How To Increase Upload Speed Xfinity? (Answer)

A US telecommunications business called Xfinity offers its customers excellent next-generation internet services. Users frequently complain about a slow upload speed even while the download speed is fine.

How To Increase Upload Speed Xfinity
How To Increase Upload Speed Xfinity

How To Increase Upload Speed Xfinity, if you want to upload a huge file, a presentation, or a document right away, or backup important data, slow internet speed can be frustrating for you.

In today’s world, a quick upload speed is essential. We’ll examine the causes of Xfinity’s poor upload speed and walk you through the steps to resolve the problem.

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Why are upload speeds so SLOW


Businesses, students, content creators, telecommuters, and gamers all need faster upload speeds.

How To Increase Upload Speed Xfinity

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You might need to back up emails and data to the cloud or post images, audio, or video to the internet.

My Xfinity upload speed is really poor; what gives?

If your Xfinity connection is sluggish, it might be due to one of two things: You haven’t subscribed to a plan that provides a fast enough connection speed. Despite paying for a high-speed internet package, you aren’t experiencing the promised download and upload times.

The majority of services have faster download speeds, while upload rates are often in the 10 Mbps range.

Ideal upload times would be many hours for raw video files that are in the hundreds of gigabit range. However, at 300 Mbps, it would be finished in a few minutes.

Many employees must simultaneously upload and download files for business purposes. Here is when upload speed is most crucial. Additional faster upload rates are required for:

  • Taking lessons online and turning in homework
  • People who video conference
  • Playing games online
  • Backing up crucial information
  • Applications like Dropbox, Google Docs, etc.

Attending Online Classes

Online courses have gained popularity recently. A variety of online platforms are used for the classes that students must attend.

When uploading assignments, exam papers, etc., as well as participating in video conferences and delivering projects, upload speed is quite important.

Video Conferencing

In today’s world, it is impossible to meet your pals in person. As a result, more video conferences are now being held.

Video Conferencing
Video Conferencing

With loved ones, you would never want to have to put up with pauses and breaks. Online meetings and professional interviews are now commonplace.

However, improved connectivity and speed make sure you don’t miss out on any crucial information being transmitted.

Playing online Games

Online gameplay necessitates continual upgrading of your current knowledge. In order to load these files and make them accessible to the game servers, you also need basic upload speed.

Log-in games caused by slow upload rates can impair your performance. Additionally, Twitch, where you can broadcast your games to a huge audience, requires a fast upload speed.

Keeping Important Data Safe

We never want to lose any of the significant photos, films, or files we have. They might be lost, though, if a bug in your device causes it to happen.

Therefore, a faster upload speed is needed to back up these data to your Google Drive or cloud storage.

Certain Apps

If you’ve used Google Documents, Dropbox, etc., you are aware that as soon as you enter data, it is immediately uploaded.

Working on these apps won’t be enjoyable if the pace is slow because of this.

The symmetrical speeds of the most recent connections, particularly fiber connections, are one of their advantages. Their download and upload speeds are therefore equal.


We are aware of how frustrating it is to wait hours for a straightforward video upload. The best place to start when diagnosing the issue is with the internet service provider.


Numerous other factors, such as your router, software, and the number of connected devices, may also be to blame. A slow upload rate might occur for a number of reasons. Which are:

  • Data Limits
  • external firewalls
  • Business Restrictions
  • faulty modem or router
  • A surplus of connected devices

Let’s investigate the specifics.

Data Limits

The issue can result from limitations and problems on the part of your service provider. For instance, they might impose data limitations, which would limit uploading and downloading.

The data limit will change depending on the plan you select. To remedy this problem, it would be better if you got in touch with them.

Third-Party firewalls

Your device’s third-party firewall or antivirus software may also cause problems and slow down your internet. When you utilize your own firewall in place of the PCs’, this typically occurs.

It makes the device slower by checking every file while it is being uploaded or downloaded.

Simply remove the current firewall to see if the speeds have increased. Find a better firewall for your device if the answer is yes.

Business Restrictions

Your access to data may occasionally be restricted by the company you work for. For instance, they might impose data limitations that limit your ability to upload and download.

Faulty Modem Or Router

A reduced speed may be caused by the modem’s physical condition and the firmware that has been placed inside. Your router may become outdated or pick up problems over time. Keeping it current could be a remedy to performance pro.

If you’re interested, we’ve put together a list of the top Xfinity mobile modems. To avoid this, keep updating your firmware.

Your devices may become sluggish as a result of spyware or viruses on your router or other devices. Viruses can slow down a computer’s performance by running programs in the background that consume data to extreme pro.

A Surplus Of Connected Devices

Your internet speed may also be impacted by the number of devices you have connected. The number of devices that are currently connected will also slow down the connection speed.

Monitor and restrict the number of devices using your Wi-Fi. You may accomplish this by utilizing a variety of apps in your 4k streaming device or any connected device.

Remark: If your internet speed is 80% slower than what your provider promised, that indicates that it needs to be improved.



Here’s how to speed up your Xfinity upload:

  • Restart the device or router
  • utilizing Ethernet cables to connect computers
  • evaluating the Internet essential package
  • Cut back on the number of network connections.
  • Updates and PC scans
  • replacing the router or ISP checking the modem’s status
  • choosing the appropriate network and moving the router
  • Call Comcast today

Let’s take a closer look at a few of these.

1. Restart Router or Device

Your modem, router, or another device may occasionally become stuck. To fix any brief fluctuations, just turn these devices ON and OFF. You can also look for any loose connections on these gadgets using google fiber.

2. Connect a network cable

Perhaps the connectivity speed can be increased by using a wired connection. Perhaps the router is at fault here. Disable Wi-Fi and then use an Ethernet cable to connect the PC to the modem.

A hardwired system offers faster performance. Even when Ethernet isn’t working, upload speeds can be increased.

There might be some loose fittings or the cables could become corroded. Therefore, altering it might either help resolve the issue or identify the root causes of Xfinity’s internet speeds.

3. Verify your Internet plan.

It’s possible that you chose a plan by mistake with a slower upload speed. Your plan’s lower bandwidth could be the cause of your network’s slowness. However, you can simply upgrade your current plan to access higher speeds.

4. Cut back on the connections to your network.

The number of open connections can reduce network speed. Therefore, refrain from sharing the network while you upload files at increased speeds.

5. Check and Update the PC

Ensure that your computer is running the most recent version. Network issues can be brought on by outdated drivers and operating system versions for unbeatable internet.

Check and Update the PC
Check and Update the PC

Additionally, run a PC scan to find any potential malware or adware that may be present and cause your device to become even slower. Cleaning up temporary files is a solution because PCs produce a lot of them at multi-gig speeds.

6. Speak to Comcast

Contact the Comcast help desk if none of the aforementioned fixes the issue.

You can either:

Contact Comcast Retention by phone at 1-800-XFINITY or online chat on the Xfinity flex website.

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These days, a lot of people work from home, so network congestion may also be a significant factor in the slower pace. However, you can just wait and try uploading at a time when there is less traffic, such as early in the morning.

If your upload speed is zero, there may be another problem underlying it, such as broken Ethernet cables. Alternate browsers from the one you’re presently using can also be tried (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc.).




Frequently Asked Questions

With Xfinity, is I able to receive faster upload speeds?

Faster upload speeds are now available to eligible xFi Complete subscribers without any additional fees. Wonderful news! Now, qualifying for Complete users can get upload speeds that are 5-10 times quicker. To deliver next-generation Internet speeds to our clients is but one step.

Why is my Xfinity upload speed so slow?

Restart your router and move it closer to your devices to improve your slow Xfinity upload speed. Then, update your computer and check it for viruses and bugs that could be slowing it down.

Is there an upload cap with Comcast?

Most likely, Comcast customers are currently operating under a 1TB effective data cap. By November 1, subscribers in all 38 Comcast cities will be limited to 1TB of combined upload and download per month under this new plan, known as the Xfinity Terabyte Internet Data Usage Plan.

How can I increase my upload speed?

This is what? Reset the router and make sure its firmware is current to address a slow upload speed issue. Disable any proxy (VPN) settings and run a virus scan on your computer. Consider upgrading your router or internet package as well if you want additional bandwidth and support for numerous devices.

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