How To Activate TNT Drama on Roku, FireStick, DirecTV and Apple TV? (3 Easy Ways)

Did you decide to spend the weekend at home? Think again if you think you’ll get bored. With streaming devices and smart TVs, as well as high-speed Internet at home, you will never be bored in the twenty-first century. Thanks to technological progress!

If you have a Turner Network Television channel, read this blog to learn how to activate the TNT Drama channel on Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, Apple TV, and DirecTV by visiting, one of the most popular entertainment portals in the world, has over 400 channels, including popular ones like Boomerang, TNT, CNN, and Cartoon Network.

How To Activate TNT Drama on Roku, FireStick, DirecTV and Apple TV?
How To Activate TNT Drama on Roku, FireStick, DirecTV and Apple TV?

It also features 100 brands in 102 languages across Europe, Asia Pacific, and the United States. Get access to all of these channels by visiting on a variety of compatible devices.

If you’re looking for the best streaming service with the best content, TNTdrama is one of the best options. It is one of the world’s top entertainment services, with over 180 channels including popular ones like TNT, Boomerang, CNN, Cartoon Network, and others. Over 200 countries in the Americas, Asia Pacific, and Europe have access to the service.

The best part is that you can watch the content on multiple devices. We’ve compiled a list of all the necessary steps and instructions to help you complete the activation process and begin watching all of the amazing content without interruption.

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You can watch your favorite shows on your streaming media player without a cable TV connection if you subscribe to TNT Drama. To do so, follow the steps below to activate the TNT Drama channel on your streaming platform via the official link,, using a unique activation code.

The steps are as follows:

  1. Download the TNT Drama App.
  2. Locate the One-of-a-Kind Activation Code
  3. Visit to get started.
  4. Fill in the activation code

Let’s unfold the detailed instructions.

  1. Look for the TNT Drama app on your streaming device.
  2. To install the channel app, click the “Download” button.
  3. To locate the activation code on the device, launch the application.
  4. Take note of this one-of-a-kind activation code and launch your computer’s web browser.
  5. Go to and, if prompted, sign in to your TNT Drama account.
  6. When prompted, enter the activation code and click “Continue.”
  7. Restart your streaming device and you’ll be able to watch your favorite shows.


Do you have a Roku at home? Your TV viewing experience is about to change. Roku, Inc.’s Roku Streaming device allows you to access streaming media content from a variety of online services.

The following are the steps to activate TNT Drama on Roku using

  1. Turn on your TV and your Roku Streaming device.
  2. The next step should be to connect these so that the streaming can begin.
  3. Go to the Roku application store and install the TNT Drama app.
  4. When you launch the app, you will be prompted to select “Activate Your Device.”
  5. Following your selection, it will display a one-of-a-kind activation code on the TV screen.
  6. Go to or on your computer.
  7. Make a new account if you haven’t already. Then sign in to enter the activation code in the appropriate field or box.
  8. That’s all!

You should now be able to watch the content on your TV via Roku.

How To Activate TNT Drama
How To Activate TNT Drama?



3 Simple Steps:

  1. Click on “START”
  2. Activate your account
  3. Access to your content

Another compatible device for streaming TNT Drama content is the Amazon Fire TV Stick. Follow the steps below –

  1. Start the Amazon Fire TV Stick and connect it to the television.
  2. Install the TNT Drama app by going to the app store with the Fire TV Stick remote.
  3. Install the app on your Fire Stick and look for the “Activate Your Device” option.
  4. On the TV screen, it will display an activation code.
  5. Using a web browser, navigate to the official link –
  6. Enter the activation code and press the “Continue” button.

You are now ready to watch the content on your Amazon Fire TV Stick.

If you have an Apple TV, Xbox One or Xbox 360, Xfinity TV, Android TV, Sling TV, Hulu TV, or Netflix TV, you can use the universal steps (above) to activate your TNT Drama channel on your streaming device and watch all of the following shows and series.


TNT Drama shows’ popularity knows no bounds. These shows are extremely popular in the United States. TNT Drama has brought you some of the greatest and most popular shows of all time –

Have you seen all of them? Only “Tell Me Your Secrets” and “Raised By Wolves” will be returning to TNT in the near future. The plot of “Tell Me Your Secrets” revolves around three characters (Emma, John, and Mary). Each of these characters has a tumultuous and mysterious past. Ridley Scott directs “Raised By Wolves.” It’s his first time directing for television.


Here are a few things you should do if you can’t see the activation code or can’t get to the activation page.

1. Reboot Your Device

Roku users have mostly reported the activation code issue. Fortunately, the issue is simple to resolve. All you have to do now is restart Roku. Navigate to System > System Restart and wait for Roku to restart. Relaunch TNT after it has restarted and enter the activation code.

This method is applicable not only to Roku but also to other devices. Smart TVs, Fire TV Sticks, and Apple TV are just a few examples.

2. Recheck Your Internet

You will not receive the code if there is a connectivity issue. If you can’t easily access the apps, you may have internet problems. Try closing and reopening an app. You could also try streaming from a different app.

If you’re having trouble connecting to the internet, restart your router. If this doesn’t work, contact your ISP or check their social media pages for updates on planned or unplanned outages.

3. Confirm Whether TNT Is Down

Another common reason for not receiving the activation code is if the TNT website or app is unavailable. In this case, the server is down and thus unable to relay your code. There isn’t much you can do in this situation.

Keep an eye on DownDetector or the official TNT social media pages for updates on when the app or website will be back up and running. Then and only then will you be able to use TNT Drama.

TNT is the next best thing to happen to entertainment, with over 180 channels, more than 40 of the top TV network brands, and availability in over 200 countries. You can access all of their content by streaming it on multiple devices, ensuring that you have entertainment wherever and whenever you need it.

The devices listed above are those that are supported. We hope that our activation guides helped you successfully activate TNT Drama and add it to your channel list.

How To Activate TNT Drama On Any Device?
How To Activate TNT Drama On Any Device?


You should now be able to activate TNTdrama on Roku, Firestick, and Xbox after reading this comprehensive guide on TNTdrama com activate. You should also be familiar with TNTdrama and the devices it supports.

Once you’ve activated TNTdrama on your Roku, Firestick, or Xbox streaming device, you’ll be able to watch the most recent TV shows, videos, movies, and other broadcasts on TNT drama. Also, if you have any problems activating TNTdrama on the supported devices listed in this post, please leave a comment with the problem(s) and we will do our best to assist you in resolving the problem (s).

To activate TNT Drama on all eligible devices, follow this procedure. If you have any issues, please share them in the comments section or contact Amazon customer service for assistance. Activate TNT Drama on your device and start watching your favorite shows.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I activate TNT channel?

Turn on the device, and then download and install the TNT drama channel. Go to the Settings section after launching the app. Select “Activate” and take note of the code that appears on the screen. Select your device at (Apple TV)

Where can I find my Fire TV activation code?

On your Amazon Fire TV, navigate to the TBN Amazon channel and click Log in. It will provide you with a four-digit activation code. Visit the Activate page at on a different device (computer or phone) and login (if you are not).

How do I activate TNT on Roku?

To watch TNT on Roku, go to the Roku Channel Store, search for TNT, and then select Add Channel. Alternatively, use your Roku remote to navigate to the Home screen, then select Streaming Channels on the TV screen, search for TNT, select Watch TNT, and then Add Channel.

What is the cost of TNT drama?

The TNT App provides free access to movies and full episodes with a TV subscription. Live sports, award shows, and blockbuster movies are also available. … How much does the TNT app cost? To get TNT, you’ll need to sign up for the Entertainment package, which costs $69.99 per month.

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