How To Use T-Mobile Phone On Verizon Network? (Detailed Guide)

My father had been using a T-Mobile phone for a long time, and he had recently complained about coverage issues when he was traveling. I suggested that he switch to Verizon, which had better coverage, but he didn’t know how.

To assist him, I went to a Verizon store to see if you could use T-Mobile phone on Verizon network. After visiting the store, I went online to learn more about the process of making the switch. For that, I visited a number of user forums to learn about other people’s experiences.

I created this guide with the information I needed to know if using a T-Mobile phone with Verizon was truly possible. You can use a T-Mobile phone with Verizon, and because Verizon only activates 4G LTE and 5G phones now, any T-Mobile phone that supports 4G LTE can be transferred to Verizon, subject to a few conditions.

Continue reading to learn what those criteria are, why Verizon no longer activates 3G, and how to transfer your T-Mobile phone to Verizon.

How To Use T-Mobile Phone On Verizon Network?
How To Use T-Mobile Phone On Verizon Network?


T-Mobile is primarily a brand name for a mobile phone company. T-Mobile has its headquarters in Germany, Deutsche Telekom AG, and is well-known for its fast network speeds and extensive network coverage.

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Verizon is a telecommunications company based in the United States that provides wireless products and services. They have their own mobile phone devices as well as network carriers that allow them to work seamlessly on other brands’ mobile phones such as AT&T, T-Mobile, and others.

Verizon Communications is the sole owner of the Verizon Corporation. We would be much more comfortable using these two companies together now that we have a better understanding of what they have to offer.

In terms of these companies, T-Mobile phones have the fastest network speeds, while Verizon has the largest network coverage. Why choose one when we can get our hands on both and enjoy the benefits of both companies?


A T-Mobile phone can be used with a Verizon connection, but only on 4G LTE. Verizon stopped activating new 3G connections on their network in 2018, and they intend to phase out the technology completely by the end of 2022.

This is part of their plan to phase out obsolete 2G and 3G network infrastructure to make way for new 5G network infrastructure. As a result, the only way to use a T-Mobile phone with Verizon is to connect via 4G LTE or the newer 5G connection.

Your phone must also be unlocked for use with all carriers. Carriers lock phones to prevent you from using other service providers, particularly if the phone was financed by that carrier.

To unlock your T-Mobile phone, you must first determine whether your phone is eligible for unlocking. You can find out if your phone is eligible for an unlock by following the steps below.

  1. Log in to My T-Mobile using a web browser.
  2. In the Accounts tab, select the line you want to unlock.
  3. Check the device unlock status.
  4. Under the picture of your device, you can see if it is eligible for unlocking. There are certain eligibility requirements, including being on T-network Mobile’s for at least 40 days for Postpaid and at least 365 days for Prepaid on the date you request an unlock.

You can proceed with the unlock once you’ve confirmed your eligibility.

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Use T-Mobile Phone On Verizon Network


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To do this on Android:

  1. Launch the Settings app.
  2. For your manufacturer, follow the steps below:
  3. Settings > Connections > More Connection Settings > Network Unlock on Samsung.
  4. OnePlus: Go to Settings > Wi-Fi & Internet > SIM & network, and then select Advanced or Network Unlock.
  5. LG: Settings > Network & internet > Mobile networks > Network unlock > Next.
  6. REVVLRY T-Mobile: Settings > Network & Internet? Advanced > Network Unlock > Mobile network
  7. Older Androids and other manufacturers running Android 7 or higher can use the Device Unlock app or any of the steps listed above. If you are using Android 6 or older, select the device from your T-Mobile account’s Devices page and locate the unlock steps in the security settings.
  8. Select Permanent Unlock and wait for the unlock to complete.
  9. Reboot your phone.

For iOS:

  1. Contact T-Mobile support if your iPhone is locked but eligible for unlocking.
  2. Insert the Verizon SIM into the phone if your My T-Mobile app says it’s unlocked.
  3. Finish the initial setup procedure.

Other devices must visit your T-Mobile account’s Devices page and use the Security drop-down menu to learn how to unlock your phone. After you’ve unlocked your phone, you can see if it works with Verizon’s network.


Any phone that accepts a 4G LTE or 5G SIM card can be used. Check your phone’s manual to ensure that it supports 4G. CDMA phones that do not require a SIM card are ineligible because 4G is a feature of the LTE standard, which requires a SIM card.

To migrate to Verizon, you must have a phone that can accept a 4G SIM card. You can also use Verizon’s compatibility checker to see if your phone is compatible with a Verizon SIM card.

Verizon only offers 4G LTE or 5G services to new customers, as the company plans to phase out 3G completely by the end of 2022. So, in the long run, using a 4G or 5G connection with faster internet speeds is preferable.

Using T-Mobile Phone On Verizon
Using T-Mobile Phone On Verizon


To use a T-Mobile phone with a Verizon SIM after unlocking it for all carriers, you’ll need to sign up for Verizon’s Bring Your Own Phone plan, which offers a $500 bill rebate if you get your own phone when signing up for Verizon as an incentive to bring your own device.

They will also give you an extra $100 off if you bring a tablet or smartwatch. Before you can check to see if your phone is compatible, you’ll need to locate its IMEI number. The IMEI number is unique to each phone and acts as a fingerprint for Verizon to identify which device you have.

To find your IMEI number:

  1. Open the Settings app on your phone.
  2. Scroll down to find About Phone.
  3. Tap Status.
  4. The IMEI number should be listed in this section.

The IMEI number shouldn’t be blacklisted and must be unlocked.


After you’ve read and comprehended how the plan works, use the compatibility checker provided by Verizon. Give them the model and IMEI number of your phone, as well as the fact that it has been unlocked.

If your phone is incompatible, Verizon will recommend other models that will work with your new connection.

Unfortunately, if your phone fails the security check, you will have to use the device that Verizon recommends. If you go that route, you can either buy the phone outright or pay for it in installments.


If Verizon says your phone is compatible, you can proceed to activating your phone on Verizon. You can do this by visiting a Verizon Store or an Authorized Retailer, but you’ll have to pay the full activation fee.

After you’ve obtained the SIM card, turn off your phone and insert it into the SIM card slot. The SIM slot is typically found on the sides or top of some phones, and it appears as a cutout with a small pinhole near it.

Eject the slot with a SIM ejector tool or a bent paperclip, then insert your new SIM. The phone should automatically activate on your new network, but if you have any problems, go to Verizon’s BYOD page.

Using T-Mobile Phone On Verizon: How To Troubleshoot?
Using T-Mobile Phone On Verizon: How To Troubleshoot?


When switching from T-Mobile to Verizon, the best option would be to upgrade to 5G. As an early adopter, take advantage of Verizon’s expanded coverage and faster speeds to get the most out of your phone internet connection.

Try calling after activating your phone with Verizon, and if you get a circuits busy error even if the recipient is not on a call, try restarting your phone. If you have an old Verizon phone lying around, you can also activate it; as long as it supports 4G, you can quickly activate it through their online activation website.

Verizon operates on a CDMA network rather than GSM, which may cause issues with your T-Mobile phone. However, because both networks use the same spectrum, you can use your T-Mobile 4G LTE device on Verizon’s LTE network. As a result, 4G LTE data should function normally.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will a Verizon SIM card work on a T-Mobile phone?

Yes. It may not work at all, and if it does, you will only receive LTE data. On most Android devices, you’ll need to create a new Access Point Name (APN) configuration (Settings > Wireless and networks > More > Cellular networks > Access Point Names).

Can I use my T-Mobile iPhone on Verizon?

That means you won’t be able to use an AT&T or T-Mobile iPhone on Verizon or Sprint because those models lack CDMA chips. (However, you can take an AT&T iPhone to T-Mobile and vice versa.)

Can Verizon unlock a T-Mobile phone?

T-Mobile will unlock your phone if it has been 40 days since you purchased it from the carrier and your postpaid account is in good standing. Verizon: Any phone purchased through Verizon is automatically locked for 60 days. After 60 days, your phone is unlocked—no additional steps are required.

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