weak.
  • Your modem, router, or both are broken.

Power fluctuations or outages can sometimes damage a modem and reduce its capabilities. This could be the reason why your devices aren’t working as well as they used to.

  • Your device is updating, and the blinking indicates that the firmware download is in progress. Wait ten minutes, and the light will soon return to normal.
  • Splitter has been damaged.

A Splitter is a useful device that divides your incoming internet connection between your phone, internet, and TV devices. You may have a problem if any part of it is not working properly. Because of this, the US/DS light on your modem may be blinking.

Troubleshooting US/DS light blinking on Arris modem
Troubleshooting US/DS light blinking on Arris modem



These are just a few of the reasons why your device’s US/DS light may be blinking. If you’ve correctly identified the root cause of the problem, you’re almost there.

After all, isn’t identifying the problem half the battle? With that said, let’s look at how you can get your modem working properly again.

1. Check for a Service Outage

If there is a service outage in your area, the US/DS light will undoubtedly begin to blink because the signals will be very weak, or you may not have any connection at all.

To confirm if an outage is indeed disrupting service and causing the US/DS light to blink, call Spectrum internet and ask a customer service representative if the provider is currently performing maintenance or the like.

You can also check their official website for the same information, as they frequently update it. We’d even advise you to check your Spectrum mail. They may have also sent you a notification about it.

2. Check the Connections

Loose connections are a real danger, especially because they can go wrong so easily. To be safe, go around and double-check that both ends of the coaxial cable are tight.

If they aren’t, hand-tighten them. We also recommend that you disconnect and reconnect the cable to ensure that everything is working properly.

3. Restart the Modem

The first step is straightforward. Restart the device that is causing the issue. Don’t underestimate the power of a single ‘off’ button to solve half of the world’s problems.

With that said, unplug your modem from its power source and wait a few minutes for it to rest. Then, on the device, press the ‘Power’ button, hold it, and reconnect it to a power source. That’s it! Machines can overheat and malfunction, so this should allow it to cool down and get back on track.

4. Test Out the Splitter

If resetting the modem isn’t enough and you’re still having problems, you should check to see if the splitter you’re using is defective. Simply disconnect the cable from the splitter and use it to connect the modem directly to it.

If the new connection works properly and does not cause your US/DS light to blink, it is likely that your splitter is faulty. In this case, we recommend that you replace the splitter.

5. Call Customer Service

If all else fails, you may require the assistance of experts. You’re in luck because they’re only a phone call away. Simply dial 1-855-423-0918 to reach Spectrum customer service and request technical assistance.

They will connect you to a trained professional who will be able to answer all of your questions and resolve any issues you may have. Spectrum is available at all hours of the day and night and will be more than happy to get your internet service up and running smoothly.

Why Is Arris Modem DS Light Blinking?
Why Is Arris Modem DS Light Blinking?


Isn’t it clear that it’s not as complicated as it appears? You don’t need to be an expert in computer science to solve this problem. Simply follow the steps outlined above to troubleshoot the issue, and the rest is easy. And, if you get stuck at any point, Spectrum customer service is only a phone call away.

The constant blinking on your modem can be alarming, and it can almost tell you that you’re going to have a bad internet day. But that shouldn’t be the case. You should be able to solve the problem and stabilize the US/DS light on your Arris modem using the troubleshooting ideas listed above.

If none of the above methods work, contact customer service for assistance in resolving the problem or for a replacement modem. If you are having other problems, we have a comprehensive Arris modem troubleshooting guide for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a blinking US/DS light on an Arris modem mean?A blinking US/DS light on an Arris modem means that the modem is not able to establish a connection to your ISP. This can be caused by a number of factors, including a loose or defective cable, an internet outage, or a problem with your modem’s firmware.

Why is my Arris modem DS light blinking?

Examine for Power Outages. Because the Downstream (DS) is the data sent from the ISP to the customer, any outage on the service provider’s end can cause the orange light in your Arris modem to blink. If there is a power outage, the downstream data flow is interrupted, and the Arris modem displays an orange light indicator.

What does US DS stand for?

Upstream and downstream are denoted by the abbreviation US/DS. This light will begin blinking while your router is still connecting, but will stop and become solid once the connection has been established. The solid light indicates a successful connection, which means the device can now receive and send data.

How do you reset the router?

To turn off your router, press the power button or unplug the power cord. Wait 30 seconds before turning it back on or plugging it back into an electrical outlet. Keep your router plugged in and turned on at all times so that your TV can function properly. It can only be turned off by rebooting.

What does DS on a wifi router stand for?

In case you didn’t know, US is an abbreviation for “Upstream” and DS is an abbreviation for “Downstream.” When the router establishes a connection, the US/DS light will begin to blink, but it will stop blinking and turn solid once the connection is established.

Why is my Xfinity router WIFI light blinking?

A solid white light on your Xfinity router normally indicates that it is connected and that the internet connection is stable. If it’s blinking, it could mean that the router is having trouble connecting to the internet or that your service hasn’t been activated yet.


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