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Google Wi-Fi routers are becoming more and more well-known every day. This should not come as a surprise given the product’s name. 

Google Wi-fi Blue Flashing
Google Wi-fi Blue Flashing

Google Wi-fi Blue Flashing, the quality of the Google Wi-Fi router is superb, and in addition to the many functions that enable us to build a fantastic mesh network, we must draw attention to the LED light surrounding the router.

You must be aware of the hue and behavior of each light pattern to comprehend how this LED light shows the device’s and the network’s current statuses. In this article, we’ll discuss what it means when our Google Wi-Fi starts flashing blue and how to solve it.

Video: Understanding the Status Light on Google Nest Wifi Pro

Status Light on Google Nest Wifi Pro


Generally speaking, while the Google Wi-Fi indicator is flashing blue, the device is either ready for setup, has been reset to its factory default settings, or is currently updating its firmware.

Google Wi-fi Blue Flashing

When these procedures are finished, the light should become a steady shade of teal. That indicates that your internet connection is operational and that the router is active.



Here are a few of the most popular fixes for this issue. By the end of this essay, we are sure that you will have the issue resolved if you proceed slowly. If unsure how to proceed after reading this advice, you may always move straight to the final step and call assistance.

1. Finish the setup

This should be done first since one of the indications of the Google Wi-Fi flashing blue light is that the device is prepared for setup. Most of the time, you must set up the router afresh since you reset the router to factory defaults.

Download the Google app or google fiber on your smartphone, sign in to the network, and follow the setup instructions. The LED light should turn solid teal once the configuration is finished.

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You can refer to this official tutorial on how to set up your Google Wi-Fi if you’re unsure how to do it.

2. Set-Up

As previously mentioned, one reason Google Wi-Fi may be flashing blue is that you have not yet configured:

  • When the adapter is ready for setup, the red light will slowly pulse blue after you insert it into a plug socket and wait around a minute.
  • A new device google nest wifi router can be added by opening the Google Home app. First, select your home by tapping Set up New Devices in Your Home. Currently, the app is looking for your device.
  • Tap yes to set up your Google Wi-Fi orange light when it is discovered.
  • The app will check your device’s internet connection and complete setting up your google Wi-Fi point when you are instructed to point your phone at the QR code on the bottom of your Wi-Fi point.
  • Then, give your grid a name and pick a strong password that will be challenging for others to guess. The app makes it simple to communicate the password with friends and family whenever necessary. The gadget light will turn white once the reset google WiFi setup is complete.

3. Wait for the firmware upgrade to finish

Another explanation for your Google Wi-blue Fi’s light flickering is a current firmware update. If this is the cause, you must wait for it to finish, and when it reboots, the blue light as an indicator light should stop flashing.

 Firmware upgrade to finish
Firmware upgrade to finish

You must refrain from attempting to resolve the problem at this time because the firmware upgrade shouldn’t be disrupted or you risk damaging the router google assistant.

The process of updating the firmware shouldn’t take too long, but if you see that the blue light or red light is flashing for a more extended period than usual, either the update is stalled, or there is another problem that is causing the reset Google WiFi router to flash blue.

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4. Restart Google’s wireless router.

You can attempt to reset your Google Wi-Fi router if the LED light is still flickering blue at this point. Anyone can attempt this basic troubleshooting procedure.

The great thing about this technique is that it usually solves networking problems. You may easily restart the Google WiFi manually or through the Google app.

All you have to do to complete the process manually is to cut the router’s power line. Then, reconnect the power cable after leaving it unplugged for at least 20 to 30 seconds. The router should be turned on and given time to boot up fully.

However, if you choose to use the Google Home app, all you have to do is unlock your device, open the app, and connect to Wi-Fi. Next, select Settings, and then select Restart network.

5. Examine the Cables.

Examine the Cables
Examine the Cables

Your modem google wifi point cables could also be the cause of the stoppage. Checking all of the wires is your only option at that point. Call customer support once more to order them online if any of them are cracked or bent oddly.

6. Faulty Router

The router might be broken if you’ve attempted the solutions above but the solid blue light is still blinking.

If you have the choice to connect another router in that situation, doing so will enable you to determine right away whether your Google Wi-Fi equipment is broken or not. However, we might suggest contacting support if you don’t have access to another router to try.

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7. Speak with the Support

When you try to repair the issue, but nothing seems to be working, it can be not very reassuring. Therefore, it is advised to contact support in the situation and request their assistance.

We are confident that Google assistance is among the best and will quickly assist you in solving the issue. You only need to carefully follow their instructions and provide as many specifics as possible about the router issue you are experiencing.


Unless you are experiencing a problem with a faulty Google Wi-Fi device problem, the options offered above should help you resolve the problem quite quickly. In that case, purchasing a new one will undoubtedly solve the blue light issue. But let’s take things slowly and take each step individually.

It’s great to have a quick, reliable internet connection, but you shouldn’t have to pay for it if you don’t have to. So try each of the suggestions first, and if that doesn’t work, get in touch with support. Finally, if nothing resolves the issue, think about getting a new router.


Frequently Asked Questions

What does Google WiFi’s color scheme mean?

Quick pulsing Yellow or solid blue light: Factory reset by holding down the Reset button. Solid Yellow: If the factory reset, the WiFi router is. Solid White: The WiFi router is operational and error-free.

What exactly does blue on a wifi router mean?

The blinking blue light will soon become a solid blue light if your router starts up or connects. And this proves that the machine is functional!

Why is Google’s color light blue?

Generally speaking, while the Google Wi-Fi indicator is flashing blue, the device is either ready for setup, has been reset to its factory default settings, or is currently updating its firmware. When these procedures are finished, the light should become a steady shade of teal.

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