How To Troubleshoot Netflix Not Functioning On Xfinity? (Answer)

You may access a wide range of different subscription services, including Netflix, by choosing to use Xfinity for your cable service and finding a fantastic channel lineup. So what can you do if you have Xfinity and Netflix stops working?

Netflix Not Functioning On Xfinity
Netflix Not Functioning On Xfinity

If Netflix isn’t working on your Xfinity box, try resetting the app, your network, verifying that you’re connected to a network, making sure all of the cords are firmly placed into both your TV and your Xfinity box, trying another game, and making sure your Xfinity box is compatible with the app.

Netflix Not Functioning On Xfinity, users of Xfinity can choose a channel lineup tailored to the programming they like and find what they want when they want it. 

However, having Xfinity as a cable provider also gives customers access to various subscription services that can be accessed by simply clicking a button and logging in. However, if you discover that Netflix is not functioning on Xfinity, see below to find a simple fix.

Video: How to access Netflix from your in-home Xfinity account

Netflix from your in-home Xfinity account


Although offering users an unrivaled cable service may be Xfinity’s primary goal, the company also enhances its offerings by giving customers everything they could want, including built-in subscription services. 

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This means that people can not only get the cable programming they want, but they can also find apps to improve their viewing experience even further without worrying about availability, one of which is Netflix.

Netflix Not Functioning On Xfinity

One of the first things you should try if you have Xfinity and Netflix isn’t working is to reset the Netflix app like a Disney plus. Press the “A” button on your Xfinity remote control, scroll until “Reset Netflix” appears, then select the option to continue. This will reset Netflix while using Xfinity.

Why Is Netflix Not Working on Xfinity? 

If the Netflix app is malfunctioning on your Xfinity set-top box, you may try resetting the app first. To start over with Netflix, press A. It also helps to clear the Netflix app’s cache. Clear Cookies and Local Storage Data may be accessed through the Privacy menu on your Xfinity box.

Once Netflix has been swiftly reset, any minor fault that might be present but doesn’t constitute a serious risk will be immediately fixed. 

As you go through this process, be careful not to turn off your TV or attempt to change the screen in any way, as doing so will end the reset process and leave you with the same problems that were previously causing Netflix to experience service interruptions.


When utilizing Netflix while using Xfinity, if you are attempting to solve a more particular issue rather than a more general one, you may be looking for a solution to the problem of Xfinity not playing Netflix. 

You might be able to open the app, browse the available material, and choose a title, but when you try to play the title, you cannot access the content. What can you do when this occurs also in fire tv?


Your network connection may be having issues if Xfinity won’t play Netflix. First, reset your network by physically unplugging the router from the power supply to take care of any minor problems. After unplugging it, give it a minute before plugging it back in.

You can plug the router back into its power source and wait for a complete reset after the 60 seconds have passed. Then, turn on your TV and go to the Netflix app once all connector lights have stopped blinking. 

Once you’ve found the app, reopen it and choose a movie to watch. Whether the title still won’t play, see if any other titles will, and if so, inform Netflix immediately that there is a problem with that title in smart tv.


If you have Xfinity, you might be accustomed to always having a solid connection while viewing cable television. However, although some Xfinity users can access Netflix without any issues and can play any picked title, once the selected title starts playing, they experience connection issues. 

This is communicated by stuck titles or the Netflix app frequently crashing, leaving consumers perplexed about how to fix such a problem.


If Netflix is frozen, crashes, or keeps crashing on Xfinity, the quickest and most effective repair will most likely be to reset the app. Click the “A” button on the remote and choose “Reset Netflix” to begin the process while using Xfinity.

If Netflix keeps crashing after you reset it or have already reset it, examine if your television needs any firmware changes. 

Every TV model has a different procedure for doing this, but if you see an update that may be downloaded and installed, do as instructed. Then, return to the Netflix app after the firmware has been updated to check if the app is no longer freezing or crashing in amazon prime.


When using Netflix on Xfinity, after finding the app, there will be a lengthy loading phase before the app opens and the content begins to download. 

Following this, you ought to be able to launch the app, view the available material, and start viewing a movie in a matter of seconds. However, some Xfinity users have discovered this trickier than the above description suggests. Look below if Netflix won’t load or launch on your Xfinity device.

If Netflix on Xfinity isn’t opening or loading, ensure your network connection is stable. Depending on the model of TV you own, this procedure will differ, but through most Settings, you should be able to determine whether or not your device is connected correctly.

If you see that your TV isn’t connected to a network, connect it right away. Then, try Netflix billing to check if it loads and launches without issues. 

Resetting the network on which your TV is operating may be beneficial if your TV is online. Refer to the section headed “Xfinity Won’t Play Netflix” earlier in this article for step-by-step instructions on resetting your network and getting Netflix working.


While you can utilize Xfinity cable services without an internet connection, you must be linked to a network of some kind, whether wired or wireless, to use any other streaming program. 

What should you do if you try to launch Netflix but cannot log in because of connection problems? If this is the case for you specifically, check the steps listed below to learn how to connect to Netflix and get it to function correctly in xfinity internet.


Ensure all wires are correctly inserted with your router, modem, or wired connection if Netflix isn’t connecting on Xfinity. These network kinds will fail if cables are loose, preventing apps from connecting and causing your network to fail.

You may take some more troubleshooting actions to get the network connection back online if you verify all of the wires and find that they are all firmly inserted. But, start by unplugging the router from its power supply for 60 seconds to see if you can reset your network. 

Try rebooting your TV by disconnecting it from its power source and waiting another 60 seconds before turning it back on if you can still not connect Netflix to the network in the Xfinity stream.


The realization that the audio doesn’t match the picture while you’re watching a new television show or an old beloved film is one of the few things that can be more annoying. 

Even while you might be able to see and hear everything, using Netflix becomes practically impossible when these two elements drift apart. Check out the instructions below to learn how to fix the audio using Netflix through Xfinity.

Try playing a different title to determine if the audio problem is limited to playing one particular title if Netflix on Xfinity package sound, audio, or loudness is not working or is slow. Then, report the problem to Netflix and play another title until the problem is fixed if the audio lag problem only affects one particular title.

However, if you play a different game and the sound or volume lags or isn’t working, you’ll know the problem is widespread. When this occurs, resetting your TV more thoroughly may be beneficial in Netflix programming. 

For this, please turn off the power to your TV and leave it unplugged for 60 seconds. Then, to check if the audio issues have been resolved, turn the TV back on after pressing and holding the power button for 5 seconds to discharge it.


Even though the Netflix app may be pre-installed on your TV, it is a subscription service. Thus users must join one of the available subscription plans to access the app. 

You will next use a username and password to log into the Xfinity app once you have built your profile and decided on the type of subscription plan you choose. What can you do if you can log into the app but keep signing out or logging out?


Check to see if too many users are simultaneously attempting to use the same profile if Netflix on Xfinity keeps logging you out, signing you out, or kicking you out. Depending on your subscription, there is a cap on the number of users who can access the same issue, which may result in the kick-off.;

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Next, ensure that no one is attempting to access the Netflix account app through any other devices if you are confident that there aren’t too many people trying to watch at once. Change your password if you suspect numerous logins from other devices. Once you’ve updated your Netflix account password, try logging in again to check if you’ve been logged out, signed out, or otherwise expelled.


Ensure your Netflix app has been updated to the newest version available in your app store. It’s worth taking a risk that one of the updates might have fixed your problem because new updates fix bugs and other problems with the program.

If you don’t want to check your app store for updates, enable auto-update manually. Be advised that enabling auto-update may utilize your mobile data, which could add additional fees to your monthly bill.


Frequently Asked Questions

Did Xfinity get rid of Netflix?

You won’t be able to use your X1 TV Box to watch Netflix if you reduce or modify your Xfinity service by deleting Xfinity X1. Netflix programs can only be seen on a computer, a mobile device, or another device with an Internet connection.

Why is my Netflix on TV not working?

Restart the computer. Once the device’s power button has been pressed, wait one minute. If you can’t reach the power button on your gadget or it doesn’t have one, disconnect it for three minutes. Then, plug your device back in. Restart your device and try Netflix once more.

Why will my Netflix not load?

The Netflix service may be disconnected or unavailable if the app won’t load or a movie or TV show won’t start. Check Netflix’s servers using that link to check if there is a problem. There is nothing you can do but wait for them to fix it if there is. Restart the computer.

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