How Do I Fix My Amazon Fire TV no sound?

How Do I Fix Amazon Fire TV no sound? A silent firestick these days, 4k is a fairly common problem that you may easily fix, but you need to be aware of the solution.

Amazon Fire TV no sound
Amazon Fire TV no sound

Amazon Fire TV no sound, we are all aware that the Amazon Fire Stick allows us to watch and listen to a variety of shows, movies, and other media, but when a problem suddenly arises, your enjoyment is disrupted. This is a relatively typical technical issue that can be fixed with a few preliminary procedures.

But first, it’s crucial to understand the causes of the firestick sound issues, therefore

  • The volume on FireTv is broken.
  • Incorrect cable connections
  • Unupdated software
  • Uncorrected Firestick Audio settings
  • Audio output problems with the Amazon Firestick
  • Due to low internet connections
  • Due to firestick keeps optimizing error
  • Faulty hardware

We’ll go through various troubleshooting techniques that you may use to quickly fix the sound on your Amazon Fire tv stick problem.

Video: How to Fix your Fire Stick With No Sound Problem

Fix your Fire Stick With No Sound

What is Amazon Fire TV no sound?

You must first understand what no volume on a firestick means. Do you need to know how to unmute Amazon Fire Sticks but lack the necessary knowledge?

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When you switch on your device to the firestick remote and begin watching your favorite show, the video plays without any problems, but the audio does not. This is what we refer to as no sound, and it may be eliminated.

Your Fire Stick needs to be set up in order to fix this issue because it is the only HDMI and television receiver that is properly connected to your Amazon Prime Video.

Some issues prevent you from finishing the procedure, and as a result, additional issues, such as a blank screen or an inability to power on, also arise.

What to Do if Fire Stick Has No Sound?

1. You should listen to this with the volume turned up.

2. Bring your Fire Stick and television back from mute…

3. To go up, use the Up arrow button on the Fire Stick remote.

4. Toggle the HDMI input…

5. You should restart your Fire Stick.

6. Get rid of the Fire TV Stick’s power source for 30 seconds….

7. It’s time to upgrade your Fire TV Stick.

8. All the apps on your Fire Stick need to be updated.


With a few initial settings, you can use the instructions below to fix the Amazon Firestick volume issue on your own.

  • Cut off the power to your Firestick. After 30-40 seconds, wait to reconnect all of the cables.
  • Next, set your TV’s audio to its default setting and make sure the audio is not muted.
  • After connecting the A/V receiver to the Fire TV, turn it on.
  • the TV menu, and then choose Audio.
  • Right now, Dolby Digital Plus needs to be disabled.
  • After 10 seconds, press the play/pause button on the Fire TV remote.
  • Play something to test the Fire TV stick’s audio output.

Otherwise, adhere to this advice:

  • Unplug your Fire TV Stick for 30 seconds if you’re having problems with a sound-free firestick. 30 seconds should pass after the Fire Stick is unplugged before plugging it back in. 
  • Update your Fire Stick as soon as possible. Many audio issues can be resolved with a straightforward system upgrade.

They can easily remove the error in this method.

To solve this issue is not very difficult for everyone. Perhaps all you need to do is wait a little bit. You will need to use several alternative methods if the firestick audio problem persists, which include the following:

  • Look for settings on the home screen.
  • You have the choice of a display and sound.
  • then select the audio tab.
  • Navigate to Dolby Digital Output and Sound.
  • Disable Dolby Digital output while enabling receiver sound
  • Everything on your device is now operational.


Your firestick should now function more effectively thanks to the aforementioned fix, but there are still a few more issues that could be causing the device’s persistent surround to fi sound issue, which we’ll cover in the section below.


Review the Firestick’s audio settings.

By also checking the select audio settings, you can quickly solve the firestick light’s lack of sound. the following steps:

  • Access settings
  • Then select surround sound or display
  • Access the audio here
  • Select Dolby Digital Plus Automatic from the menu now.

Plugging Issue with the Power Supply

Many Fire Stick users plug the USB power cord directly into their TVs without realizing that the TV cannot supply enough power.

As a result, the visual and audio connections start to break down. If you continue doing this, you will repeatedly encounter the firestick sound problem since the connection is improperly established.

For this reason, you must directly connect your power supply port to a fire stick; otherwise, your television will not recognize the fire tv device stick.

Reboot the Firestick.

A common problem is when the sound on your Amazon Fire Stick stops working. This happens when there is a brief loss of connectivity, which causes your screen to freeze but leaves you with the impression that the sound isn’t operating properly to select a display. 

Reboot the Firestick
Reboot the Firestick

Your firestick can be restarted. A restart solves all of your issues in a matter of minutes.

  • It requires you to select the Settings option.
  • Where you must additionally choose MY Device
  • Once this process is finished, a restart button appears.
  • You can reboot your gadget once more by clicking on it.

Is TV audio muted

Users occasionally fail to recognize when their TV’s audio is muted. You must do an audio system sound check on your TV speaker in this situation.

As soon as you attempt pressing your remote control button, your system starts to play sounds, and your problem is fixed. Because we were a little sloppy, removing it was a considerably simpler tv show.

Audio receiver test

Because we have attached a home theater, if their sound won’t turn on and proper power isn’t getting to them, you can turn them on by giving them proper power, just as we know that you get a little confused when the audio is turned off. 

If your AV receiver isn’t turned on, however, you get to see this problem. Therefore, resolving the Amazon Firestick’s loudness issue is simple.

Verify Dolby Digital Output Is Always Off

Because your Fire TV is incompatible with your Dolby Digital Sound, this is a crucial step without which the issue of fire tv no sound will always exist. You then need to complete the following procedures.

  • To access the home screen, you must use the remote control that came with your Firestick.
  • After that, you must select the Settings menu item.
  • The display and sound button can be seen there.
  • Once this process is finished, a Dolby Digital output option is available.
  • In this case, you must click switch off where it says on or off.

We must turn it off whenever we connect our home theater or other devices to the television because they do not at all support digital Dolby Plus technology. Your firestick will now begin to make a sound.

Verify Every HDMI Connection

When you establish an HDMI connection, you do not connect it properly, which is why the sound on the Firestick does not work.

HDMI Connection
HDMI Connection

Or your system and the HDMI extension you are using are not correctly linked, which you can quickly fix by checking the following condition of your audio setting:

  • You must disconnect the HD connection.
  • Your system device has to properly connect with a connector that attaches to your television a short time after you unplug it.
  • You can now reboot your device.
  • Your fire stick responds correctly after restarting.
  • Always keep in mind that the HDMI inputs you choose must be linked to the Firestick, regardless of the HDMI inputs you choose.
  • If it doesn’t, you will receive a sound not working on firestick error.

Extended Sound System Verification

When you connect a normal sound system to a fire tv, your firestick sound begins to malfunction since the correct configuration settings weren’t made:

  • Since your HD delivers a signal to your TV, also known as the output signal, once your firestick is connected to the TV, you must connect it to the sound receiver to finish this process. Only you will be able to solve this issue if the input and output you have set up are compatible with your TV.
  • You must connect your firestick directly to the cable when using a different sound cable to ensure that it is correctly engaged with your TV and fire stick to select the display speaker.
  • For instance, if there is a blue cable, you must attach it to the blue port itself. The red color port can be connected to if there is a red color cable.

You can activate the audio output option by selecting the settings option on your remote control; the exact setting depends on your TV type. So this will quickly address your main Firestick sound problem.

Check if HDMI Port Compatible With the Audio

HDMI Port Compatible With the Audio
HDMI Port Compatible With the Audio

There may be no sound on your Amazon Fire Stick when the HDMI port is incompatible with your sound system’s port.

  • You must perform right-click on the sound volume icon.
  • You will then view the options.
  • You must select the playback device there.
  • After that, you can choose an HDMI or digital output device.
  • You must establish the default.
  • Your sound will begin reacting properly after clicking.

Test the AV receiver.

You must turn up the volume control because if you don’t, the error of the fire tv volume not working will also appear. Sometimes we forget that the sound on our TV is set to zero volume, which we forget to increase, and we believe that there is fire tv no sound in our system.

Test out Perfect Input

Your gadget or TV likely has a lot of HDMI ports, which can cause confusion for you. In this situation, you must apply your manual’s step-by-step instructions to solve the problem. You can make the correct connection and your fire stick will start functioning properly after following the step-by-step procedure.

Cross-check Cable Connections

Cross-check Cable Connections
Cross-check Cable Connections

All of the cable connections should be functional; if they are not, you must exercise caution because only the connections play such crucial roles:

  • Check the external audio issue wires and the HDMI connection.
  • If the previous HDMI connection cable is quite old, use a new one.
  • Check to check if it works by turning the connector ends.

Internal Speaker Test

For this, you must go to your audio section, which you will find in the settings option, and there you must ensure that the internal speaker is always ON. 

Many TVs are equipped with internal speakers, which you have the choice to toggle ON and OFF. If it’s determined to be off, you can turn it on to fix the firestick light issue with no sounds.

System software upgrade

Our initial settings start to get mixed up and the sound not working on the firestick 4k problem arises as a result of Amazon periodically releasing different types of upgrades. You must constantly maintain your gadget up to date if you want to solve this issue:

  • Select “Settings” on the FireTV main screen after logging in.
  • Select “System” next, and then choose “About.”
  • Next, choose “Software version,” and then finally click “Check for System Update.”

Close Firestick App and Restart It

Some applications take too long to load, which causes your fire stick to load slowly as a result. The simplest way to do this is to restart; however, if you are unsure of how to do so, follow these instructions instead:

  • You must first select the Settings option from the home screen before you can access the Application option.
  • You also have the ability to manage store applications after choosing the application choice.
  • You must use the force close feature.
  • You must restart your application after this procedure to fix your issue.

Reinstalling the apps after the removal

You must uninstall some of your applications in order to solve the firestick no audio problem, then reinstall them. By doing this, the internal storage on your device is largely empty, and it begins to function properly. Let’s discuss how to do it.

  • One must click on the settings button after arriving at the home screen.
  • where you may obtain all applications
  • After downloading the application, you must select “install the application.”
  • After that, you must click to remove it.
  • You can install the application once more after some time if you have the most recent version.

Replace the Current Cable With an Optical Audio Cable

If you’re utilizing a sound system, you’ll need to swap out the cable and get an audio-optical cable that largely provides the right signal.

Top 7 Ways to Fix Unable to Update Your Amazon TV Fire (Ultimate Guide)

The resolution might be the problem.

When using 1080p resolution, a significant power supply transfer must be made. You must adjust the power to your preferences or set it to default mode if the power is not received properly and you do not hear proper audio.

Detach the Echo Dot.

If you are using an Amazon Echo, it can be broken, in which case your device won’t play any audio. The echo needs to be connected to your firestick using the proper settings, and you can utilize firestick help to resolve this issue.


The remedies provided solve the issue with the Firestick’s audio. Whatever the answer, it is considerably simpler than trying to set it up on your own. You can contact the technical staff by obtaining a support number from Amazon’s official website if the firestick problem with no sound persists.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why is there no sound on my fire stick?

It’s possible that the Firestick’s HDMI cable, connection, and A/V receiver are not completely attached, which would prevent the sound from playing.

How do I get the sound back on my Firestick?

The Settings menu’s Display and Sounds should be selected. Dolby Digital Plus can now be disabled by choosing Audio from the Fire TV menu.

Why does the sound keep going off on my Firestick?

Your Internet connection can be too sluggish, and your Firestick might not be getting enough power.

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