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What Channel Is CW On Dish Network? If you’re wondering what channel CW is on the dish network.

The CW Network, also known as the CW, is a local free-to-air channel that has evolved since its inception. One feature that distinguishes them is their policy of continuing to target people under the age of 35.

The CW channel is a local station, so the channel number varies depending on your location and TV provider. However, it is available on all packages with both DIRECTV and DISH

CW On Dish Network
CW On Dish Network

To a large extent, they continued where the non-operational WB and UPN networks left off. They advanced by adding to their TV shows, such as Next Top Model, Gilmore Girls, and WWE. The CW network has recently expanded its female-centric programming to include men. The majority of their shows are story-driven sci-fi dramas with no comedic elements.

CW On Dish Network, with access to the DC Comics library, the CW has continued to build a franchise with various brands. Archie Comics, Supergirl, Dynasty, Black Lightning, Nancy Drew, Batwoman, and other shows are among them. 

If you have satellite TV, you will receive CW regardless of the package you have subscribed to on the dish network. Because the channel is accessible on local TV, you’ll need an HD antenna to get a clear picture. Otherwise, look for it on a dish.

Video: Dish has dropped WESH Channel 2 and The CW Channel 18

WESH Channel 2 and The CW Channel 18


CW is included in Dish Network packages. However, it is classified as a local station so the channel will differ depending on your location and TV provider. To find the exact CW local station for a specific area, go to

Because the CW Channel is a local station, the channel number varies depending on where you live and your TV provider. For example, dish Network offers CW on Channel 33 in Dallas, TX (ZIP code 75215) and channel 43 in Cleveland, OH (ZIP code 44102). Visit the Dish Network website to find the CW station in your area.

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You can watch The CW Channel live on your smartphone with streaming services such as Hulu+ Live TV, fuboTV, DirecTV Stream, and YouTube TV. In addition, you can watch CW live by installing apps on these platforms on your smartphone.

The CW App also allows delayed viewing of full episodes of the network’s programming. The app is compatible with Android and iOS devices.

Can I get The CW on Dish Network?

The CW is included in the following DISH Hopper, Hopper with Sling, and Hopper 3 packages for an additional $5 per month: Costs could be due up front if you don’t have good credit. Requires a Hopper, Joey, or Wally with an active internet connection.


You can watch CW shows the day after they air on TV for free. You need to download the CW app, which is available on the Appstore for iOS and the Play Store for Android.

You can also watch CW shows on the network’s website. You can watch full episodes and seasons of CW shows without entering your credit card information, but there will be advertisements.


Advertisements are interspersed throughout the episodes, and you can expect to see at least 5-8 commercials on the stream before a single episode concludes.

However, the CW app only includes current series and full seasons of a few shows.

Install the CW Seed App or use the website to watch older shows from The CW Channel for free.

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The Speed of Light

The series is about an American crusader based on the DC comic character of the same name. Flash is a crime fighter with the ability to move at breakneck speed. 

To a large extent, the series is a spin-off from Arrow because it is centered on the same tumultuous universe – Arrowverse. The plot revolves around Barry Allen, a crime scene investigator. He acquired a superpower, which he used to combat criminals and others with similar abilities.


This is an American teen drama television series. The documentary is a contemporary mystery. The plot revolves around a provocative version of Betty, Archie, Veronica, and their friends. They have explored small-town life, the creepiness, and the darkness bubbling beneath Riverdale’s entire facade.

The Station

The show is a fantasy-adventure drama TV series for those looking for a new show to watch. The show is a great way to cap off your summer vacation, and it’s a lot of fun. 

Battles, fantasy elements, humor, romance, and an attractive cast are part of the show. As a result, there is something for everyone to look forward to.

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You will appreciate the significance of the local channel on the dish network. Prepare to enjoy some of the best primetime shows in the country and much more on CW. 

Free content without a subscription is uncommon in today’s world, but CW provides it via its two apps. The CW is a joint venture between CBS and Warner Media aimed at people under 35.

More free content will hook you, and the revenue model, which relies solely on advertisements, will most likely change. 

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The CW Channel has numerous shows, some of which are excellent. I discovered some popular shows on Netflix from the CW, and I could have watched them for free on the original site.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is The CW app available for free?

The only way to watch new episodes of The CW for free and without logging in. Keep up with the most recent episodes of shows like All American and The Flash, or watch entire seasons of new shows like Superman & Lois and All American: Homecoming.

Does CBS own the CW?

When The WB and UPN merged in 2006 to form a new broadcast network, executives named it The CW in honor of its two owners, CBS and Warner Bros.

In Texas, what channel is CW on Dish?

What exactly is this? Because the CW Channel is a local station, the channel number varies depending on where you live and your TV provider. For example, dish Network offers CW on Channel 33 in Dallas, TX (ZIP code 75215) and channel 43 in Cleveland, OH (ZIP code 44102). Visit the Dish Network website to find the CW station in your area.

What channel is The CW on in 2021 on Directv?

If your city isn’t listed in the table above, try tuning in to channel 385, which broadcasts CW for DirecTV subscribers without a local affiliate.

Is The CW Roku channel free?

Every show on The CW is free via The CW Roku channel (and also through The CW apps on Chromecast, AirPlay, Apple TV, Xbox, and Amazon Fire TV). The episodes are made available the day after they air on network television.

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