7 Best Universal Remotes For Amazon Firestick Fire TV

What Are the Best Universal Remotes For Amazon Firestick Fire TV? We’ve all picked up a different remote and pointed it at the wrong device at some point. Universal remotes are the simplest solution to the most common source of confusion in an Amazon Firestick-enabled home.

These remotes are sold as an all-in-one package that includes a Firestick that connects to your computer or TV. It allows you to control not only your basic cable TV but also all of the smart devices you have installed in your home.

Top Picks for Best Universal Remotes

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Best Universal Remotes For Amazon Firestick Fire TV
Best Universal Remotes For Amazon Firestick Fire TV

A universal remote is a one-stop shop for all of your control concerns. You can throw away your other remotes once you get your hands on one of these universal remotes.

However, until recently, there weren’t many universal remotes that could control Amazon Fire TV and FireStick. After testing a dozen universal remotes, I compiled a list of the best universal remotes for Amazon FireStick.

I choose products based on their ease of use, device compatibility, customizability, battery life, and technical support. If you’re in a hurry, the Logitech Harmony Elite is the best overall Universal Remote for Firestick.

4 Best Universal Remotes For Amazon Firestick Fire TV

1. Logitech Harmony Elite: Best Overall Universal Remote for Amazon Fire Stick

The Logitech Harmony Elite is a stylish remote control with a built-in touch screen and motion-sensitive backlit keys.

The Harmony Elite remote supports up to 270,000 smart devices, so whether you have a PlayStation, an Apple TV, or an Amazon Firestick, the Harmony Elite remote has you covered. The remote weighs less than 6 oz (170g) and measures 7.56 in x 2.13 in x 1.14 inch.

The package includes a Harmony Hub that serves as the connection’s central node, making it simple to use. The device, along with its hub, can be connected to a WiFi network and supports basic security features such as WPA 2, as well as 64 bit/128 bit encryption.

It also supports IR extenders for your devices, making it compatible with a wide range of devices. Logitech also includes a charging station for your Harmony Elite, allowing you to toss your remote for charging when not in use, giving it excellent battery life.

The Harmony app, which is available on both the App Store and the Play Store, is used for the initial Bluetooth setup of the hub and can even convert your phone into a universal remote that is accessible via Wi-Fi.

You can use the app to control your devices even when you are not at home. The remote buttons can be programmed to perform a variety of functions, including controlling smart products such as Philips Hue bulbs or thermostats.

The best part is that it works even when the products are in a cabinet. The one-touch control is by far the most useful feature, as it allows you to save various settings so that you can begin watching TV immediately.

Each feature is thoroughly covered in the user guide, along with a tutorial for the user’s convenience.

Despite its high price, the Harmony Elite is a great value for money given the plethora of features and Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant support. Logitech’s Tech Support is unrivaled in terms of technical know-how and troubleshooting abilities.

Universal Remotes For Amazon Firestick And Fire TV
Universal Remotes For Amazon Firestick And Fire TV

2. Caavo Control Center: Best AI-Powered Universal Remote for Firestick

The Caavo Control Center is the first AI-controlled universal remote that allows you to control all of your home’s devices. This includes your gaming consoles, Sonos speakers, cable TV, Apple TV, Roku, and, most importantly, your Fire TV, which has a voice-control enabled and customizable remote, so you won’t have to worry about pressing the wrong buttons.

What makes it even more enjoyable is the ability to perform a one-search for all. Caavo opens all relevant results on Youtube, Netflix, Plex, Hulu, HBO, and other services with a single search. This is a valuable feature that makes it simple to use for all of you movie streamers out there.

The Caavo Control Centre, like the other universal remotes on this list, can be paired with smart speakers such as your Google Home or Echo Dot, making it compatible with a wide range of devices.

This clever pairing allows you to use your smart speakers to access all of the features hands-free. Caavo also includes an app that turns your phone into a universal remote if you can’t find your remote in time, saving your remote’s battery and giving it a long battery life.

This is where things get complicated. Certain Caavo features, such as voice control and content discovery, are only available after you subscribe to their plan. The subscriptions are available for $3.99 per month or $99.99 for a lifetime subscription.

They also offer excellent technical support. Caavo Control Center, on the other hand, is significantly less expensive than some of the premium universal remotes on the market, despite offering very similar features. Even if you purchase a lifetime subscription, it is still a viable option.

3. Logitech Harmony Companion: Best Medium-Level Universal Remote for Amazon Fire Stick

The Logitech Harmony Companion is a scaled-down version of the Harmony Elite. It will serve as your one-stop control for all of your home entertainment and home automation needs.

It looks and feels like any other remote control, complete with spongy rubber buttons and an RF transmitter. It weighs less than 120 g and measures 7.25 in x 2.13 in. The Harmony companion, which supports up to 8 devices, can lower your blinds, dim the lights, and even raise the temperature in your home.

It maintains control over your devices even when they are hidden from view. It works with a variety of devices. You can control all of your streaming services, including Amazon Firestick, in terms of entertainment.

Alternative Video: Universal Remote To Work With Amazon Fire TV Stick

Universal Remote To Work With Amazon Fire TV Stick


Because it is simple to use, the Companion remote should meet the majority of your smart home needs. Logitech even allows you to add more remotes via the Harmony App, so the fun doesn’t stop there.

It is compatible with the Harmony Hub, which includes support for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. We’ve already mentioned Logitech’s outstanding Tech Support. It pulls its weight, especially considering the price, with support for the majority of popular platforms such as Apple TV and Playstation.

The Hub specification is identical to the more premium Elite edition, which can charge your remote and has an excellent battery life, and it is very reasonably priced.

4. Sevenhugs Smart Remote: Best Future-Proof Universal Remote for Amazon Fire Stick

The Sevenhugs Smart Remote is the most futuristic of all these Amazon FireStick universal remotes. With a high-resolution touch screen and an extremely user-friendly UI, you’ll quickly grow tired of your other remotes. The touch-screen depletes the battery, but it still works.

The Smart Remote’s most useful feature is the point mode. When the remote is pointed at a device, the Point Mode displays dedicated control buttons for each device, making it simple to use. If you point it at your Philips Hue bulbs, for example, you’ll see all of your smart bulb controls.

Sevenhugs accomplishes this through the use of three sensors included in the box. The Smart Remote also has customizable interfaces that you can configure. You can design your control interface by deciding which controls you need on your remote.

When you plug in your FireStick to stream movies, this feature will come in handy. Sevenhugs’ Tech Support did keep me waiting for quite some time, but they did assist me in resolving the issues I had encountered while setting it up.

In terms of device compatibility, the Smart Remote can connect to devices via Bluetooth or WiFi. Using the Smart Remote app on your phone, the pairing is a breeze. The remote even allows you to control multiple devices with a single button press.

Apple TV, Fire TV, Sonos, and Roku are among the most popular devices that can be paired with the Sevenhugs Smart Remote. The Sevenhugs Smart Remote is the perfect universal remote for quickly controlling your TV, music, and lights.

Best Universal Remotes For Amazon Firestick
Best Universal Remotes For Amazon Firestick


Other picks that are not Reviewed in this article.

  • #5– Best for Voice Control: Logitech Harmony Express
  • #6 – Budget Universal Runner Up: Harmony Smart Control
  • #7 – Budget Replacement: Amazon Fire TV Remote with Alexa

1. Compatibility

When your Fire Stick Remote stops working and you need a quick replacement, make sure the replacement is compatible with your existing devices.

2. Ecosystem of Smart Homes

Check the compatibility of the remote with the smart devices connected to it if you have virtual assistant kits such as Apple Homepod, Google Assistant, or Amazon Alexa. If the remote can do more than just turn on the device, the remote hub should be simple to integrate into the system.

3. Power Source

Examine the remote’s power source and whether it has a detachable battery or a built-in charging mechanism. A remote that dies every few days is useless for practical use.

4. Count of devices

The number of devices that can be paired with almost every universal remote is limited. This is critical if you intend to control multiple smart home devices with your universal remote.

5. App Management

Check to see if the universal remote you buy has a sloppy app that makes it difficult to control your TV, music, lights, or other appliances.

6. Voice Control

If you want to control devices with your voice, a universal voice remote may be a better option than a traditional one that requires you to press buttons.

7. New features

It should be a lot more flexible if the remote has a built-in touch screen or an RF transmitter to the hub instead of an IR sensor.

8. Price

Finally, it comes down to how much money you want to spend on a smart universal remote. Keep in mind that a universal remote is a convenience device that eliminates the need for multiple remotes.

CONCLUSION Best Universal Remotes For Amazon Firestick Fire TV

Consider the Inteset 4-in-1, Sofabaton U1, and Philips Universal Companion remote controls for the best Amazon Fire TV Stick compatible remote. Aside from the Fire TV Stick, these universal remotes can control a variety of other devices.

Roku, Apple TV, and Smart TVs are examples of these. The remotes are simple to set up and have a plethora of features.

Remotes For Amazon Firestick And Fire TV
Remotes For Amazon Firestick And Fire TV

FAQ Amazon Fire Stick TV Best Remote

Do any universal remotes work with Fire Stick?

What universal remotes are compatible with the Firestick: The Logitech Harmony Smart Control – Fully Functional Universal Remote. The SofaBaton F2 comes with a universal remote attachment. The Sideclick – Universal Remote Attachment is a universal remote attachment.

How do I use a universal remote to control my Amazon Fire Stick?

To program the Fire TV, press the Device key on the remote (ie: A, B, C, or D). Hold down the SET button on the remote until the signal LED (red light) blinks twice, then let go. Enter the Fire TV’s five-digit setup code, which is 02049. As each digit is entered, the LED blinks once.

Will RCA universal remote work with Fire Stick?

No, the remote does not work with the Fire Stick. A: No, it’s intended for infrared devices. Chromecasts are only WiFi-enabled devices. A: Use the on-screen help in xFinity to enter the RCA code for the “TV power” button on your CableCo remote.

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