How To Fix And Reset Xfinity Comcast Remote? (Answer)

One of the most well-known internet providers, Xfinity, offers the most well-liked apps and video streaming services on its excellent smart TV-style set-top box. The Xfinity remote, however, may occasionally cease working. I’ll outline the troubleshooting procedures in this article, so you know how to fix a broken Xfinity remote.

Reset Xfinity Comcast Remote
Reset Xfinity Comcast Remote

Please make sure the batteries are facing the correct direction before beginning by swapping them. If it’s still not working, try the following: factory reset your Xfinity remote, pair and repair your Xfinity remote, and perform a system reboot by unplugging your Xfinity set-top box.

Reset Xfinity Comcast Remote, you could require a new Xfinity remote if the problem persists after trying these methods. However, getting in touch with Xfinity’s live chat assistance is better first. I’ll walk you through each of these troubleshooting techniques in detail below.

Video: Comcast,xfinity remote factory reset 

Comcast,xfinity remote factory reset 


To use your Xfinity device, you must have the Xfinity remote. As a result, when it’s broken, your Xfinity device is useless. The problem may be caused by a few simple remedies, which are listed below.

A red LED light on the Xfinity remote will blink when you click a button. If it blinks repeatedly, the batteries need to be changed since they are getting low. Also, when the light is entirely out of commission, it implies the batteries are dead and must be changed.

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Without a Setup Button, the Xfinity Voice Remote Can Be Reset to Factory Defaults (XR15)

1. For three seconds, or until the red status light turns green, press and hold the A (triangle) and D (diamond) buttons simultaneously.

2. Press 9-8-1.

3. After resetting the remote, you’ll see the LED flash blue three times.

As you may know, each battery must be facing the proper direction when replaced. Unfortunately, it’s likely that you or a household member accidentally placed them facing the wrong way. 

Even if the batteries are fresh new, this prevents the Xfinity remote from receiving power. You should ensure they are facing the right direction and try using a fresh set of batteries since this is a simple check.

Reset Xfinity Comcast Remote

If it still doesn’t function after that, follow these additional troubleshooting instructions. Keep in mind that each of these can be a solution. So, after attempting each step, try using your Xfinity remote to see if it still doesn’t work.

  1. Restart your Xfinity device’s operating system.

The background code of the Xfinity devices, such as smartphones and desktops, may have errors, or one of the apps may result in a fatal mistake that prevents the remote from functioning in the tv box. 

To start the operating system and apps on your Xfinity device from scratch, Xfinity advises performing a system reboot. This process is straightforward. 

Disconnect your Xfinity device from the wall while it is still on, let it idle for a few seconds, and then plug it back in. In most cases, it is secure to unplug it after turning it off at the wall of a Samsung tv. 

On the other hand, you can remove the power cord from the back of your Xfinity device. After that, re-plug it in just like you would a phone charger.

  1. Reset your Xfinity remote completely.

Some Xfinity remotes do not function properly with this step. However, it works with the XR11, XR15, and Xfinity voice remote. 

You may find the model number for your remote on the device itself. Open the battery cover to reveal the model number, printed in the white text directly above the area where the batteries are inserted.

Although there isn’t much information online, it’s possible that it also functions with other remotes. For the XR15, you must press and hold the top left and bottom right buttons positioned around the center button on your remote control. Then, keep pressing the “Setup” button on the XR11. (See below for an update on resetting your Xfinity XR11, XR15, or XR16 remotes.)

Your remote’s light will start bright red when you press and hold it, then turn solid green as you keep holding it. The remote will reboot once the light turns blue, indicating that you’ve successfully reset it.

You can access the owner’s manual online on the official Xfinity website page. The procedures for doing this vary depending on the specific Xfinity device. If your current remote allows it, download it and check the instructions for how to reset it.

You must pair it with your TV again when reset, detailed in the following step.

  1. Disconnect and reconnect your Xfinity remote.

The remote needs to be reprogrammed and paired after being reset. Here is a video demonstrating the steps to follow to use the newest Xfinity remote.

If your remote is a little older, click the link provided above to the relevant page on the official Xfinity website to download the owner’s handbook for your particular device. It provides images of each gadget and a link to the owner’s manual available online.

  1. Verify that the TV and your Xfinity device are in your line of sight.

An Xfinity remote transmits a signal in all directions using radio frequency technology. But some of the buttons also use an infrared (IR) signal. So you must be close enough for the infrared signal to reach the target device, and a line of sight is required.

Verify that the TV and your Xfinity device
Verify that the TV and your Xfinity device

Because of this, make sure nothing is obstructing the front of your Xfinity device or the TV. The usual offenders are the soundbars and decorative objects placed in front of the infrared receiver on the front of your TV and Xfinity device. 

Additionally, ensure you are close enough to the TV remote and the Xfinity device. Generally, a distance of up to 10 feet (3 meters) is sufficient. However, you might need to be closed if the batteries are on the verge of running out of Universal remote.

  1. Speak with Xfinity live help to seek advice on what to do next.

If you’ve tried each of these solutions, your Xfinity remote is probably defective and has to be changed to a new one. However, the manufacturer’s warranty may apply to an Xfinity remote.

Let Xfinity live support know you’re having problems by contacting them through this website. To ensure you’ve followed the instructions correctly and that your Xfinity remote is defective, they’ll probably ask you to carry out each of the above actions. Then, when that happens, they will tell you what to do next.


The Xfinity remote manages the TV and your Xfinity device using the all-power button. However, occasionally these can become out of sync, making your Xfinity remote ineffective at turning on or off your TV program remote. Here’s a solution to this problem.


Use the button on your TV to turn off the TV and the button on your remote to turn off the Xfinity device. Next, press the “all power” button on your Xfinity remote control. The TV power button will once again function. After doing this, power up the Xfinity device and the TV listings simultaneously for easy steps.

If the issue continues, there may be a problem with your Xfinity device’s power-saving mode. When your TV brand is off, it will immediately turn off your Xfinity device. However, it cannot be configured or is out of sync, making the problem persist. Read this instruction page on the Xfinity website for complete information on configuring power-saving mode in the cable boxes.

How to Program Xfinity Remote To TV? (Solved!)


The LED light on the top of your Xfinity remote should only flicker once while in use. However, if it persists in blinking, here’s what to check for and how to fix it.

You should change the batteries if they are blinking red repeatedly, which indicates that they are almost dead. If it continues to blink, there is a problem with the internal computer of your Xfinity remote, and you should restart your remote by removing and reinserting the batteries of changing channels.


If it doesn’t work, factory reset and link your Xfinity remote again. Near the top of this page, I have detailed step-by-step instructions for how to do that. Find step #2, “Factory reset your Xfinity remote,” by scrolling up. 

If that step’s instructions are followed but nothing changes, try the other simple steps on the list. There are a total of 5. In the last step, I also cover what to do if you follow all the instructions, but the problem persists in factory settings.

Remove the batteries from the remote control to reset them, then check whether the problem is fixed. If not, try replacing the batteries with fresh ones, rebooting your Xfinity device by unplugging it and then plugging it back in, and factory resetting your Xfinity remote before pairing it with your TV and Xfinity device again.


There aren’t many possible reasons your Xfinity Remote might not work. It’s easy to fix and get it working once more. Investigate the malfunctioning buttons.

You can try resetting and programming your remote with or without the setup button if that doesn’t work.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reset Xfinity Remote?

This is what? Press the Setup button on any Xfinity Remotes with one, then enter 9-8-1 to reset it. If your Xfinity remote doesn’t have a setup button, you can reset it by holding down the A and D keys while pressing 9-8-1.

Why is my TV not responding to my remote?

Reset the power, please. A power reset might help if the problem is brought on by a third party, such as network service, data broadcasting, or linked devices. For example, unplug the power chord from models of Android TVTM or Google TVTM, wait two minutes, and then replug it.

Why won’t my Xfinity Remote won’t change channels?

Try checking for any connectivity difficulties with your Xfinity remote if your remote won’t change channels. Check the remote’s compatibility with the set-top box as well. Finally, replace the batteries in your Xfinity remote if it doesn’t work. Let’s examine the many approaches to assist us in resolving this problem.

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