How To Program Digital Stream Converter Box Remote Codes? (Guide)

Amusement is a part of our daily existence, correct? Some of us cannot exist without it because it is our only means of relaxation. In addition to simply sitting there and repeating the same actions, there is a method to make the experience more seamless and straightforward. 

Have you ever considered how cumbersome having multiple remote controls for your various devices is? Occasionally, it is misplaced or so perplexing. There is a solution, however. All that is required is basic programming.

How To Program Digital Stream Converter Box Remote Codes?


Numerous remote codes are accessible for various digital converter boxes. Some websites offer codes for specific manufacturers, including Digital Stream, RCA, Ematic, and GE/Philips. Typically, these codes consist of four digits and can be used to program a universal remote to operate the converter box.


This method of programming is made possible through the use of algorithms. When these codes are inputted, the programming will be allowed to proceed. 

Programming Remote Codes For A Digital Stream Converter Box

RCA Universal Remote Codes For Sony Blu-Ray Player?

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After the procedure is completed and successfully carried out, you will have a significantly enhanced entertainment experience. How perform the procedure is as follows:

  • Turn your Digital Stream Converter Box on manually and ensure your remote control is operational. 
  • Select AV2 by pressing the Mode button atop your remote’s control panel. AV2 denotes Your Digital Stream Converter Box.
  • Press and hold the “Mute” and “Select” buttons until the “AV2” LED light blinks twice on the DIRECTV remote control.
  • Enter one of your device’s assigned identifiers. 
  • Attempt to power down your converter box by pressing the power button. Turn it back on to double-check. Use the commands on your remote to see if it responds. 

Programming errors and unsuccessful attempts are common and perfectly typical occurrences. Consider the multiple codes provided for each brand as fallback codes if your first attempt fails. Replicate the same steps and use a different code until the programming succeeds.


Converter Box Remote Codes List
  • ACCESS HD Digital Converter Code = 1760
  • AIRLINK 101 Digital Converter Code = 1749
  • ALPHA Digital Converter Code = 1760
  • AMTC Digital Converter Code = 1760
  • APEX Digital Converter Code = 0519
  • ARTEC Digital Converter Code = 1759
  • CADENCE Digital Converter Code = 1758
  • CHANNEL MASTER Digital Converter Code = 1757
  • COSHIP Digital Converter Code = 1758
  • DIGITAL STREAM Digital Converter Code = 1751
  • DISH NETWORK Digital Converter Code = 0654
  • ECHOSTAR Digital Converter Code = 0654
  • GE Digital Converter Code = 1769
  • GOODMIND Digital Converter Code = 1769
  • GRIDLINK Digital Converter Code = 1746
  • iNet ACCESS Digital Converter Code = 1760
  • INSIGNIA Digital Converter Code = 1750
  • KINGBOX Digital Converter Code = 1759
  • LASONIC Digital Converter Code = 1746
  • MAGNAVOX Digital Converter Code = 0581
  • MICROGEM Digital Converter Code = 1747
  • PHILCO Digital Converter Code = 0581
  • RCA Digital Converter Code = 1032
  • SANSONIC Digital Converter Code = 1746
  • SKARDIN Digital Converter Code = 1749
  • SUNKEY Digital Converter Code = 1741
  • TIVAX Digital Converter Code = 1760
  • VENTURER Digital Converter Code = 1748
  • WINEGARD Digital Converter Code = 1748
  • ZENITH Digital Converter Code = 1750
  • ZENTECH Digital Converter Code = 1749
  • ZINWELL Digital Converter Code = 1740


  • Access HD Digital Converter Code = 52185
  • Apex Digital Converter Code = 52478
  • CASTi Digital Converter Code = 52305
  • Channel Master Digital Converter Code = 52365
  • Daewoo Digital Converter Code = 52338
  • Daytek Digital Converter Code = 52305
  • Digital Stream Digital Converter Code = 52303
  • GE Digital Converter Code = 52360
  • Gridlink Digital Converter Code = 52348
  • Insignia Digital Converter Code = 51415
  • Lasonic Digital Converter Code = 52348
  • Magnavox Digital Converter Code = 51563
  • Philco Digital Converter Code = 51563
  • RCA Digital Converter Code = 52325
  • Sansonic Digital Converter Code = 52348
  • Sylvania Digital Converter Code = 51563
  • Tivax Digital Converter Code = 52185
  • Zenith Digital Converter Code = 51415

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Codes are essential to programming your converter unit to remote control. These are the distinct collections of numbers used to encode the devices. These credentials allow you to control your converter box and other devices.

In this guide, we will demonstrate how to program a universal remote with an RCA DTA800 converter box:

  • Notate all the codes from the list corresponding to your remote’s brand and model. Thus, you can seamlessly add them to the process later on if necessary. This will also aid in preventing interruptions during the procedure.
  • Turn on the converter box you wish to configure with a universal remote. Ensure that the batteries in your remote are functional to execute the procedure without interruption.
  • Hold down the PGM or Program button until the indicator light illuminates. When the light begins to illuminate, disengage the PGM button.
  • Enter the code using the keypad’s numeric keypad. If the indicator light remains lit after four blinks, you have input an incorrect code. Try a different code from the list on the same brand of device.
  • After entering the code, select OK to confirm. 
  • Attempt to power down your converter box by pressing the power button. If the Box switches off, the code may work. 
  • To confirm that it was effectively integrated, reactivate the Box with the remote and test multiple keys. Verify that it obeys its specific commands, such as volume and channel.
  • If it does, the converter unit has successfully programmed the remote. Alternatively, if the convert box does not respond to the commands, you must retrace your steps and try a different code.
Converter Remote Code Programming


Can a converter unit be programmed using a universal remote?

Turn on the converter box you wish to configure with a universal remote. Ensure that the batteries in your remote are functional to execute the procedure without interruption. Press and maintain the PGM or Program button until the indicator light illuminates.

What is the universal code for the DTV box remote?

Enter 960 using the remote’s numeric keypad. The green light should once again illuminate twice. Next, slide the mode control at the top of the remote to the DIRECTV logo.

How do I set up my converter box with my television?

Connect one end of the coaxial cable that came with your Converter Box to the “Out To TV (RF)” port on the Converter Box. Connect the other end to the TV’s “Antenna In (RF)” port. Next, connect the power cords of your TV and Converter Box to an electrical outlet, then switch on your TV and Converter Box.

How do I connect my remote to my television?

Hold the Xfinity and Info buttons simultaneously for five seconds. Then, wait for the Voice Remote’s red indicator light to become green. Follow the instructions by entering the three-digit pairing code displayed on the screen. After correctly entering the on-screen pairing code, your Voice Remote is associated with the TV Box.

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