Best Dish Network Packages For Customers [Answered]

What are the Best Dish Network Packages For Customers? If you are a current Dish Network customer, you may be aware that Dish has decided to improve its services and deals.

These enhancements may increase competition with other providers, but they have also made some changes in packages and services to include the latest technologies such as streaming and over-the-air services, which may gain popularity quickly.

Best Dish Network Packages For Customers
Best Dish Network Packages For Customers

The information in this post will provide you with the most recent Dish Network packages for customers. You will also find something for you if you are new to their services.

According to the Dish network, now is the time to connect, not only for existing customers but also for new customers.

New customers who want to join this network can choose the reward offered this month by calling or clicking on the network’s promotional link. When compared to other networks, the Dish network guarantees the best deals and packages.

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Dish network offers the following free services:

  • VISA Prepaid Reward Card for $100
  • More than 30 premium quality channels, including Cinemax, HBO, Starz, Showtime, and a movie pack from DISH, are available for free for the first three months.
  • Professional installation is free because no additional fees are charged for installation and setup, unlike other companies.
  • Other free services include a free Smart HD DVR with Hopper Duo, a free Google Home Mini, and a free Voice Remote.
  • DISH offers HD Free for Life on all of its most popular channels.
  • Netflix compatibility
  • Price guarantee for two years

The best thing you get by joining Dish TV is the lack of any hidden costs, as you have to pay only $59.99 per month. To know more about the advantages of the TV services of the Dish Network, you should read this write-up until the end.

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Dish Network uses satellite services to function similarly to cable TV, allowing you to not only watch TV shows but also use the internet and make phone calls. It has allowed this network to reach customers where the cable could not. However, the success of this service is dependent on the satellite’s growth and success.


Packets of DISH TV

The subscribers of the Dish network can use service packages and promotions collectively or individually. You can avail of discounts by subscribing to various services as well as upgrade your services by customizing your TV packages as offered by other service providers.


Dish Network provides more channels via satellite. Unlike other networks, this network’s conservative setup allows all viewers, old and new, to view a diverse range of channels. Viewers cannot change their package unless they add premium channels. The price of Dish network packages can be adjusted based on the length of the subscription and the credibility of the viewers. The monthly cost of the packages for half a year may be lower. All of America’s Top’s TV packages include one year of HBO for free.


It is Dish Network TV’s basic package, which includes 190 channels from various genres, including a mix of the most recent channels based on the interests of its customers. The cost of this channel bundle is only 69.99 percent. It includes CNBC, CNN, WGN, Fox, and C-SPAN, as well as Free Speech TV, NewsMax, and Russia Today.

Dish Network’s movie pack includes IFC, FX, Disney, Hallmark, AMC, Lifetime, TV Land, USA, and Reelz, as well as GetTV, Velocity, and Freeform. This pack includes Spike, MTV, El, Syfy, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, CMT, Comedy Central, and Destination America. This package includes educational channels such as Discovery, Food Network, History, Garden and Home, Travel Channel, and TLC, as well as less popular channels such as ARTS, NASA, and Destination America. This package includes Fox Sports, Big Ten, and ESPN, as well as a few free premium-quality channels such as NHL Center Ice, MLB Extra Innings, and NBA League Pass.


The next package of Dish network offers more variety along with some of the standard channels offered by most of the cable networks. Along with the basic channels, this package includes the following channels for $79.99 per month.

BBC America in the News category, Esquire, Bravo, Mysteries, Sundance, and Hallmark Movies in the Movie Pack of Dish are some of the additional channels you can watch. Boomerang, BET, Disney Jr, Discovery Family, Game Show Network, Disney XD, Teen Nick, Oxygen, and Viceland are among the other Entertainment channels available. In addition to Cooking Channel, National Geographic, and Investigation Discovery in the Education category, NFL Network and CBS Sports Network are available in the Sports category.


This package includes a variety of premium national and international channels as well as the Encore package, which includes 8 additional movie channels. All of these channels are available for a monthly fee of $89.99.

The news channels included in this package are The Blaze and Bloomberg Television, whereas the Dish Network Movie Pack includes MoviePlex, The Movie Channel, and Fox Movie Channel, in addition to the channels in the Encore package. Chiller, American Heroes Channel, VH1 Classic, Fusion, and Country of Great America are among the entertainment channels included in this package, while RFD-TV, Smithsonian Channel, Z Living, and National Geographic Wild are among the educational channels. This package’s sports category includes Fox Sports 2, Bein Sport, SEC Network, Ride TV, and Tennis Channel.

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Unlike other networks, Dish Network now offers some free premium channels for three months as a promotional offer, allowing you to save a significant amount of money. Here is a breakdown of the prices of the free premium channels for your consideration.

  • $15 per month of 9 channels of HBO
  • $15 per month for 9 channels of Showtime
  • $10 per month for 6 channels of Cinemax
  • $10 per month for 8 channels of Starz
  • $10 per month for 20 channels of DISH Movie Pack
  • $7 per month for 4 channels of Epix
  • $6 per month for Encore


Dish Network has offered packages for exclusive sports channels in addition to the channels included in America’s Top 200+ and 250+ packages for die-hard sports fans. These packages include the following:

  • Multiple sports package for $13 per month for 41 additional sports channels
  • Extra innings MLB package for 100 exclusive MLB games from the regular season for $165 per season
  • Package for NBA League Pass for nearly 40 live games per week for $49 per season
  • NHL Center Ice package for nearly 40 exclusive games per week for $49.99 per season
  • FOX Rugby/Soccer Plus package covering various rugby and soccer leagues for $15 per month
  • Outdoor Sports Channels Package for $4 per month
  • Willow Cricket HD package for $14.99 per month
  • Package for Racetrack Television Network that includes 80 live feeds of global horse races for $50 per month


Dish Network has provided a few packages that allow you to access some Lifestyle channels without having to subscribe to the top two Core packages discussed above. You can choose from a wide range of channels at a low cost. The Blaze costs $5 per month and Heartland with 10 channels costs $6 per month.


Dish Network also provides some basic packages for viewing international channels. International channels provide very healthy programming that is organized by language or region. The price of these packages varies depending on the number of channels chosen, and you can change channels as you please. The Dish network currently offers over 270 international channels in 28 languages. It will be the best offer for those who are interested in international media.


To reduce the number of streaming options and to keep up with the current trend, Dish Network has introduced the Hopper 3/Hopper Duo smart HD DVR receiver to optimize its TV services. According to their policy, they have designed their receivers and satellites to provide DVRs in nearly six rooms. Hopper with Sling DVR or Hopper 3, record up to 16 shows at once, 2 TB of recording space, Free Smart HD DVR support, Free Voice remote, app compatibility, Parental controls, Recording scheduler, 6 channel tuner, and Video controls with instant reply are some of the features of their high-quality equipment.

Thus, Dish is a unique network in that it provides entertainment to the entire home by incorporating Joey’s router to extend the range of TVs that can access DVR. You can get this DVR by paying an additional $10 in a promotional offer. For example, if you use it with a 120+ core package, you will be charged a monthly fee of $69.99.


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Dish Network has made several improvements to its DVR to improve its ability to fall behind. DVR has become more useful and exciting as a result of these recent updates. These updates include split-screen up to 4 channels, 4K Ultra compatibility, a 16-channel tuner, app integration for streaming services, voice recognition technology, support for up to 7 simultaneous streams, and Netflix compatibility. Joey is expected to receive a 4K compatibility update, allowing you to enjoy entertainment throughout your home because it can store HD content for up to 100 hours on your computer and other devices.


Today, you can access the Dish network from anywhere because they have released Anywhere apps for Apple, Kindle, and Android, allowing you to access the Dish network online from your computer and other devices. It will allow you to record your favorite programs as well as have titles available on demand. This network’s ability to stream live TV makes it even more impressive. It will allow you to record programs even while you are on the go. This app will allow you to access and manage your DVR from a remote location.


Today, Dish Network allows you to take your TV with HD content outdoors in RVs or on the road, as the satellite has become useful with the help of a satellite dish that can be easily installed and operated at a low cost. Your dish should be Dish network compatible. RV users can select from the following plans.

  • Smart Pack with 55+ channels for $36.99 per month
  • America’s Top 120 pack with 190+ channels for $59.99 per month
  • America’s Top 120 + pack with 190+ channels and Regional networks of Sports for $69.99 per month
  • America’s Top 200 pack with 240+ channels for $79.99 per month
  • America’s Top 250 pack with 290+ channels for $89.99 per month


Though the sped of internet from Dish network is not the fastest still subscribers can use it for its consistency. Its packages include: 

  • Good DSL Internet with 12 Mbps speed for 2 years for $49.99 per month.
  • Better DSL Internet with 40 Mbps speed for 2 years for $59.99 per month.

Phone Service by Dish Network


Customers of Dish Network can also get phone service. This is accomplished through the use of their satellite system. Their phone service plans include:

  • Basic phone plan for $10 per month, plus $0.05 per minute for long-distance calls.
  • National phone plan for $20 per month with an additional charge of $0.05 per minute for long-distance time for 3000 minutes.

Dish phone subscribers can use several powerful features in this era, such as ID blocking, caller ID, voicemail with email, anonymous call rejection, and 3-way calling. Thus, existing Dish Network customers can select the best packages discussed in this article in 2021.


Dish Network’s TV services are available for $59.99 per month for new customers who sign up to watch more than 190 channels. They can also save a lot of money by using one of the promotional codes that are available for a limited time when signing up with this network. They can use code CARD100 to get a free $100 VISA Prepaid Gift Card, or code EXCLUSIVE12 to watch 12 free movies on DISH. You can sign up for Dish Network either online or by phone.


Does DISH have any deals for existing customers?

Every day, special offers are available. An exclusive offer for our customers aged 55 and up. Enjoy free tech visits, free monthly movie rentals, and 6 months of free DISH Protect.

What channels are included in the Flex Pack?

The Dish TV Flex Pack costs $40 per month and includes 50 channels such as A&E, AMC, Cartoon Network, CNN, Discovery, Food Network, FX, HGTV, TNT, TV Land, and USA.

How much does DISH Hopper cost for current customers?

Hopper, Hopper with Sling, and Hopper 3 are all $10.00 per month. Hopper Duo $5.00 per month ** The above-mentioned Discounted Eligible Equipment prices reflect a $5 monthly discount per receiver and require you to keep at least one active Hopper on your DISH account at all times during your Price Guarantee Period.

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