What Does User Busy Mean On iPhone? [Meaning And Solution]

Even after calling the other person an infinite number of times, you still get the message, ‘the User is Busy.’ Does this mean the user has blocked your number or that he is out of network range? There could be a number of causes for the issue.

So, we’ll explain what it all means and how you can easily solve this problem. Isn’t it annoying when you call someone and the phone says the user is busy, only to call them again moments later and get through?

So, if you do, please include me. It happened too many times for me to count, so I wanted to know what “User Busy” meant and if the line was busy when I received the alert. I went to Apple’s support pages as well as user forums to learn more about this.

Thanks to my extensive research, this guide should help you understand what “User Busy” on your iPhone means. When you call someone on your iPhone, the “User Busy” message indicates that the person you’re trying to reach is currently engaged in another call. The best thing you could do is to wait.

What Does User Busy Mean On iPhone?
What Does User Busy Mean On iPhone?


When you make a call and see “User Busy” on the screen, it means that the person you’re trying to reach is currently engaged in another conversation on his phone. Because of the way phones work, you can only get multiple people on a call if someone calls you.

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Priority is given to the current call, and the lines will be ready to receive calls once it has been hung up. If you’ve ever encountered a message that says “User Busy” while on a call with a friend, colleague, or family member, you may have wondered what it means and whether it indicates a problem.

What exactly does “User Busy” mean? So, we’ll explain what it means and how to prevent it from happening again. I’m sure you’re not the only one who experiences user busy iPhone issues while calling.

Most of you are probably wondering if the other person has blocked you or if you have messed up your iPhone settings.

What does the phrase “user busy iPhone” mean, why does it appear in your phone, and why does this problem occur with the only contact you want to call? In this article, we will go over everything there is to know about user busy in iPhone.


You may be receiving the message because the person on the other end of the line is on another call. A “User Busy” message may appear from time to time due to a network issue, but this is uncommon.

If the person you are attempting to contact is using a phone with an alert slider, such as an iPhone or a OnePlus phone, it is possible that they have set the alert slider to silent. However, nine times out of ten, you will receive a busy message because the person is on another call.


To avoid seeing the “User Busy” message, first confirm that the user you’re attempting to connect with is indeed busy. You can accomplish this by replacing the call two or three times. If you still don’t get an answer, try calling again after a few minutes.

You could also try calling the user at a different time. If they are pressed for time, they may have terminated the call themselves.

If you don’t believe this is the case, try learning more about the network you’re using. The message could be an indication of high network traffic or that servers in your or the user’s area are being serviced.

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User Busy Mean On iPhone


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If you receive this message on a standard cell phone, it is most likely due to heavy network congestion. Because of network issues, your network is unable to secure a channel in this situation. It could also be due to a wireless network outage affecting service in your area.

In Android versions, there is a special feature that allows incoming calls from specific people to be routed directly to voicemail. When someone blocks your number, your call is disconnected after a single ring and the message “the number you are calling is busy” is played.

You have been blocked if you receive a busy signal from your iPhone. If you send a text message and it appears that the message was delivered, you are sending a message to someone who has blocked you. Your iMessage may be delivered similarly to a text message.


Before you give up trying to reach the person on the other end of the line, you can confirm if the person on the other end of the line is actually busy on another call. You could try texting them and waiting for them to read the message.

If they respond, you can confirm that they were not on a call and try to contact them again. Alternatively, if you are able to reach them via text, you can request that they call you back with a text message.


If you have confirmed that the person on the other end of the line is on a call, the best thing you can do is wait. Wait a few minutes after attempting to connect and receiving a “User Busy” message before attempting again.

Continue in this cycle of waiting and trying until you get through and connect. You could also text them to let them know you’ve been attempting to call them for some time.

User Busy Mean On iPhone
User Busy Mean On iPhone


You can easily show the “User Busy” message to someone else when they try to call you if you ever feel the need to. You can accomplish this by enabling Do Not Disturb on your iPhone.

To do this on iOS 15:

  1. Launch the Settings app.
  2. Select Focus.
  3. Choose Do Not Disturb.
  4. Configure how you want notifications to be delivered to you.

You can also activate it from the Control Center by opening it and selecting Focus. You can then select Do Not Disturb from the menu.

For iOS 14 and older:

  1. Navigate to Settings.
  2. Navigate to Do Not Disturb.
  3. Turn on DND or set a schedule for when it should be turned on.

This can also be done from the Control Center by selecting the crescent moon icon in the panel.


If calling or texting did not yield a response, and you are desperate to reach the person, you can leave a voice mail even if you do not call the person. Some cellular providers have provisions and features that allow you to leave messages without calling, so if you share the same provider as the person you’re attempting to contact, try those services out.

If you have a Spectrum Landline account and want to block calls or appear busy, you can use Spectrum’s Call Guard service, just like you did with your iPhone.

So, what exactly does “User Busy” mean? It is simply a message informing the caller that their voice calls cannot be placed at that time due to a technical problem. While ‘user busy’ is just a message, there could be many reasons for it.

You cannot control the settings on another person’s phone, but you can make the necessary changes in the settings to keep your phone busy whenever you want and turn it off whenever you don’t.

What Does User Busy Mean on iPhone? Fix It
What Does User Busy Mean on iPhone? Fix It

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my phone showing user busy?

Examine the ‘Display over other apps’ options. When you are busy on your phone, perhaps using another application, other settings on your phone may cause the incoming call busy notification. Navigate to Display over other apps > Make sure “Allowed” is selected. If it isn’t, turn it back on.

Is it true that you’ve been blocked because the user is busy?

If you receive a busy or fast busy signal before your call is dropped, it is possible that your number has been blocked by their wireless carrier. If you get the same result on multiple test calls in a row, consider it evidence that you’ve been blocked.

Does user busy mean blocked Iphone?

Call the individual directly. It’s actually a common sign that your phone number has been blocked. The call will be disconnected, and you will hear a busy tone. Again, this is a common sign that the other person has blocked your phone number.

Why is my iPhone displaying a busy signal?

In telephone parlance, the fast busy is known as “reorder,” and it indicates that the phone was unable to connect to the network past the switch that handled the call attempt.

What does * 66 do on a cell phone?

It’s known as “continuous redial,” and simply entering a code (*66) after a busy signal instructs the line to continue redialing each time a call fails. A simple three-press of *86 then terminates the continuous redial.

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