How To Fix Amazon Fire TV Lagging? (Solved!)

How To Fix Amazon Fire TV Lagging? There are few things more annoying than a slow-moving Firestick. To make your Amazon Firestick faster, we’ll demonstrate the most frequent problems and how to resolve them.

Amazon Fire TV Lagging, although surprisingly adaptable, the Amazon Fire TV Stick is not a particularly powerful gadget, and complaints about poor speeds are typical. The performance of the machine is also affected by routine interface and operating system updates.

Amazon Fire TV Lagging
Amazon Fire TV Lagging

In this article, we’ll go over a few steps you may do to fix a Fire TV Stick’s performance issues and have it functioning at peak efficiency once more. 

Many of these adjustments won’t have much of an effect on their own, but when combined, they’ll give your firestick a big power increase and speed it up.

Troubleshooting: Issues on Fixing Amazon Fire TV Lagging

Slow internet connectionCheck your internet speed and make sure you have a strong signal.
Too many apps running in the backgroundClose any apps that you’re not using.
Old firmwareUpdate your Fire TV’s firmware to the latest version.
Cache and data buildupClear the cache and data for any apps that are lagging.
Hardware problemsIf you’ve tried all of the above and your Fire TV is still lagging, it may be a hardware problem. Contact Amazon customer support for help.

Video: Amazon Fire TV Remote: Laggy, Delayed, Slow

Amazon Fire TV Remote: Laggy, Delayed, Slow


The Fire TV Stick doesn’t always have trouble performing its duties right out of the box. Power users, however-particularly those who have Kodi installed and use it frequently-might observe performance deterioration with time. Performance concerns with the Fire TV Stick include:

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  • Lag
  • App failure
  • Inferior video quality
  • Frame rate decline
  • Slo-mo footage
  • Unsynchronized sound
  • Long buffering times

Examine your power supply.

Use the power adapter and charging cable that came with the device. The USB cord can be plugged into a spare laptop port or the USB port on your TV, however these ports have a much lower output than a wall outlet and will stifle the Fire TV’s performance at youtube tv, google tv, smart tv, and apple tv.

If you decide to use a cable and adapter made by a different manufacturer, check sure it has the same output as the original: A 5W, 1.0A adaptor is required by the third-generation Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote. Additionally, confirm that the wall adapter is using the appropriate voltage for your nation video playback.

Resolve Streaming Issues on Fire TV Cube

1. The Fire TV Cube must be restarted.

2. Remove saved app data from Fire TV Cube apps.

3. Power cycle your wireless router and other home network gadgets (for example, modems and routers).

4. Use the provided Ethernet adapter to link up with a network.

5. If you want to stream 4K Ultra HD content, you’ll need a High-Speed HDMI cable.


Even when they aren’t using them, most customers keep their Fire TV Sticks plugged in and running constantly. Like a computer or phone, a sluggish Fire TV Stick can benefit from the odd restart to clear its clogs and give it fresh vitality. 

The device can either be restarted through Fire OS or by unplugging it and then plugging it back in. For the latter, adhere to these guidelines:

  • Keep pressing the Home (house) button.
  • Setup > Device Selection Restart

Remove any unnecessary add-ons and programs

Remove any unnecessary add-ons and programs
Remove any unnecessary add-ons and programs

Although it may seem obvious, programs and add-ons can run in the background and eat up resources by taking up memory space. Remove any Kodi add-ons you don’t use and any apps you don’t use. Do the following in order to remove Fire TV apps on your android tv:

  • Retain the Home (home) button depressed.
  • Applications > Settings
  • Make your choice Manage Installed Applications.
  • Choose the application you want to remove.
  • Then click Uninstall once again to confirm android tv app.

You should be aware that some apps are pre-installed on Fire TV and cannot be removed. Next, we’ll demonstrate how to handle those.

Stop useless apps forcibly

You can stop unused programs that don’t have an uninstall option or apps that you want to keep but don’t use frequently so they don’t continue to run in the background.

To accomplish this, simply follow the identical procedures outlined above for uninstalling the app. This time, pick Force halt rather than Uninstall. At first, it might not seem like anything has changed, but the app will no longer be a burden on your Fire Stick on Amazon Fire cube.

Clear data and cache

You can find the options to clear data on Microsoft edge and clear cache on the same menu as Force stop and Uninstall. Whether you use an app or not, you can utilize these on pretty much any of them, although it’s absolutely worthwhile to do so on less commonly used ones.

Clear data and cache
Clear data and cache

Clear data, then Clear cache, in the order they display on the screen. Additionally, this will block programs from later automatically reloading themselves once you’ve forced stopped them.

Disable features that you don’t use

Quite an amount of bloatware is activated by default on the Fire TV Stick. In the settings, you may give Kodi and other programs more resources by turning off a few “features.” Additionally, disabling these functions can increase your privacy. This is how you do it:

  • Retain the Home (home) button depressed.
  • Applications > Settings
  • Choose the option to Collect App Usage Data. Cut off
  • If you don’t utilize this option, choose Prime Photos, turn off Allow guest connections, and disable Access Prime Photos.
  • Choose Appstore. You can turn off Automatic Updates in this section, which downloads and installs new versions of your programs silently. But keep in mind that you should still upgrade your apps frequently to get crucial security updates. If you want to temporarily improve performance, we advise against disabling this. By turning off in-app purchases and notifications, you can also get a little bit more performance.
  • Choosing Gamecircle. Turn off Whispersync for Games and Share Your GameCircle Nickname.

Disable data collection

Data monitoring can be a helpful tool to ensure that you don’t go over the monthly data cap set by your internet service provider, but it consumes minimal system resources that could be better used elsewhere. Follow these steps to stop data collection:

  • Retain the Home (home) button depressed.
  • select Preferences under Settings.
  • choose data surveillance
  • To turn off data tracking, click the button.

App notifications

Not only may app alerts be unpleasant, but they can also have a very minor performance impact. Users of Fire TV have the option to completely disable or disable individual apps’ notifications. To access your notification settings, follow these steps:

  • Retain the Home (home) button depressed.
  • select Preferences under Settings.
  • the Notification Settings menu.
  • Slide on Don’t click on it to interrupt, or select App Notifications to turn off notifications for specific apps.

Reset the factory

If you’ve tried everything else on this list and still aren’t getting the performance you need out of your Fire TV Stick, then this should be your “last resort.” 

Remember to go through this list again to make the necessary changes after doing this because it will remove any programs that weren’t pre-installed and reset all of your settings to default.

  • Retain the Home (home) button depressed.
  • the Settings > Device option.
  • Reset to Factory Defaults can be found by scrolling to the bottom.
  • Select Reset to confirm, then watch for the procedure to be completed.

Apply a VPN

If your buffering periods are larger than usual, your hardware might not be the issue but rather your internet service provider. For a variety of reasons, ISPs have been known to throttle their customers’ bandwidth, but many particularly dislike Kodi users, whether or not they use it for lawful activities.

We advise setting up a VPN on your Amazon Fire TV Stick to get around this. A VPN, which stands for Virtual Private Network, encrypts all internet data on a device and sends it through a middle server in a location of your choosing. 

Apply a VPN
Apply a VPN

This implies that your ISP cannot make assumptions about what you stream and where from based on the contents of your internet traffic or its source or destination.

More privacy, better security, and the ability to safely access streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, and BBC iPlayer from any location are just a few of the many other advantages that VPNs offer.

NordVPN is the best option we can suggest. It doesn’t require any setup or hacks to get started because it has its own software that can be found directly on the Fire TV app store. This service is well worth your time thanks to its robust security, thousands of servers, and extremely fast speeds. With a 30-day money-back guarantee, you can try NordVPN risk-free.


It is unreasonable to replace a restart FireStick every time it slows down. I demonstrated numerous techniques for speeding up a sluggish FireStick gadget in this post.

Beyond following my directions, these techniques don’t require any technological expertise. Please share your suggestions for accelerating a FireStick in the comments area below.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my Amazon Fire TV lagging?There are a few reasons why your Amazon Fire TV might be lagging. These include: a slow internet connection, too many apps running in the background, old firmware, cache and data buildup, or hardware problems.
How do I fix my Amazon Fire TV lagging?There are a few things you can do to try to fix your Amazon Fire TV lagging. These include: checking your internet speed, closing any apps that you’re not using, updating your Fire TV’s firmware, clearing the cache and data for any apps that are lagging, or restarting your Fire TV.
What should I do if my Amazon Fire TV is still lagging after trying these solutions?If you’ve tried all of the above and your Fire TV is still lagging, it may be a hardware problem. Contact Amazon customer support for help.
How can I prevent my Amazon Fire TV from lagging in the future?There are a few things you can do to prevent your Amazon Fire TV from lagging in the future. These include: using a wired connection instead of Wi-Fi if possible, keeping your Fire TV’s software up to date, uninstalling any apps that you don’t use, clearing the cache and data for apps that you do use on a regular basis, and restarting your Fire TV regularly.

Why is my Amazon Fire TV lagging?

Your FireStick may lag or slow down for a number of reasons, including outdated firmware, cache, many background programs, or automatic app updates.

How do I fix my lag on restarting Firestick?

The unnecessary power drain caused by notification spam could slow down your Fire Stick. Go to Settings > Applications > Appstore > Notifications to disable Appstore notifications. Go to Settings > Preferences > Notification Settings > App Notifications to selectively turn off notifications from other apps.

Why is Firestick buffering?

Your router, modem, Ethernet cable, or even Firestick hardware could malfunction and cause buffering. a remote server has problems. It’s possible that the server hosting your video material is underperforming or working too slowly. Internet connection speed issues.

What does clearing the cache on Firestick do?

On your Fire TV Stick, deleting the cache will typically fix issues like poor speeds and program crashes. If that doesn’t work, you might need to delete app data, clear cookies, or even reset your Fire TV Stick to its factory default settings.


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