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TCL was the first brand to introduce a Roku TV, which changed the game in terms of smart TV capabilities. Even with all of their success, problems with your TV do arise from time to time. What should you do if your TVL TV refuses to turn on, or turns on and off on its own?

If your TCL TV won’t turn on or off, or if it keeps turning on and off on its own, try performing a manual reset, initiating a power cycle, uninstalling problematic applications, updating the firmware, changing the input, or switching the power source, among other solutions.

When you buy something as frequently used and expensive as a television, you expect it to work flawlessly. However, technology fails from time to time, and TCL televisions are no exception.

Continue reading to identify any issues that may be causing your TCL TV to turn on, off, or turn off and on by itself, as well as the best solutions for resolving the problem.

TCL TV Won’t Turn On/Off or Keeps Turning On/Off
TCL TV Won’t Turn On/Off or Keeps Turning On/Off


The ability to turn off and on is one of the most fundamental and essential features of any TCL TV. If you go to turn on your TV and nothing but a blank, black screen appears, there is obviously a problem. Furthermore, if you get your TV to turn on but it won’t turn off, you’re stuck with a working picture all the time, even when watching TV isn’t necessary.

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If your TCL TV won’t turn on or off, first ensure that the problem isn’t with the TV itself. To do this, locate the manual power button on the back or bottom of your TCL television and try turning it on using this workaround. If your TV turns on, the problem is most likely with your remote control; however, if it does not turn on, further investigation is required.

If you try to turn on your TV by pressing the power button, make sure the power cord is properly plugged into both the TV and the outlet. If this is not the case, a power cycle of the TV may be required to get your TCL TV to properly turn off and on. To complete a power cycle, unplug the TV from its power source for 60 seconds, then plug it back in to help things reset and restore to normal.


In addition to your TCL TV not turning on or off at all, you may notice your TV turning on and off on its own. This may appear to be ideal for those who prefer a touch-free experience, but when you’re in the middle of an overtime game, near the end of your favorite movie, or watching the season finale of a new show, it can be a major issue. If your television is randomly turning off and on, keep reading to find out how to fix it.

If your TCL TV keeps turning off and on by itself, look for the reset button on the side or bottom of your TV. When you’ve located the reset button recess, take a long pointed object and press it into it for at least 15 seconds.

Remove the object after you’ve held it in for 15 seconds. This should result in a factory reset for your TV, putting an end to the problem. For those of you who use the Roku app on your phone, there may be issues with the app that transfers to your TV from time to time.

If you do not fully close the application on your phone, your TCL TV may believe you are attempting to engage a program, causing it to turn on by itself. As a result, when you’re finished with the application, make sure to completely exit it to avoid any phantom ignitions.

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TCL TV Won’t Turn On/Off or Keeps Turning On/Off


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Aside from simply turning off and on, some TCL owners have reported problems with their TVs repeatedly restarting or rebooting. Although restarting your TV on occasion is not a problem, doing so on a regular basis can be not only inconvenient but also time-consuming.

If you notice that your TCL TV is restarting and rebooting more frequently than it should, there are a few different solutions you can try, which are listed below. If your TCL TV keeps restarting or rebooting, look into what’s causing the issue.

If your TV restarts every time you try to use a specific application, the problem could be with the application rather than the TV itself. Uninstall the application and then run another application to see if the problem has been resolved; if so, reinstall or update the application as needed.

If a specific application isn’t the issue, it’s possible that your television hasn’t been updated with the most recent firmware. To update the firmware on your TCL TV, press the ‘Home’ button on your remote control > select ‘Settings’ > ‘System’ > ‘System Update’ > ‘Check Now” to check for any available updates > proceed with the download if available.


When people have problems getting their TV to turn on, there is usually no sign of power coming from the TV. However, some TCL TV owners have reported and experienced problems with their TV not turning on, but a light on the TV is still on, indicating that there is some sort of power.

If your TCL TV isn’t turning on but has a light on, follow the steps below to troubleshoot the issue. If your TCL TV won’t turn on but has a light on, make sure it isn’t stuck on an input that is just a black screen.

Other connected devices, such as Blu-Ray players or game consoles, may cause this. To ensure that your TV is not simply stuck on a black screen, either press the home button on your remote control or switch your TV’s inputs to change what is displayed.

If the black screen persists and there is no sign of power, perform a power cycle on your TCL to help resolve any temporary system issues. The steps for this process can be found in the previous article “TCL TV Won’t Turn On/Off.” You can also try to reset the TV manually, as previously discussed in the same section; simply follow the instructions to complete a manual reset.

TCL TV Won’t Turn On/Off
TCL TV Won’t Turn On/Off


If you turn on your TCL TV and a light appears on the screen, this is a good sign because it indicates that your TV is receiving power. However, if you turn on the TV and no light appears, this can be cause for concern due to a lack of power being transferred to your TV.

Although this can be concerning, the absence of a light on your TCL TV does not necessarily indicate that a major problem has occurred.

If your TCL TV won’t turn on and there’s no light, make sure it’s not only securely plugged into a power source, but also that the same cord is securely inserted into your TV. If you’re using a power strip for your TV, this could be an issue as well, as some aren’t designed to handle the amount of power that a TV consumes.

It is always a good idea to have your television plugged into a direct power source. When you have determined that the power sources are either the source of the problem or are not the source of the problem, you will either stop here or proceed with further troubleshooting.

If this does not resolve your problem, locate the reset button on the back of your TCL TV and perform the manual reset described in the previous section “TCL TV Won’t Turn On/Off.” You can also try plugging your TCL TV into a completely different power source to see if power is restored.


When you turn on your TCL TV and there are no problems, you may believe that all problems have passed you by. However, some owners have reported issues with their TVs turning off after they have been turned on, resulting in the TV not staying on.

This is undoubtedly inconvenient for those attempting to binge-watch a series or simply read the news without interruption, so what can you do? If your TCL TV won’t turn on, it could be due to an internal timer that has been set within the TV.

To see if any timers have been set, press the ‘Home’ button on your remote control, scroll to ‘Settings,’ select ‘System,’ ‘Time,’ ‘Sleep Timer,’ and then check to see if any timers have been set to cause your TV to turn off automatically. If this is the case, disable the timers.

If you don’t have any timers set for your TV, check to see if any other devices are interfering with it, causing it to turn off on its own.

When using something like a Fire Stick, which requires another remote to function, the signals can conflict, causing the TV to shut down. Remove the batteries from the spare remote and check to see if this solves the problem of your TV turning off on its own.

TCL TV Keeps Turning On/Off By Itself
TCL TV Keeps Turning On/Off By Itself


Don’t be concerned if your TCL TV won’t turn on. There are a few things you can do to fix it without sending it in for service.

If you’ve tried everything and your TCL TV still won’t turn on, you should consider sending it in to be serviced or purchasing a new one. Do you have any concerns about troubleshooting your TCL television?

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a reset button on a TCL TV?

Locate the Reset button through the pinhole on the back of your TV, near the antenna, HDMI, and audio connections. Press and hold the reset button for at least 20 seconds with a straightened paperclip (or similar). After a brief period of inactivity, your Roku TV will restart and display the Recovery Mode screen.

Why is my TCL TV turned on but the screen black?

One of the most likely causes of this is a problem with the HDMI cable that outputs the display from whatever device you are using the TV with. Another possibility is that the TV’s backlight is failing. Most televisions rely on a backlight to illuminate the image, and a problem with the backlight can result in black screens.

What to do when your TV turns on but the screen is black?

To perform a soft reset, unplug the TV from the wall and, if possible, remove the power cord from the back of the TV. Wait 30 seconds before plugging the TV back into a working outlet to retest it.

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