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I recently installed Netflix on my Samsung TV, but now I’m having some trouble watching movies or TV shows. In order to explain what I discovered, I conducted some research to determine the nature of the issue and then wrote this useful article.

Netflix Not Working On Samsung Smart TV
Netflix Not Working On Samsung Smart TV

Then why won’t Netflix run on your Samsung TV? Typically, Netflix will function flawlessly almost always on a Samsung TV Netflix error. It may, however, occasionally crash or fail to load the DNS setting. The problem is a technical one that can be fixed by quitting Netflix and opening it again. or by removing it and installing it again.

Netflix Not Working On Samsung Smart TV, the majority of problems are extremely simple to fix, and Netflix is continually getting better. More problems that can cause Netflix to freeze or crash are resolved with each subsequent release.

It is also a highly well-liked platform that makes up 15% of all internet download traffic. This ensures that problems are rapidly detected and fixed when they arise with the Netflix app to reset the smart hub.

You should try each of the remedies one at a time until you identify the problem if you are experiencing any problems with the Netflix app on your Samsung TV. There are a number of popular approaches to resolving these problems. I’ll outline the main problems that arise below, along with solutions.

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Netflix App on Samsung Smart TV Not Working?


You might discover, for example, that when you choose the Netflix app to launch it, nothing happens. This could frustrate you a little because you’re waiting and finding out it’s not just loading. Here’s a patch for it:

  • To get your Netflix app to load, you should do two things. The first step, according to the Netflix application, is to unplug and turn off your TV. Then turn it back on, wait two minutes, and try to load the app once more. You should get in touch with Samsung customer support if that doesn’t work.
  • Similar to a computer, if you leave it running constantly, some background programs may become locked and never properly shut down. The computer in your TV may malfunction as a result of these applications.
  • You can force all of the applications to shut down and start over by restarting your Samsung TV. Your Netflix app can suddenly “crash,” in which case it closes itself, which is another frequent problem.
  • Please see our post about Netflix not working on a smart TV if you happen to have a different brand of television. Note that it is also applicable to LG smart tv, apple tv, and sony smart tv.
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Issue & Fix: Netflix Not Working on Samsung TV 

Select the Apps menu in the Settings menu. Pick the System Software menu item. Tap the Netflix icon and choose Clear Cache from the menu that appears. If you have trouble launching the Netflix app after clearing the cache, consider restarting your device.


When Netflix crashes while you’re viewing your favorite TV show or movie, you have to reopen it, locate the program you were watching, and wait for it to load.


Then if it crashes again you might feel like flinging your remote across the room! However, here’s how to solve it first the streaming issue:

  • Generally, you’ll want to first restart your TV. You must first turn it off, then turn it off at the wall, and finally disconnect it to accomplish that. then a two-minute wait You should plug your TV back in, turn it back on, and reopen Netflix after the allotted two minutes have passed the Xbox one.
  • Check to see if the problem seems to have resolved itself when Netflix has loaded once more. If it resolves the problem, everything is in order in Google Chromecast. However, if it persists, you should log out of Netflix on your Samsung TV and then re-login.
  • Open the Netflix app and choose “Settings,” “Get Help,” or the cogwheel icon to accomplish that.
  • There will then be a sign-out option available. When you choose that, your Netflix account will be closed. Navigate back to that location and enter your username and password once more to sign in.
  • That ought to, hopefully, resolve the crash problem. If Netflix keeps crashing, you should contact Samsung and let them know you’ve attempted the fixes they suggest and that they’ve urged you to do so so they can fix the issue of instant on.

Just be aware that they can require you to go through the same process again in order to get it to function once more.


Updates to Netflix often include new features as well as bug fixes and performance improvements. But occasionally the updates may stall and do nothing.


Or nothing happens if you choose the option to update it. Here’s how to resolve this problem so that the Netflix app updates and Netflix issue:

  • Generally speaking, you want to switch off your TV first, wait two minutes, and then turn it back on. If that didn’t fix anything, you should check out and then sign back into your Netflix account. You should remove and reinstall your Netflix app if it doesn’t solve the problem like in amazon fire tv.
  • The Netflix app will download the most recent version when you reinstall it, so maybe when fresh updates arrive it will function once more. The good news is that since you can’t download anything from Netflix to a Smart TV, uninstalling it won’t remove any saved episodes in the home menu.
  • Additionally, make sure your Wi-Fi is verified. While your Wi-Fi modem may occasionally display a signal on your TV, it may not actually be connected to the internet. Moreover, the Wi-Fi signal just serves to demonstrate that your TV is wired to your Wi-Fi modem network settings.
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Try visiting a website on your computer or smartphone using the same Wi-Fi connection to make sure the internet is connected. It is essential to get in touch with Samsung support to explain the problem if none of these solutions work.


Sometimes when you open the Netflix app, all you see is a black screen with no sound. And nothing happens while you wait.


Here’s how to get Netflix working on your Samsung TV again on android tv:

  • By returning to the previous menu and reopening Netflix, you can repair a lack of screen on your Netflix app. If this doesn’t work, try restarting your TV by turning it off, leaving it unplugged for two minutes, and then turning it back on device care.
  • You should uninstall the Netflix server and reinstall it if you continue to get a black screen. And then you should get in touch with Samsung support if it still doesn’t work. The Netflix Software can be entirely restarted by turning your TV on and off again, but if that doesn’t work, the app may be corrupted and you should perform a fresh install.

Netflix Not Working On Samsung Smart TV

Following that, there might be a problem with the Samsung TV software. You can resolve this by performing a Smart Hub reset, but this erases all data and returns all settings to their initial state. Therefore, you should only try this after you’ve exhausted all other options.


Even though you can watch TV series and movies, and use the app’s navigation features without issue, the sound may occasionally stop working when you initially install and reinstall Netflix. When you know how it’s simple to fix, here’s how to do that:

  • Generally speaking, you should first restart your Samsung TV by turning it off and detaching the power cord from the wall for two minutes. then switch it back on. If that doesn’t work, check to see that your speaker system’s components are all connected before moving on.
  • Additionally, your Samsung TV has a setting that can be the root of the problem. Select the setting that is appropriate for your home theater system by clicking Settings > Sound > Expert Settings > Digital Output Audio Format.
  • The two settings are “PCM” and “Bitstream,” according to Samsung. If you wish to play the sound through your TV speakers, you should use PCM, and if you have a home theater system, you should utilize Bitstream.
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There are only a few options available if you’re unsure which one it is, so you can test them all until you figure out which one works. Check out this article on Samsung TV sound if the volume is still not working for you.


Resetting your Smart Hub is the final option if Netflix is still not functioning on your Samsung smart TV. This approach is radical because this is effectively the brain of your TV. You will need to go back and reinstall everything because it will log you out of all of your applications and remove them from your TV.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Netflix not working on my TV suddenly?

There are a number of potential reasons why Netflix might not be functioning, including network connectivity problems. a problem with your gadget. a problem with your Netflix account or app.

Why does Netflix keep crashing on my Samsung Smart TV?

Netflix may frequently crash on your TV due to bad internet connections, data or cache problems, or out-of-date TV apps that need to be updated. Restarting your Wi-Fi, redownloading the Netflix app, your TV, or attempting a different internet connection are all possible solutions to the issue.

Is there a problem with Netflix right now?

Our streaming service is not presently being interrupted. We work hard to deliver you the TV shows and movies you want, whenever you want to watch them, but very rarely, a service outage does occur.

Is my Samsung Smart TV too old for Netflix?

Netflix will no longer be supported on some of Samsung’s older smart TVs, the company has revealed. Due to “technical limitations,” the Netflix app will stop functioning on some 2010 and 2011 models as of December 1.

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