How To Program QFX Universal Remote Code? (Easy Guide)

The instructions for programming a universal remote control include hundreds of codes for various manufacturers, making it much simpler to synchronize devices with the remote. However, the concern is unnecessary if you lose your instructions or never receive them.

QFX Universal Remote Code

This article will look at How do I Program My Qfx Universal Remote? Of course, there are various methods for pairing your QFX universal remote control with your favorite devices, so without further ado, let’s get started with today’s topic.



After unpacking your remote, purchase two AAA (triple-A) batteries for your universal remote. Because the majority of them do not include batteries. Open the remote control’s back and insert the batteries before closing it.¬†

How to Program QFX Universal Remote Control with Auto Search Code?

Before purchasing your universal remote control batteries, know what kind you need. Without further ado, let’s look at the step-by-step instructions for programming a QFX universal remote control with an auto-search code.

  • Turn on the device you want to program (in my case, a TV) and “Press & Release” the device button you want to control with your universal remote control (such as tv, DVR cable, Blu-ray, amp, or auxiliary). The LED light will blink before turning off.
  • Third, “point the remote control at the device,” then press and hold the “Setup” button until the LED indicator light illuminates. (Approximately two seconds). Then press and hold the button. The LED light will remain illuminated.
  • In the fourth step, point the remote control toward the component, then press and release the power button on your universal remote.
  • The remote control will begin searching through the codes automatically. The LED light will continue to flash until the “device turns off.” To save the code, press the “OK” button when the TV turns off.
  • Important: If you wait more than one second before pressing the OK button, it will go to the following code, and you will have to restart from step one.
  • Finally, turn on your component by pressing the power button on the universal remote control you programmed. Test the other buttons on the remote to ensure they function correctly. You must restart the procedure from the second step if they do not function properly.

We used qfx universal remote instructions here. If you have a Philips, Panasonic, or RCA remote control, we have some articles on those remotes on our website. You can find them by browsing our website.

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With this qfx universal remote tv codes, you can program up to six different devices, including tv, dvr cable, b-ray, amp, and auxiliary. We hope this method is useful to you.

QFX Universal Remote Code Complete List


We’ll look at how to program a qfx universal remote control with direct code entry using the step-by-step instructions below. Because most universal remote controls do not come with batteries, you will need to purchase two AAA batteries after unpacking your remote control.

Make sure to open the remote control’s back and insert the batteries before closing it. Let’s get started with how to program qfx universal remote control with direct code entry without further ado.

  • First, write down or memorize the four-digit code of your brand’s device, such as a TV, DVR, cable, B-ray, AMP, or Auxiliary. (Because you’ll need it in step five). My television is a Samsung, so the qfx remote code for a Samsung television is 1535. You can also make a circle around the code.
  • In the second step, you must manually turn on the device that you want to control.
  • Third, hold down the device button you want to program, such as the TV, DVR, cable, B-ray, AMP, or Auxiliary button, until the LED indicator light illuminates, then release the button. The LED light will flash once and then turn off.
  • In the fourth step, press and hold the setup button for about two seconds, until the LED indicator light shines…then release the button, and the LED light will remain on.
  • In the fifth step, use your remote’s keypad to enter the four-digit brand code that you discovered in the first step. The LED light will turn OFF if the code is correct. If the code is incorrect, the LED red light will flash and stay on, allowing you to enter different codes.
  • Important: If no button is pressed for 35 seconds or more, the remote control will exit setup mode and you will have to restart from step one.
  • In the sixth step, use the newly programmed universal remote control to turn off the device, then turn it back on by pressing the power button and checking the remaining buttons.

Congratulations, you’re done if they work properly. If they do not work, try different codes from the same brand of device, as most brands have more than one code in the code list. Alternatively, try programming with the auto search code method.

This qfx universal remote control allows you to program up to six different devices. We hope that these methods are useful to you.

Programming QFX Universal Remote Code


If you are unsure where to find the universal remote control codes for our devices, please visit Inside the menu of your remote, you’ll find a table of manufacturers and device types, each with its own digit code. 

We’ll begin with your TV, looking for the manufacturer such as vizio, toshiba, jumbo, and many more, and making a note of the first number in the table, which is your qfx universal remote control codes for your operating devices.


What is the MXQ universal remote code?

When programmed with the device code 0865, this remote will turn the MXQ on and off with the power button.

How do I pair my universal remote if I don’t have the code?

You’ll need to do the following to program your universal remote without a code: Hold down the SET and Zero (0) buttons on your universal remote simultaneously four times. This is a critical step, and it is where most people fail. The LED light indicator (usually red) will then turn on steadily.

How do you program a universal remote to a TV without knowing the codes?

If you do not know the code for your device, you can: Open the One For All Setup App on your smartphone (iOS or Android) and search for your device. This Setup App grants you complete access to our code database, from which you can download the most recent codes for your device.

Where can I find my TV code?

To do so, use your TV’s remote to Settings and Support. Choose About this TV; the model code will appear in this window. You can learn more about your TV once you have the model code.

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