What Is Sprint OMADM? (All The Information You Need)

From the perspective of the management authorities, device management is the management of device configuration along with other controlled objects in the devices.

What Is Sprint OMADM
What Is Sprint OMADM

What Is Sprint OMADM, the placement of preliminary configuration information in devices, information updates, information management recovery, and processing of events and alarms generated by devices are all examples of device management?

Additionally, it enables service providers, network administrators, or corporate information management divisions to configure devices on behalf of clients or end users for your mobile phone.

Troubleshooting: Issues on Sprint OMADM

What is Sprint OMADM?Sprint OMADM is a protocol used by Sprint for troubleshooting, sending software updates, and setting up new services for mobile phones.
How do I disable Sprint OMADM notifications?You can disable Sprint OMADM notifications by going to Settings > Apps > System Apps > OMADM > Notifications and turning off the “Show notifications” toggle.
Can I uninstall Sprint OMADM?No, you cannot uninstall Sprint OMADM. It is a system app that is required for Sprint’s network services.
What are the risks of disabling Sprint OMADM?If you disable Sprint OMADM, you may not be able to receive software updates, troubleshoot your phone, or set up new services.
How do I know if Sprint OMADM is causing problems with my phone?If you are experiencing problems with your phone, such as dropped calls, slow data speeds, or problems with apps, you can try disabling Sprint OMADM to see if that resolves the issue.

Video: How to remove sprint OMADM notification

How to remove sprint omadm notification


Device Administration, Open Mobile Alliance (OMA), and Data Synchronization working groups collaborated to create OMADM, also known as OMA Device Management (DM), a standard for device management (DS). Through HTTPS, the OMA-DM protocol establishes contact with the server in the smart home.

Sprint OMADM?

Explain in detail what Sprint OMA-DM means. Open Mobile Alliance Device Management is abbreviated as OMADM. Troubleshooting, provisioning, and updating your phone’s firmware are all tasks that Sprint performs via Sprint OMADM.

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This uses the message payload from the most recent release of OMA-DM, version 1.2.1. OMA-DM =1.2.1’s most recent revision and specification, which was made public in June 2008, is now the most widely used and endorsed version.



The OMA-DM specification for PDAs, cell phones, and tablets was created and published in 2003. The system was created primarily for constrained devices with constrained bandwidths; nonetheless, it supports M2M communication via a variety of protocols, including WAP, HTTP, and SMS. This applies to equipment that performs any of the following on your mobile device:

  • Support provisioning – Whenever a device is introduced to a new system, it should automatically register itself and the associated metadata. The system always supplies identification and credentials for this registration.
  • The direct application of new configurations or broadcasting of new configurations for a bulk update is typically supported by Device Management (DM) services. It also takes care of any configuration-related requirements.
  • Updates to the firmware cover the necessity of installing new and updated software as well as the need to fix issues. Software for systems and applications is included here in the push notification.
  • Device management services are also in charge of managing faults and keeping track of device logs and metadata. For instance, a service may monitor a device’s firmware version, capabilities, typical location, status, and ID. Device management services frequently make this data available, along with connectivity logs and failures, through dashboards or APIs that can be used for remote debugging. The device’s status and logs can also be used to generate alarms, for example, if it hasn’t transmitted any data for a predetermined amount of time.
  • Authentication – Services for establishing device identity are provided by authentication. During provisioning, the device makes use of the created identity. This makes sure that the other party may be certain that the device is from a reliable and authentic source if there is external communication with other apps, devices, or services.


A series of messages start to conduct and then exchange for the provided task supplied by the device manager after there is a solid communication foundation established between the client and the server. 


OMA-DM can, nonetheless, divert a small number of message alerts from the sequence; however, the client or server must first initiate the divert. These warning messages’ main purpose is to manage any aberrant terminations, faults, or defects.

Numerous factors that are directly linked to communication are negotiated between the server and the client before the session even begins. This occurs inside the allotted messages.

What Is Sprint OMADM

The client and the server negotiate a number of communication-related parameters before the session begins, including the maximum message size. Smaller portions of huge objects of instruction are sent using the OMA-DM protocol. Since error recovery timeouts have not been stated, there may be numerous variations in implementation in android os.

During a session, there is a specific swapping of packages made up of a number of messages, each of which contains a number of commands. The client then performs the commands after being given the go-ahead by the server, reporting the outcome in a reply message in your android device.

How To Unlock Sprint Phone Without Account? [Easy Methods]

The OMA-DM protocol then divides a huge item of instructions into little bits and sends them. Because since error recovery timeouts are not specified, there are differences between the various procedures from smart home management.

Additionally, while the session goes on, a number of packages made consisting of a few messages are traded.

Every message contains a variety of directives. After the server issues the command, the client carries it out and sends back the outcome as a reply message.


A recently created modem with over-the-provisioning capability and an internet connection is called the Sprint OMADM. The moment an approved modem has been properly registered within the Sprint network, the OMA-DM-provided device becomes operational as a unified device.

This is due to how specifically network-oriented the new OMA-DM is. After the registration is finished, the modem can do a hands-Free activation.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that no direct commands should be given to the modem because the activation is still in progress. This refers to turning the modem on or off. Once the activation procedure has been fully completed, these actions are better performed.



To set up your account, you must first speak with a Sprint customer service agent. Before then, this information should be made available:

  • Your billing address.

Your modem’s Mobile Equipment Identification (MEID). The label of the modem makes this clear.

The Sprint representative you speak with will help you choose your service plan and then provide you with the following details.

  • code for your service programming ( SPC)
  • The mobile ID of your device (MIN or MSID)
  • Your phone’s area code (MDN)


Sprint OMA-DM notifications occasionally have the potential to be inconvenient when using your wireless device actively. 

Almost always useless and undesired notifications are sent via the Sprint OMA-DM notifications push. The other times, all of their notifications are about promoting their paid services, and half of the alerts don’t even make sense and keep popping up for no reason.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does OMADM stand for?OMADM stands for Open Mobile Alliance Device Management.
What does Sprint OMADM do?Sprint OMADM is a protocol used by Sprint to manage mobile phones. It can be used to troubleshoot phones, send software updates, and set up new services.
Is Sprint OMADM safe?Yes, Sprint OMADM is safe. It is a standard protocol that is used by many mobile carriers.
How do I know if Sprint OMADM is enabled on my phone?You can check if Sprint OMADM is enabled on your phone by going to Settings > Apps > System Apps > OMADM. If you see the OMADM app, then it is enabled.
Can I disable Sprint OMADM?Yes, you can disable Sprint OMADM. However, if you disable it, you may not be able to receive software updates, troubleshoot your phone, or set up new services.

What is the OMA-DM app on Android?

The Open Mobile Alliance developed OMA-DM, a device management protocol, specifically for managing mobile devices rather than those connected via fixed IP. It makes it possible to deploy, configure, upgrade software, and handle device faults remotely.

What is Omadm used for?

Cellular operators all throughout the world utilize OMA-DM to provision, diagnose, and transmit software upgrades to phones. For instance, according to Blanche and Solnik, if you purchased an Android phone from a carrier rather than directly from Google, the phone’s software upgrades are delivered via OMA-DM.

What is Carrier Hub?

A preinstalled program called Carrier Hub makes it possible for cellular services and other WiFi alternatives like Voice over WiFi to operate without interruption. Therefore, in order to utilize the aforementioned functionalities, you must have the app loaded on your smartphone. The software can occasionally be problematic, and you might need to uninstall it.

What is Quickstep app?

Quick-Style Step’s My Floor app, which was officially released this past spring, is made to enable customers to see Quick-Step flooring in their house before visiting a physical store




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