DirecTV Error Codes – Most Common Problems

Electronic devices typically display error codes when the self-diagnosis function is active and influential. Some devices, such as the DirecTV receiver, are outfitted with features that assist the device in diagnosing common problems and providing codes you can interpret to understand the problem.

DirecTV Error Codes
DirecTV Error Codes

The most common problem for DirecTV remote users is interpreting these error remote codes and figuring out how to work around them. Unfortunately, most customers have difficulty deciphering error code messages. 

DirecTV Error Codes , even if DirecTV includes a booklet or a link with a wealth of troubleshooting information, the information may be unavailable during a minor crisis. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of the most common DirecTV error codes and their meanings and simple solutions.

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Simple guide to DIRECTV Error Codes

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Error code 771: Attempting to locate a satellite signal

You will most likely receive this error code message as a DirecTV user. Although this code appears to be annoying, there is no need to panic because it is a minor diagnosis of signal interruptions. 

You can fix this error remote code at home with some help from an experienced expert. But before we get into that, let’s look at what’s causing this error.

What is the source of DirecTV Error Code 771?

  • Several factors can cause this error code. As a result, error code 771 has a few solutions. You’re receiving this error code mainly because of intermittent signals caused by stormy weather. 
  • It usually happens when the device tries to find a satellite signal during a thunderstorm. If the weather is terrible, you don’t have to panic or try to fix the error code. You should also avoid contacting customer service because it will not help. In fact, before troubleshooting this error code, the DirecTV support team consults a weather interactive map.

Aside from the weather, there are a few other less common causes of this problem. For example, the satellite signal is also affected by an unintentional cable change or the aftermath of a storm. In addition, a faulty piece of equipment or a power supply change can be to blame.

What’s the fix for DirecTV error code 771?

It would help if you did not attempt to resolve the problem or contact customer service in severe weather. Instead, wait for the weather to improve. However, if there is another cause for this error, you should retrace our steps before the problem occurs.

Fix for DirecTV error code 771
Fix for DirecTV error code 771

Did you mess with the wires? Is there a device error that you were previously aware of? If so, you should try to diagnose the system to find a solution. If the power supply is inconsistent, try to resolve the problem. Sit down and think about what else could be causing this problem. Were you rearranging furniture? Have you recently purchased a new surge protector that could disrupt the power and signal supply? If so, try to address the underlying issue.

203 is the DirectTV error code.

This error code indicates that the account is past due and the services have been reduced to a low level. The error code may also indicate that the service has been interrupted. There are no other possible causes for this error code.

What’s the fix for DirecTV error code 203?

The only way to resolve this error code 203 is to contact Customer Service and have full DirecTV service restored. Contact support at 888.388.4249 and use the automated system to speak with a human agent.

Error code 775 on DirecTV

This is another error code that typically indicates a frozen screen on the user’s end. The error code is prevalent, but most people don’t know what causes it or how to fix it. If you encounter this error code, you can better understand it and internalize some standard solutions.

What is the source of DirecTV error code 775?

DirecTV error code 775 can appear for a variety of reasons. The main issue is that the receiver is having trouble communicating with the satellite Dish. This can be caused by cable or power supply issues.

How to solve DirecTV error code 775?

There are several approaches to resolving this issue. Most people contact customer service, which is fine, but you should first try the steps below.

Solve DirecTV error code 775
Solve DirecTV error code 775

Check that the cables are securely connected. The cables should not be dangling. The wires should also be capable of transmitting the correct signals between the satellite dish and the receiver. If the cables are tight and correctly inserted, unplug the SWiM Power inserter and wait about 15 seconds before plugging it back in.

Service has expired, according to DirecTV error code 722.

You must have dealt with this error at some point in your life. It’s a common mistake that several factors can cause. Understanding the error and diagnosing the underlying problem can benefit you.

What is the source of DirecTV error code 722?

A software malfunction typically causes this error code. This is quickly resolved by simply refreshing the services. Software issues can arise due to common bugs, freezing, or any other reason that is common with electronic devices.

What is the fix for the DirecTV error code 722?

This error code has only two solutions. The first step is to update the services online. Log in to your DirecTV account and refresh your viewing experience. If the problem persists, contact SeniorTV or DirecTV customer service.


There are some other uncommon error codes you may encounter besides those listed above. To ensure that all information is covered and every error is addressed, here is a brief overview of DirecTV’s rare error codes, meanings, and solutions.

Error 14 on DirecTV: Internal Storage Error

This is an on-screen message informing you that an Internal Storage Error has been detected. It could also indicate that an internal issue was discovered while reading the Internal storage device. There are a few options in this situation. You should contact DirecTV and report the problem.

The fix for DirecTV error code 14

The first option is to reset the receiver by selecting “Reboot.” If the issue persists, do not attempt to reformat from the front panel. Replace the receiver.

Error code 15 on DirecTV: Internal Storage error detected

In this context, error codes 14 and 15 are interchangeable. All of them indicate that there was a problem detecting the internal storage device. Therefore, the fix for error 15 is the same as for error code 14.

The fix for DirecTV error code 15

To begin, choose “Reboot” to reset the receiver. If the error persists, you can replace the receiver rather than reformat it.

DirecTV error codes 614 and 615, as well as error code 617: The video connection was lost.

DirecTV error code 614 indicates that the video connection between the Wireless Video Bridge, also known as the Main Genie receiver, and the Genie Client has been lost. The same is true for DirecTV error code 615. If you receive error code 617, it means that there is a problem with the connection between the Genie Client and the Main Genie Receiver.


Before calling customer service, look for anything blocking the wireless signal or inspect the cabling to diagnose any cable issues. The solution to both DirecTV error codes 617 and 615 is the same. Examine the cabling and anything else that may be interfering with the wireless signal.

DirecTV error code 727: Program not available in your area

There are a couple of Geo-restricted programs on satellite TV. What this means is that some programs may be blocked in your area. Although this is a common occurrence, there is something you can do to correct the errors.


In this case, the only thing to do is a request that customer service verifies the address and resend the authorizations. At the same time, customer service should check for any blackouts and FCC viewing restrictions in your area. Unfortunately, if the FCC prohibits viewing, the services may not be available in your area.

Access Card Full, DirecTV error code 731

This error code indicates that the access card has reached its limit. It’s not a standard error code, but when you get it, it can be aggravating. In simple terms, customer service may only initiate a solution through the official line. However, there are a few steps to take to diagnose and solve the problem.


The first step is to run an IRD, also known as a system test, to ensure that the phone is in good working order. If this does not work, you can try troubleshooting the phone line. Customer service can force a callback, which could take only 2 minutes.

Error code 732 on DirecTV: IPPV Purchase Limit Exceeded

Another DirecTV error code that you may encounter from time to time. The error code indicates that the IPPV purchase limit has been reached.

What is the fix for the DirecTV error code 732?

You should know that the IRD must call to obtain the PPV information. Space will be made available once this has been downloaded. What you must do is follow the “731-Access Card Full” procedure.

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DirecTV error code 920: No Guide Information

This error code is uncommon but indicates that Guide Info is missing. Simply put, the receiver has not received guide information from the satellite within the last 13 hours.


The solution, in this case, is to provide the information to DirecTV Customer Service. This is a signal problem that they can resolve in a short period. The installation must be inspected to determine the root cause of this problem and why the IRD is receiving the OSD.

The wireless Video Bridge has lost power, according to DirecTV error code 928.

This is common and can be annoying. This error code typically indicates that the wireless Video Bridge has lost power. However, it could also indicate that the signal is weak or that the device is rebooting. In addition, this error may occur if the Genie Receiver has recently been replaced and the connection needs to reset.


Begin by inspecting the connections. Then, you can reset the wireless connection via the Genie Menu.


Numerous DirecTV error codes can appear on your DirecTV. What matters is that you have enough information about each error and an understanding of standard solutions. 

Different codes, however, may represent the same issue. However, the information provided above will assist you in understanding all DirecTV error codes and possible solutions.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is DIRECTV code 782?

If you see error code 782, your DIRECTV receiver has difficulty communicating with your satellite dish. A diagnostic system scan ensures that your receiver is powered on and connected to the rest of your DIRECTV equipment in your home.

What does the DIRECTV code 622 indicate?

If you see the error codes 620, 621, 622, 623, 624, or 625 on your TV screen, one of your DIRECTV receivers has lost connection. To begin troubleshooting, follow the prompts on your TV screen. Checking the connecting cables on your Genie Mini-receiver(s) for a tight fit is one of these tips.

What does the DIRECTV 771 message mean?

If you see this error code on your TV, your DIRECTV receiver has difficulty communicating with the satellite dish outside.

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