How Do I Connect A Firestick Without A Remote To Wifi?

I just went on vacation, and since I wasn’t sure if my hotel room would have a smart TV or not, I chose to bring my Fire TV stick. I regrettably forgot my remote at home.

Connect A Firestick Without A Remote To Wifi
Connect A Firestick Without A Remote To Wifi

Connect A Firestick Without A Remote To Wifi, the TV stick did not connect to the hotel’s Wi-Fi since it only connects to the most recently used Wi-Fi network. I didn’t know what to do, so I went online to look for potential solutions for connecting a Fire TV stick to Wi-Fi without its controller.

I didn’t really want to invest money on a universal remote because I already have a remote. Even without a compatible control, you may still quickly connect your Fire TV stick to Wi-Fi.

To save you time and effort, I’ve provided a list of some of the most popular ways to connect a Firestick to Wi-Fi without a remote in this article. You can use the Fire TV App on another smartphone, an HDMI-CEC remote, or an Echo or Echo Dot to connect a Firestick to WiFi without a control.

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Connect Fire TV Stick to Wifi Without Remote


A firestick immediately connects to the most recent Wi-Fi connection it was using. Let’s say you moved, changed the Wi-Fi connection’s password, or are on the road.

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In that situation, the gadget won’t detect the internet connection and won’t work properly. You must choose the appropriate Wi-Fi network from the settings and enter the password in order to connect it to the Internet.

Connect A Firestick Without A Remote To Wifi

Imagine, though, that your remote is broken or that you can’t find it. You will then need to use alternative ways to connect the device to Wi-Fi a fire tv cube.

In my case, I had to connect the Firestick to the Internet without the remote because I was traveling and had forgotten my fire tv remote at home.

How to Connect Firestick to WiFi Without Remote

Connect a Firestick to WiFi without a remote by using the Fire TV App on another phone, an HDMI-CEC Remote, or by connecting it to the Internet using an Echo or Echo Dot.

Make use of an HDMI-CEC remote

You may manage your Firestick with an HDMI-CEC remote. A CEC remote is referred to as a form of universal remote; CEC stands for Consumer Electronics Control. Typically, these remotes are used with HDMI-compatible equipment.

Make use of an HDMI-CEC remote
Make use of an HDMI-CEC remote

The Fire TV stick is an HDMI-supported device and can be controlled via an HDMI-CEC because it uses an HDMI to connect to the TV. However, this approach will only function if your device already has CEC support activated.

If not, you might need to try a different approach. Remote controls for HDMI CEC are affordable and easily accessible at all consumer electronics stores at firestick remote.

In some circumstances, hotel rooms’ TVs come equipped with HDMI CEC as well. To activate the HDMI CEC settings, take the following actions:

  • Launch the Firestick’s Home screen.
  • Access Settings.
  • Click on the Display & Sounds tab.
  • Scroll to HDMI CEC Device Control in the menu, then push the center button.
  • Select Yes when prompted for confirmation.

You can use any HDMI CEC or universal remote with the Firestick after the setting is activated. Additionally, you can use the remote’s settings to connect it to Wi-Fi.

Utilizing the Fire TV App on a Different Mobile

Try to connect your Firestick to Wi-Fi via the Fire TV app if you don’t have access to a universal or HDMI CEC remote. The Amazon Fire TV app is incredibly practical and simple to use.

 Fire TV App on a Different Mobile
Fire TV App on a Different Mobile

But according to Amazon’s terms and regulations, you can only connect Firestick to Wi-Fi and not to your smartphone’s Internet. Therefore, two devices are required for this strategy to work at amazon firestick.

Two tablets, two smartphones, or one tablet and one smartphone are all acceptable options. Use the instructions below to connect your Firestick to Wi-Fi using this technique:

  • On one of the devices, install the Fire TV app.
  • Set up the other device’s hotspot using the same SSID and password as your home network.
  • Hotspot and Firestick should be connected.
  • Make sure the hotspot is also connected to the device running the Fire TV App.
  • You can use the Fire TV device app to operate the Firestick tv once both connections are complete.
  • Scroll through the settings in the app to connect the device to the new Wi-Fi.

You can disable the hotspot or change its settings as soon as it establishes a connection to the new network.

Connect Firestick to WiFi with an Echo or Echo Dot

Another option is to use an Echo or Echo Dot to connect your Firestick to WiFi. Instead of a second smartphone or tablet, you can use an Echo or Echo Dot.

Firestick to WiFi with an Echo or Echo Dot
Firestick to WiFi with an Echo or Echo Dot

Once you’ve changed the network’s initial setup on a tablet or smartphone, you may use an Echo or Echo Dot to voice-connect to the new network.

You can also use either of the devices to browse and stream media using voice commands once you’ve linked the system to the new Wi-Fi.

Using Replacement/Universal Remotes

It is preferable to spend money on a replacement remote for the Fire Stick or a universal remote for the Fire TV Stick if none of these solutions work for you. You won’t have to spend a lot of money on the remote.

Many consumer electronics stores carry the original Fire TV Stick remote if you don’t want to buy one online. Additionally, more recent remote controls have superior functionality and extra capabilities like Voice Command and a volume button that previous remote controls lacked.

You’ll need to pair a new Fire Stick Remote if you don’t have the previous one.

Best Live TV Apps on FireStick [Guide]


There are no buttons on the Fire TV stick. As a result, using the device itself to browse the UI is not possible. Instead, in order to navigate between the programs and browse different apps, you will nearly always need a remote device.

Therefore, it is preferable to buy a new Fire TV stick remote if yours has been lost or damaged. Either a universal remote or the original Fire TV remote are available for purchase.

Additionally, you may control your Fire TV stick with a MI Remote or the Mi Remote App if you have one of those. Users of Xiaomi smartphones automatically receive the Mi Remote app on their devices.

In order to operate the Fire TV Stick, you can use this software in conjunction with your phone’s IR blaster.


There isn’t a real alternative to a physical Alexa voice remote, despite the fact that Amazon’s virtual remote will come in handy occasionally. There is good news if you have the time and resources to order a replacement remote.

Since Amazon offers remote controls directly from its own warehouse, you won’t have to worry about purchasing a fake item or one that is incompatible with your Fire Stick.


Frequently Asked Questions


The Amazon Fire TV app, which is accessible on both iOS and Android, is the simplest method to get around a lost or broken remote. With this software, you can search for movies and TV episodes using your phone’s keypad and microphone as well as all the features that come with a typical physical remote control.

Can I connect Fire Stick to Wi-Fi without a remote?

A Windows or Mac laptop, an iPhone, an iPad, an Android tablet, or a smartphone are all acceptable devices. The Fire TV app cannot be used on the same device that has it installed. Create a Wi-Fi hotspot now with your backup device.

How do you reset the Amazon fire stick without a remote?

If you don’t have a remote, you can use the pin lock on the Firestick device to reset it.

Why does my Firestick keep saying unable to connect?

There’s a potential that your Wi-Fi has spotty connectivity or weak signals.

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